Lindork’s Lists #61 – What To Do, Eat, And Things To Know This Week (Non-Subscriber Version)

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Lindork’s Lists #61 – Nerd Nite, improv, shawarma, nuts, and more!

Newsletter for April 21 – April 27, 2021

Please note: Alberta has restrictions in place to address COVID-19I do encourage you to try and support local businesses during this time, if you’re able, but do so in a safe way. Wear masks, sanitize regularly, avoid crowds, keep at a distance, shop alone, take-out / eat outside (picnics), choose digital options if they’re available and stay home if you are sick.

Lindorks Lists 61 - Things To Do Eat and Know This Week - Edmonton Events - Edmonton Food
Things to do this week: catch an improv show online, shop local makers, don’t miss out on Downtown Dining Week!
  • Grab tickets for Rapid Fire Theatre’s virtual Bonfire Improv Festival (online)

    • Grab online tickets to Rapid Fire Theatre’s Bonfire, a Festival of Wild New Improv Ideas. The virtual shows are happening Friday and Saturday April 23 & 24 and are pay what you like ($0 up to $20). Every show at Bonfire is a new idea that the improv artists have never tried before—it might work, it might not—but either way it’ll be a joy to witness (they say lol).

  • Get nerdy at virtual Nerd Nite (online)

    • Edmonton Nerd Nite #38 is taking place next Thursday April 29. In the interest of making sure you don’t miss out on tickets, I’m letting you know about it now (plan your week a little bit!) Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in 100+ cities around the world, where presenters talk all sorts of nerdy, interesting things. Tickets are pay what you like and topics include labour unions in science fiction, weird and wonderful museums in small town Alberta, and pottery. Learn something new!

  • Shop local makers at the Makers in Bloom Online Artisan Market (online)

    • The Painted Door Market is back with another online market running April 22 to April 25. This online market gives you access to shop from talented makers from the comfort of your home. Easily purchase in one transaction and have your items shipped or delivered right to you. Shipping and/or delivery is included in all our prices.

  • It’s your last chance to snag Downtown Dining Week deals! (various locations)

    • It’s the final few days of Downtown Dining Week—which wraps up on Sunday, April 25. Dozens of downtown restaurants are offering special combos at set prices $20 up to $65 for take-out or patio dining. Mike really enjoyed his burger (part of the 3-course $35 Central Social Hall deal) and I loved my Dagu Rice Noodle $35 meal for two! Patios are also open and extended along 104 Street.

  • Plan your provincial camping getaways (various locations)

    • Last week I felt like everyone was rushing to book a campsite at provincial or national parks. You maybe missed your chance (there may still be some spots!) or I’m also told there are first come first serve spots too, that are not too hard to snag if you plan to be there between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. as previous campers get ready to leave. Or glamp. Book on Alberta Parks. Book on Parks Canada. Or just book a nice hotel in small Alberta towns you’ve yet to explore, or a hotel in the Mountains. Check out my previous Explore Alberta blog posts for more suggestions on where to stay in the mountains.

Got an Edmonton area event, virtual event, or something coming up you think my readers would be interested in knowing about? Let me know!

Food To Try This Week

Alberta dining rooms are closed starting April 9. Please continue to support with take-out/pick-up. Consider an outdoor picnic! Review current Alberta COVID-19 restrictions here.

Lindorks Lists 61 - Things To Do Eat and Know This Week - Edmonton Events - Edmonton Food 2
Eats to consider this week: go nuts over Al Qitta Nuts, devour some beef shawarma rice and dig into crepes!
  • Try the Beef Shawarma Rice from Sabado Bites (online)

    • My friend Lamya was raving about her Beef Shawarma Rice from Sabado Bites. This is a home-based business in Chappelle (south Edmonton) that is only available on Saturdays and apparently regularly sells out and gets rave reviews. It looks and sound amazing and I can’t wait to try it! (Get your order in before they sell out for the week!)

  • Slurp up soup dumplings from Bao Bao (10544 Jasper Ave.)

  • Go nuts at Al-Qitta Nuts (12130 161 Ave.)

    • Thanks to Paula for recommending Al-Qitta Nutsfor Food to Try This Week! From Paula: “They are a little shop on the north side run by a Syrian refugee family and they make the most DELICIOUS snacks. All the nuts I get from the grocery store taste practically rancid now compared to the ones from this little shop that are freshly roasted. They also have fresh ghee, labneh, baklava, freshly roasted coffee and tons of other stuff, but their roasted nuts are the star of the show. Salted cashews, almonds, and pecans are my favourites. The man who runs the place, Emad, is so kind and generous, and it’s a great little gem!” CTV Edmonton has also done a story about them too, you can watch that here.

  • Try Edmonton’s newest ice cream Groove by Fleisch (8204 106 Ave.)

    • Congratulations to Fleisch for launching their new ice cream concept Groove by Fleisch. Featuring flavours COCO PUFFS – Made with Coco Puff cereal steeped in milk, VANILLA LATTE – Made with coffee steeped milk, and COCOMOCHA – Swirling these two flavours together. Delicious, unconventional, creative and fun, led by a DJ and music producer turned ice cream creator in partnership with Fleisch.

  • Craving crepes? Try The French Creperie’s! (20031 46 Ave.)

Sneak Peek: Q&A with Chloe Skerlak

Every other Sunday, I profile a new “interesting person” in a Q&A series just for paid newsletter subscribers. I realized I completely missed when I was supposed to share this Q&A (Sunday, April 18 LOL) so it’s coming THIS Sunday, April 25 instead!! OOPS. 

Chloe Skerlak, a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

Q&A with Chloe Skerlak Fertility Awareness Holistic Practitioner
Q&a with Chloe Skerlak first released Sunday, April 25, 2021 (for paid subscribers).

Here’s a sneak peek excerpt from our Q&A:

“My Instagram account is not for the faint-hearted. For example, my menstrual blood face masks. A lot of people ask me why I use menstrual blood as a face mask. Is it good for your skin? Does it help with acne? Can it help with inflammation? And while in theory menstrual blood has many properties that are beneficial to the skin such as anti-inflammatory properties and stem cells, that’s not why I do it. I put my period blood on my skin and post pictures of it online to show people that menstrual blood is not dirty. I don’t expect everyone to do it but I hope it will inspire people to talk more openly about periods, ask questions about their period health, try out new period positive products, and celebrate menstruation in their own way.”
– Chloe Skerlak

To get the full Q&A, plus a Q&A every other Sunday, access to exclusive paid subscriber-only giveaways, and to support the work I do, upgrade!

The paid tier is a $40 USD payment once per year, or $5 USD per month (the one-time payment is more value for you, and I’m sorry it’s in USD, I unfortunately don’t own the newsletter system lol.) No pressure of course! These weekly emails for free subscribers (you!) will continue to be sent out.

New on the Blog

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This Infertility Awareness Week marks seven years since Mike and I started trying to conceive. We have Unexplained Infertility. To mark the seven-year milestone, I’m sharing Seven Images of our Infertility (and its associated feelings) over on my blog. I I think it’s important to talk openly about infertility to both educate those who don’t struggle with it, and also support those who are struggling.

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You Missed An Exclusive Giveaway!

For Infertility Awareness Week, I gave my newsletter subscribers a chance to win a massage and acupuncture treatment from Edmonton clinic Whole Family Health—who is also putting on a free virtual infertility event on April 25. I regularly run subscriber-only giveaways, which, along with getting Things to Do, Eat, and Know Each Week direct to your inbox first (each Wednesday), is a great perk for becoming a free subscriber!


From the Blog Vault

Around this time in 2019, I was blogging about taking The Road to Hana in Hawaii, a popular road trip for those visiting the stunning island of Maui. I am hoping that my out-of-province travel blog posts will become relevant again soon, when this pandemic is finally over, lol! For now, it’s just nice nostalgia I suppose.


Tips for Taking The Road To Hana Maui Hawaii Travel Guide Hana Town
The famous Road to Hana takes you to Hana Town!

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