NAIT NewsWatch Positions!

Okay so I am well into third semester television broadcasting and not surprisingly — it’s been busy!

For this semester we’ve been split up into two teams again, Team A and Team B (I’m in Team B). We have on and off weeks so each team will produce 5 NewsWatch shows by the end of the semester + two features show. When it’s our off week we are also required to fill technical positions so my technical positions include things like Switcher operator, in-studio camera person, etc. etc.

The MAIN positions I have this semester are:

  • Shooter/Editor (3 times)
  • Reporter (Once)
  • Entertainment Host/Reporter (Once)

I’m pretty excited! I also wouldn’t have minded getting Producer or Anchor either — but I obviously can’t get it all and I’m definitely pleased with the jobs that my instructors chose for me because with those three positions I’ll get to do a lot of news, a lot of entertainment, and a whole lot of writing/shooting/editing and just overall packaging everything together! Also these are all things that I’m interested in (or at least interested in doing more of this semester) and with these positions, although a lot of it is technical and behind the scenes, I’ll also get a fair bit of on-camera time too!

A rundown of some things involved in those above duties are…


Shoot/edit/voice/write a “Student Body” feature — something about health and fitness for students.
Shooting/editing a live reporter or a reporter’s full news package.
Editing headlines. (I got to do this during our rehearsal week and I loved it! It’s fun and easy :D)
Shooting a “weather” stinger.
Assisting in shooting for the entertainment/sports reporter that week.

Reporting / writing a full news package.
Acting as “assistant producer”

Entertainment Reporter/Host:
Fill 4 and a half – 5 minutes of entertainment stories including at least one entertainment package, a movie preview, and then shorter VOs or VOSOTs.

I have already looked ahead and know what I’ll likely be doing for my entertainment week! (Interviewing Chantel Kreviazuk, covering Xbox’s Kinect release, a movie preview on Due Date (yay Robert Downey Jr.!) and for a NAIT-related story, NAIT’s Next Top Model voting begins on the week that I am entertainment host! Perfecto! It is also rumoured that World of Warcraft Cataclysm may be released the week of I’m doing entertainment so that could be thrown in there as well but my instructor has said that doing World of Warcraft AND Xbox Kinect may be TOO much gaming related stories. WE SHALL SEE! :D

Overall = Happy… excited… stressed out because we’re juggling all of this shooting/editing/idea-generating/interviewing along with classes and class assignments not related to NewsWatch shows.

But it should be good.

This week is Team A’s first real show.
Next week is my first real one! (I’m shooter/editor first time around).
(I’m also dong Switcher duty for the first two shows, I’m excited for that too I really like switcher duty!)

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this semester in terms of new skills learned/ old skills honed/ and new footage to add to my portfolio! :D

Also Nait NewsWatch has a new colour scheme with its headlines and bumpers (blue!!) it’s so slick looking! :)

And finally! I wish this post had more pictures and stuff to separate it from just being a bunch of text but I am just thankful I finally had the chance to actually make a new post with an update. So, take it or leave it!

Watch NAIT NewsWatch Sundays at 6 p.m. on ACCESS!!



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  • Heather says:

    That’s so exciting! I’m really happy for you! :D Some of the stories sound really awesome so I can’t wait to see what you do with them so I’ll make sure to check out Access on Sundays!!

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