My Exclusive SYTYCDISM.COM Interview with SYTYCD’s Season 2 Top 8 Finalist, Allison Holker!

Along with my Q&A with Randi Evans-Strong today, I got a chance to speak with SYTYCD’s Season 2 Top 8 Finalist (and my personal favourite Season 2 girl) Allison Holker!

Allison is on her way to New Jersey today for a dance camp, but had a quick chat with me before getting on her flight!

Watch for Allison in tonight’s special 100th episode Ramalama Bang Bang performance!

In this exclusive Q&A with SYTYCDISM, Allison tells us what she’s been up to since Season 2 ended (including having a baby girl!), how she’s stayed in such tip-top shape, whether or not she would ever participate in a SYTYCD All-Star Season, being back on the SYTYCD stage for Ramalama Bang Bang, Trivallie, Twitter, and more!

Big thanks to pochaccopnai, KayJDance, Dusywingsnhalo, Sytycdismylife, & NatPack for submitting some of the questions asked of Alli!

Listen to the audio interview below:


Here’s the full transcription of the interview:
(Note: I’m going by my ‘Lindork’ alias for this, as you can see, lol)

Lindork: First off, what have you been up to since the show? It’s been 3 years!

It’s been a long time since the show but right after the show I did obviously High School Musical 2 and I did a couple of commercials, so just really random things in Utah, really random stuff. Then I did a production of the off-broadway show Revolution, which was a tap show, which was another weird thing that I did because I’m not really a tapper but you know you learn new things every day. What I mostly do though is I teach with different workshops and conventions, actually that’s what I’m leaving to go to right now I’m on my way to New Jersey [for a dance camp]. Also I recently had a little girl, she’s now a year old and her name is Weslie!

Lindork: How has being a mom affected your dancing or your dance career?

Actually yeah that is a hard topic, it is a little bit difficult I think in the dance world usually people don’t really have children you know but at the same time it’s just like any other working mom. Parents always have to go to jobs every day and do their business and make money and make a living and so that’s what I do and it gets a little hard sometimes to leave her for long periods of time but I had a really supportive family and a really supportive father and everyone is always behind me and actually pushing me to work more. I’m always like ‘Oh I shouldn’t take this, I’m gone for too long,’ but everyone’s like ‘No!’ So it’s just really awesome. I really only took like three months off, like my last month of being pregnant and than I took two months after having her but after that I was working again it’s been awesome and my body is back in shape.

Lindork: How have you kept so in shape after having the baby?

I actually I had a personal trainer and I have a nutritionist that I work with that I mean I always lie to, I hope she doesn’t hear this interview, she makes me write down in a log everything I eat everyday and I’ll eat like a burger but I’ll be like ‘Yo, it’s a turkey burger’ not from Burger King. But you know it’s obviously a good thing right I lost all my weight!

Lindork: You’re going to be on the 100th episode Ramalama performance is that right?

Yes I am. Oh my gosh, it’s a pre-taped thing, I don’t know if I’m not supposed to say that I don’t think it’s really a big deal but we pre-taped it a couple of weeks ago. I’m actually not going to be able to be in L.A. for the taping and the actual 100th show because I’ll be in New Jersey which I’m so sad about because everyone else is going to be there BUT me and it’s like Ah! Reunion! But yeah we pre-taped it and there’s actually, I don’t know if you’ve heard this but there’s a surprise. I’m not going to tell you what the surprise is but it is REALLY cool. I mean it’s the same number that everyone has seen from the past season but there’s a twist to it and it’s really cool oh my gosh it’s like my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my ENTIRE life! It might not be a big deal to everyone else but it is a big deal to us as dancers.

Lindork: What was it like being back on the So You Think You Can Dance stage?

It’s fun. It’s different. It brings back all those memories like everyone cheering in the audience, it’s really overwhelming you know? It was fun to be back up there. And also it brought back all those nerves. I went up to the dancers on this season and I was like ‘Oh good luck to you guys!’ because it brings back all those… there’s always nerves and whatever and I made sure to tell them they are doing a really good job.

Lindork: What do you miss the most from Season 2 and being on the show?

What I miss most is probably the family that we had. I mean a lot of us are still really close but like every single day we were together like we all were so supportive of each other and just helping each other and it was really cool to have that little family you know, it was competitive but not really. Everyone just wanted the best for each other. And then working with all the choreographers.

Lindork: Do you still keep in touch with Trivallie? Travis, Ivan, Natalie?

Yeah, definitely. Me and Travis and Ivan talk all the time. Natalie, we’ve stayed in contact for like a year, a year and a half but then she moved to Greece and obviously it’s a little harder to talk to her if she’s overseas. But like we haven’t stayed quite as much in contact as I’d like but we still check in with each other every once in awhile. I’m so mad I’m not going to see her tonight. The 100th show is tonight right? I’m so sad I’m not going to see her. I actually just saw Musa Cooper in New York the other day which was really random but it was really cool.

Lindork: If there was a SYTYCD All-Star Season and they asked you to compete, do you think you would do it?

If they asked lots of people back? Oh heck yeah! I would be back in a flash. That would be no question. I mean we’ve all been hoping that they do some kind of Vegas show or something to bring all the dancers back together so at one point it was an idea there like oh maybe we should get a show together and we were like ‘We’ll all do it!’ and we’ve never heard back. That was like three years ago. You never know.

Lindork: I know you’ve taught in Canada, do you think you’ll be coming up to teach in Canada again anytime soon?

Oh yeah! I’m actually going to be teaching a convention called Drop Dance Intensive I think, and I go to Canada starting in October I go to… I don’t really know if I’m saying it right but it’s like Sa-skatch-ee-wan or something! (Saskatchewan) I just like that word. I don’t even remember what the other cities are that’s the only one I remember because it was so weird but I’ll be coming to Canada starting in October and I think I come to Canada like three or four times. I’ll definitely have to keep you guys posted on what cities and the dates.

Lindork: Last question, do you have a Twitter account? Do you tweet?

Did you just say Twitter oh my gosh, I mean I’m not knocking anyone that does it but no I don’t have a Twitter. You know what I say I don’t have one now but probably here in a couple months, it’s like a fad so I’ll probably end up having one but as of right now I don’t.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to SYTYCDISM, Alli!
Can’t wait to see you in the Ramalama performance tonight!

* Side note: I love Allison! She’s so fantastic and sweet and I really, really can’t wait to see her on the show tonight! *

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