Lindork’s Lists – Q&A #7: Keith Moore (Edmonton Photographer)

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Lindork’s Lists: Q&A #7 with Keith Moore

Originally published to newsletter subscribers on June 27, 2021

The seventh person I’m profiling in my new paid newsletter subscriber Q&A series is:

Keith Moore (Edmonton Photographer)

Q&A with Keith Moore
My Q&A with Keith Moore was first released to paid subscribers on June 27, 2021.

Getting to know Keith Moore:

I first started following Edmonton photographer Keith Moore a few years ago on Twitter, after noticing his ridiculously good landscape shots of the city. Like, so good.

I really enjoyed how Keith not only shared stunning photos but also shared bits and pieces of the photography process—in fact, if you truly want *that image*, you would have to find perfect locations, wake up at an alarmingly early hour (lol), head to the location and wait for that perfect moment. Keith happens to capture a lot of those perfect moments, often.

Over time, I noticed his Edmonton landscapes changed to mountain landscapes and he woke up even earlier to make the day trip or overnight trips to capture just incredible imagery of the province.

What I also loved not only about Keith but about the Edmonton photography community as a whole, is how supportive everyone is to one another. You start to follow one, you start to follow another, you’ll notice very quickly how they’re all very welcoming, encouraging, offering tips and tricks, organizing meet-ups and road trips, working very collaboratively and kindly to help one another get ‘the shot.’ I loved that.

In fact it’s that helpful, kind community that really helped Keith grow. He received support from another photographer and is now happy to help others.

“I will always help people out if they need it or want to learn. I definitely don’t know everything, but I can share what I do know.”
– Keith Moore

And perhaps most impressive about Keith is that he is entirely self-taught!

If you want to see just how early Keith wakes up to take his photos in real-time (lol), follow him on Twitter. He has also started selling his stunning landscapes (they apparently look amazing over a couch!)

Learn more about Keith in our Q&A below and follow Keith on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton
The city at night, by Keith Moore.

Let’s Dive Into the Q&A with Keith:

  1. Describe your photography. What kind of photos do you like to take? How would you describe the style? Why do you do it? Are you self taught?

    • I like to take photos of anything! I really love it when I can mix a couple of my passions like music (concert photos) or motorsports (action photos).

    • I originally tried photographing people but things always got in the way, cancellations, work, etc… I was getting frustrated about not learning so I started doing landscape/cityscape photos just to get better at taking photos (practice, practice, practice!) then realized how much I love both of those.

    • I do still want to practice and get better at photographing people!! (so if anyone wants to do photos!!) lol 

    • I take photos because it’s my little escape from the stress and frustrations of the daily grind, it’s one of my happy places! I am self taught, watching a lot of tutorials, practice and getting help from other photographers.
    • Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton 2

      Keith Moore ‘explores, creates, inspires’ with his photography.

  2. What do you love most about photography and the photos that you take?

    • I love the adventures that happen while finding things to take photos of, whether it’s just a road trip somewhere or scrambling up a mountain with friends or just roaming through the city to find a new place to take photos from. Along the way I usually meet people too and that’s awesome! I’ve met a lot of great people through photography!

  3. What do you hope people take away from your photos? Is there a certain feeling?

    “I just hope my photos can possibly make someone smile.”

    • One of the best compliments I can get is when someone says “seeing your photos makes my day better” How can you ask for anything more than that!!

      Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton 3

      An amazing wildlife image by Keith Moore.

  4. You often stitch multiple photos together into stunning panoramas, why do you do this?

    • I like doing panoramics so people can see the entire view of the area instead of just a little portion.

    • Plus I think they make great photos above a couch! haha

  5. I think your photos of Edmonton are stunning but you also go out of your way to capture scenes across the province—along the highway, in the mountains—so here are a few questions in one: what’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever shot? What’s a memorable photoshoot and what made it so memorable for you?

    • I’ll start with the earliest I’ve woken up for a photo, it would have been around 1-1:30 a.m. when I drove to Abraham Lake for some sunrise photos.

    • One of those most memorable and definitely one of my favourites was when my friend Katie asked me if I wanted to scramble the Tower of Babel in Banff National Park for sunrise photos. This was my first time doing a scramble or climb like this. We drove down there and arrived about 11 p.m., we slept in the vehicle, then headed out at 4 a.m. in total darkness, just using a headlamp and the navigation map that my friend downloaded to use offline.

    • It took about 2.5 hours to scramble to the top and the view from up there were truly AMAZING! We took a bunch of photos as the sun came up, then Katie mentioned we had company coming. I right away thought wildlife & was excited! I asked where and she pointed over to this very steep trail and you had to look so close because they were so small, but it was other hikers coming up. When I saw where they were I laughed and asked “why they didn’t take the same route we did?” then Katie really laughed and told me that’s what we climbed in the dark! lol

  6. I think there’s quite a supportive local photography community, I see a lot of you commenting on each other’s photos, doing meetups, celebrating when someone’s photo is featured on a big account, can you tell tell me about the local photography community, how did you get into it, why is it important for you to connect and be supportive with other photographers?

    • The photography community is very supportive! When I was starting out, I was at this location taking photos & then another photographer showed up. We started talking and that was the day I met Jeff Wallace (@wherezjeff).

    • He gave me a few tips and even took the time to look up stuff online because he shoots Nikon & I’m a Canon shooter.

    • The advice he gave me led to me selling one of my first prints! I’ll never forget that and I will always help people out if they need it or want to learn.

    • I definitely don’t know everything, but I can share what I do know!! Also a few of the YEG groups on Instagram (InstagramYEG, YEGGERS, Urban YEG) started having Instameets so I went to a few of those & managed to make some super awesome friends from there. It’s a great community!!
    • Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton 4

      A foggy photo from Keith Moore.


  7. What advice would you give amateur photogs, enthusiasts, and even pros?
    • “Don’t try to be better than another photographer, just try to be better than you were before and find your own style.”

  8. How can people support your work?
    • Right now you can buy my prints by messaging me through any of the social social media sites that I’m on (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

    • I’m being stubborn and trying to build a website by myself which with my lack of computer skills is definitely taking a lot longer than it should!

Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton 5

Wrapping up our Q&A:

  • What show would you recommend people watch on Netflix (or other streaming services) and why? 

    • I’m such a car freak so I would say get Motor Trend TV & watch Bitchin’ Rides, Texas Metal, the British version of Top Gear & Iron Garage! It’s unbelievable the work these people do!! Also Yellowstone, Ozark were a couple of series that were awesome!!

  • Is there a book or podcast you recently read (or doesn’t have to be recent) that you would recommend to others and why?

    • Nothing recently, but my love for Rock n Roll & Motley Crue will tell everyone to read “The Dirt” & the “Heroin Diaries

  • What is one of your favourite restaurants or stores you’d recommend in Edmonton?

  •  What’s something about Alberta you love or recommend others check out?

    • I love so much about Alberta, the fact you can go from some of the most beautiful mountains/lakes to such amazing Bad Lands within a couple hours. The farm lands, old homesteads & barns & all the little villages that always seem to have some sort of hidden gem in them.

    • One thing I think everyone should check out is driving the David Thompson Highway in the fall around Abraham Lake. It’s truly jaw dropping!!

Thank you Keith for sharing your story!

You can connect with Keith Moore online at:

Keith Moore - Edmonton Photographer - Lindorks Lists Q&A with - Explore Edmonton 6
Perfect timing by Keith Moore!

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