My Exclusive SYTYCDISM.COM Interview with SYTYCD’s Season 5 Top 10 Finalist, Randi Evans-Strong!

Today I spoke with this season’s Randi Evans-Strong, one-week post-elimination from the show!

In this exclusive Q&A with SYTYCDISM, Randi tells us what she’s been doing the past week not being on the show, how it feels to have fans, the 2009 SYTYCD Live Tour, what advice she’d give dancers vying for a spot on the show, and more!

Unfortunately I’m not including an audio/video of the interview because of time constraints, but here’s the full transcription of the interview:
(Note: I’m going by my ‘Lindork’ alias for this, as you can see, lol)

Lindork: Today is exactly one week since you were eliminated from the show, can you tell me what the past week has been like? Is it weird not spending every hour practicing a routine?

It definitely is a very nice break for my body! Right after I got eliminated the next day I actually flew to Miami to spend some time with my husband which was awesome and I just finally got back to Utah yesterday so I’ve been relaxing a lot it feels amazing.

Lindork: What are you doing in Utah right now?

I’m just kind of hanging out with my family. I will be at the SYTYCD Season 6 auditions tomorrow at Salt Lake, I’m just going to go out there and kind of see what’s going on.

Lindork: Now I know you’ve actually auditioned for the show more than once, is that right? What made you keep coming back and not getting discouraged?

This is my third time auditioning. I just knew that I had what it took to be on the show. It was just something that I wanted so wanting something like that keeps you going.

Lindork: Are you excited for tour?

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for tour. We start rehearsal in like a month or so. I cannot wait!

Lindork: Do you know whose going to be your bunkmate on the tour bus?

No I have no idea I really don’t know any details or anything.

Lindork: Which routines do you really want to do on tour?

I’m really hoping I can do the Halo Hip Hop number, that was a lot of fun. And I would like the chance to do Mia’s butt dance again I really liked that one.

Lindork: How did your husband handle you being on the show?

He was just beyond supportive. He was happy for me because he knew how badly I wanted it but as far as dances centered around my butt, he knew that it didn’t mean anything so he was cool with it.

Lindork: What does it feel like to have fans?

Oh my gosh it’s so crazy! It’s really weird like people come up to you and they’re like ‘Are you Randi from So You Think You Can Dance?’ you know. I still feel like myself so it’s really weird when people want to come talk to me or take a picture with me but it’s very cool and I’m very flattered.

Lindork: What advice would you give dancers wanting to make it on the show? What should they be prepared for?

Oh they should be prepared for anything really. During the whole audition process and Vegas Week you think you know what’s coming your way but you really don’t, you never know. Just stay positive and have a good time. If you’re not having a good time than why are you doing it?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to SYTYCDISM, Randi!!
Goodluck and have fun on tour!!

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