NAIT NewsWatch – Entertainment – Xbox Kinect Launch

NAIT NewsWatch – Entertainment – Xbox Kinect Launch

My third position for NAIT NewsWatch this semester was Entertainment Host/Reporter.

This meant I was in charge of:

– Coming up several entertainment-related story ideas that would fill my segment (about 5 minutes)
– Arrange and conducting interviews
– Shooting and editing all stories
– Writing and voicing all stories
– Read the leads/voice over LIVE in studio!

I was really excited for my week doing Entertainment because for the longest time I had solely wanted to be an entertainment reporter (I still would love to have a job doing entertainment but now I am also open to news and other aspects of the industry as well!)

Here is a story on the Xbox Kinect Launch that I did for that week!


I was happy with this because I made the effort to attend a midnight launch (didn’t get to sleep till 2 a.m. so it was exhausting the next day!) It was really fun actually :O) I’m a dork so midnight launches and people geeking out about something fits well with what I like to do, haha!

While there were technical difficulties on the day of the in-studio filming that did affect my segment — my instructors / executive producers gave me great critique. I had a solid line up, lots of variety, good writing, good shots and good delivery. I ALWAYS think my delivery could be better and given the technical difficulties that were going on at this point in the cast I was pretty bummed out, but I am happy that everything else turned out good! :) This was also my first and only week of the semester on camera in-studio, so it was a pretty important week for me!


(Note: I am in “Team B” for NAIT NewsWatch. Team A & B have “on/off” alternating weeks. On our own week we have positions as either Live Reporter, Aslive Reporter, Anchor, Sports Reporter, Entertainment Reporter, Shooter/Editor or Producer. On our off week we do behind-the-scenes work including Switcher, Fonts/Clips Playback, Production Assistant, In-Studio Camera Operator, Floor Director, etc.)

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