NAIT NewsWatch – Live Reporter – Homeless Count Package

NAIT NewsWatch – Live Reporter – Homeless Count Package!

My fourth position for NAIT NewsWatch this semester was Shooter/Editor.

I was in charge of:

– Shooting and editing a “weather” shot/commercial stingback
– Shooting and editing the Live Reporter’s news package
– Reporting/voicing/writing the Student Body health/fitness package

Here is a story on the 2010 Homeless Count in Edmonton that I did for that week!

I shot and edited the following piece while my classmate/friend and the Live Reporter of the week, Ryan Flaherty, voiced & wrote it.


I am happy with how the package turned out. I was confident in Ryan’s reporting/writing so I knew it was going to be a solid story and vice versa he was confident in my shooting/editing so there was a solid trust there that showed. The comments we got from our instructors were all positive, they thought it was a great package. The only criticism they had, which both Ryan and I agreed with, was that for LaLouise’s scenes in her home it was very dark — we should have asked to open the window blinds. The other thing is they wanted a little more variety of shots of her but again both Ryan and I just felt so grateful and happy that we were actually able to get a formerly homeless lady to agree to let us into her home for the interview that we didn’t want to intrude further by asking for this and that. The other thing that bugged me was that for some reason there’s a shot gun microphone that our class has used this semester that consistently seems to produce tinny sounding audio and so we got that with one of our interviews this week unfortunately!

(Note: I am in “Team B” for NAIT NewsWatch. Team A & B have “on/off” alternating weeks. On our own week we have positions as either Live Reporter, Aslive Reporter, Anchor, Sports Reporter, Entertainment Reporter, Shooter/Editor or Producer. On our off week we do behind-the-scenes work including Switcher, Fonts/Clips Playback, Production Assistant, In-Studio Camera Operator, Floor Director, etc.)


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