Mike & Linda’s Meal Plan!

In an effort for Mike and I to eat healthier and also know somewhat beforehand what we’ll be eating for dinner the day of (which also encourages us to make sure we cook and aren’t lazy with our food choices), I’ve created a 3 week rotational dinnertime meal plan!

I wasn’t going to post it but then @habanerogal asked for some details so I decided if one person is interested than it’s worth a post! ;)

Mike & Linda’s Weekly Rotational Meal Plan!

Week 1:

  • Monday: Pho (Soup)
  • Tuesday: New Dish
  • Wednesday: Salad
  • Thursday: Pho (Soup)
  • Friday: Rice & Meat

Week 2:

  • Monday: New Dish
  • Tuesday: Rice & Meat
  • Wednesday: Soup
  • Thursday: Salad
  • Friday: Soup

Week 3:

  • Monday: Pho (Soup)
  • Tuesday: Salad
  • Wednesday: New Dish
  • Thursday: Rice & Meat
  • Friday: Pho (Soup)

Pho is in the weekly rotation (at least) twice a week because we get it free from my parent’s restaurant so why not utilize that! (Plus, it’s DELICIOUS). The “meat” that accompanies the ‘Rice & Meat’ leaves it open to have various different combos of things like steak, chicken, pork, etc. We always make sure there is some element of meat with our salad as well (it’s usually chicken). And then the ‘New Dish’ option can be something completely new that we’ve never cooked up before, or it can just be something that doesn’t fall under the soup/salad/rice foods of the rest of the week.

Overall it’s a super simple meal plan and extremely vague – which is nice because we’re not too restricted to anything that way. We’ve been following it for the past week and so far so good! :) Some nights we eat out but that’s fine too :D !

Do you have a meal plan you follow?

Any tips on how I can make this more effective?

This one clearly doesn’t tackle breakfast, lunch and weekends but for the most part we’ve got those covered.

Linda :)

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  • habanerogal says:

    The best plan is one that works for you and the best part is the flexibility allows you to be creative. I want your parents to be my parents LOL

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