Lindork’s Lists #56 – What To Do, Eat, And Things To Know This Week (Non-Subscriber Version)

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Lindork’s Lists #56 – Downtown Spark art, homemade bread, Cambodian cuisine and more!

Things to Do This Week

Please note: Alberta has restrictions in place to address COVID-19I do encourage you to try and support local businesses during this time, if you’re able, but in a safe way. Wear masks, sanitize regularly, avoid crowds, keep at a distance, shop alone, choose take-out and stay home if you are sick and choose digital options if available.

Lindorks Lists 56 - Explore Edmonton - Alberta - Things To Do Eat and Know This Week - Events
Things to do this week: take in Downtown Spark art installations, head to the Nosh Food Fest / market or book a dinner in a geodome.
  • Experience Downtown Spark in Downtown Edmonton (various locations)

    • Head downtown this week to find immersive cultural exhibits, giant art, extended outdoor patios, al fresco performances and more as part of Downtown Spark. I’m looking forward to snapping some photos with the massive ‘humanoids’ that glow in the dark! Many activities run through April and May but some are only around for a short time. All meant to bring some much needed vibrancy and activity back to downtown.

  • Dine under the stars in the river valley (12130 River Valley Rd.)

    • This week until April, various local chefs will be creating 2-4 course dinner menus (or weekend brunch) you can treat yourself to under the stars in the river valley inside an intimate geodome (basically, winter patio igloo!) as part of Geoscapes. Limited spots available. Minimum 2 people per geodome ($125 per person).

  • Get tickets to the TELUS World of Science’s next Science on Tap digital event

    • Get your learnin’ on at the TELUS World of Science’s next Science on Tap: Personalized Medicine event happening Mar 23 where the discussion will focus on benefits, risks, and ethical considerations of personalized medicine, a new field of medicine that has the potential to transform the way we think about health. This is a pay-what-you-can virtual event.

  • Grab food at the Nosh Food Fest in Sherwood Park

    • The Nosh Food Festival (think of it like a pop-up market) takes place at The Agora in Sherwood Park this Saturday, Mar 20. It’s free to attend and there’s all sorts of food goodies to try, some you may have seen at other markets and others you may be learning about for the very first time!

  • Learn how to bird! Attend a virtual birding presentation as spring arrives

    • The Edmonton Woodcroft Community League is putting on a FREE Virtual Birding Presentation on Saturday, Mar 20. Woodcroft resident and photographer Melissa Penney will share how to attract birds using gardening, water, and feeders, so you can see more birds in your backyards this year!

Got an Edmonton area event, virtual event, or something coming up you think my readers would be interested in knowing about? Let me know!

Food To Try This Week

Some Alberta restaurants have reopened their dining rooms. Others are still take-out/pick-up only. Please support restaurants! Remember if ordering take-out, placing the order direct and picking up from the restaurant is better than using third party apps. Review current Alberta COVID-19 restrictions here.

Lindorks Lists 56 - Explore Edmonton - Alberta - Things To Do Eat and Know This Week - Food
Eats to consider this week: Breakfast bagels, Cambodian cuisine, pressed salmon sushi and more!
  • Order from River City Revival House (10030 102 St. under Starlite Room)

    • River City Revival House is back open for dine-in, take-out and delivery weekends (Thursday – Saturday). Chef Felicia Winston is so lovely and talented—give her menu a try! The menu itself is super cute and clever because all the dishes are named after musicians / bands (as the restaurant is located in the basement of the Starlite Room building).

  • Try some Cambodian cuisine from Kith Kitchen (online)

    • Thanks to Jody for bringing attention to the new Kith Kitchen, an online / home-based food business specializing in Cambodian cuisine “made with love by Ra and Nary.” Order up deep fried shrimp balls, Cambodian steamed noodles (kathew cha), grilled mackerel or beef sandwiches, to name just a few of the dishes they’re offering!

  • Get discounted pressed salmon sushi from Dorinku Osaka (10328 Jasper Ave.)

    • I was excited to see that Dorinku Osaka in downtown Edmonton is serving up $10 pressed salmon sushi every Thursday (4-10 p.m.) You can get the discount for dine-in, take-out or delivery. Normally the dish is $15 (for six rolls).

  • Pick up a breakfast bagel from Donna’s Eatery Express (12232 156 St.)

    • West end Edmonton folks will know of the unassuming but tasty Donna’s Eatery on Winterburn Road. Thanks to Lily @yegcheapeats for the heads up that there’s now a Donna’s Eatery Express a little less west (well, it’s still west though lol) serving up Lily’s favourite breakfast sandwich (bagel) in the city that’s just $9 for bacon, eggs, cheese, and ALL the vegetables. I am also partial to sandwich spots that offer alfalfa sprouts. Yum!

  • Support local loaf maker / baker (Loaf Me Bakery)

    • Judi from Loaf Me Bakery reached out to ask if I could spread the word about her baked goods. Like many, the pandemic has made business a struggle… I’ve had Loaf Me’s bread before and it is delicious! Order their chocolate chip banana bread or apple bread, and find lots more baked treats on their website.

Ate something amazing recently? Want to show some love to a struggling restaurant? Have a take-out suggestion? Let me know to include in this newsletter.

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