Lindork’s Lists #46 – What To Do, Eat, and Things To Know This Week (Non-Subscriber Version)

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Lindork’s Lists #46 – Hot pot, BIPOC Playwright Readings, and more! (Non-Subscriber Version)

Things to Do This Week

Please note: Alberta has restrictions in place to address rising COVID cases. Businesses are still open but operating at reduced capacity. There is no more dine-in service at restaurants and restrictions around social gatherings. I still think it’s so important to support local businesses during this time but this should obviously be done in a safe way, alone / within your household, pick up and go. Wear masks, sanitize regularly, avoid crowds, shop alone, and of course, stay home if you are sick and choose digital options if they’re available.

Lindorks Lists Newsletter 46 - Things To Do
Get tickets to snowshoe and stargaze, it in on a virtual BIPOC play reading, watch Canadian films and more!
  • Snowshoe and Stargaze at Elk Island National Park
    • Elk Island National Park’s annual Snowshoe and Stargazing program is back, Saturdays throughout January and February. Navigate the night sky while trudging through the snow in this safe, outdoor experience with limited spots available. This sells out fast pre-pandemic so be sure to snag a spot soon. (Cost: $30 per person + park pass)
  • Script Salon: BIPOC Playwright Readings (Virtual Event)
    • Have you heard of the Script Salon? This monthly play reading series takes place on the second Sunday of each month. January 10’s Script Salon will feature BIPOC Playwrights reading from their works. Zoom links are posted on their Facebook Page. (Cost: Free + donations welcome).
  • Write, email or call your MLA about Alohagate
    • Okay this isn’t a “fun event” per se but if you are among the many Albertans (myself included) who were disgusted and outraged by UCP MLAs taking holiday vacations during the pandemic while telling Albertans to stay home, AND pretending they were still in the province, let the government know. Social media posts are one thing—phone calls (here’s the # direct to Jason Kenney’s office), voicemails, emails, and physical letters (or postcards—check this out), have an even bigger impact. This isn’t even partisan. Any member of the governing party who would do this, regardless of their political stripe, they deserve to be held accountable from their constituents.
  • Watch the Most-Viewed Canadian films from National Film Board of Canada
    • Canadian movie marathon anyone? The National Film Board of Canada has round up their 20 Most-Viewed Films of 2020 for your viewing pleasure. These films range from from 3 minutes to 2 hours on a range of topics, in a range of styles. Watching the 2020 short film “How To Be At Home Alone” is a great way to spend 5 minutes.
  • Thursday Night Tubing at the Edmonton Ski Club
    • Tubing at the Edmonton Ski Club has proved to be a very popular outdoor activity this winter already—you’d be hard-pressed to find an available spot, which is why you should snag tickets to YEG Date’s exclusive Thursday Night Tubing immediately! This Thursday is already sold out so I’ve linked to Jan. 14’s. There are also still tickets available for the Thursday after that. If you are reading this and you think it might be a nice thing to do, get your tickets now because it *will* sell out!

Food To Try This Week

Remember—until at least Jan. 12, all restaurants in Alberta are take-out/pick-up only (no dine-in service).

Continue to support local restaurants by ordering take out!

Lindorks Lists Newsletter 46 Food
Eats to consider this week: ramen, dim sum, tacos, and more!
  • Ramen and Curry from Kazoku Edmonton (16518 100 Ave.)
    • Our first take-out meal of the year goes to Kazoku Edmonton, Mike’s favourite ramen spot in town. I’m also partial to their Japanese curry rice and they make an excellent beef tataki and chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken). They pack their noodles and broth separately so it’s still a great at-home experience. Reheat the broth to ensure it’s hot before you assemble.
  • Burgers and Poutine from Cork & Barley (4274 137 Ave.)
    • Thanks to Ev for recommending Cork & Barley, a newly-opened restaurant in north east Edmonton. Looks like they’ve got a great selection of burgers and poutines, plus English-themed entrees.
  • Dim Sum from Good Buddy (9499 137 Ave.)
    • Does anyone miss dim sum? I used go to Good Buddy’s north Edmonton location on a fairly regular basis for lunches with my dad. As we enter Year 2 of the pandemic, I’m thinking more about those little very normal things I’ve been missing, like waving over a dim sum cart server and choosing which items we wanted for our table.
  • Pastries and more from Tiramisu Bistro’s Lift Me Up Market (10750 124 St.)
    • Is Lift Me Up Market by Tiramisu Bistro on 124 Street not the cutest little market ever??? For the holidays they had cute hanging Italian panettone from the ceiling. It just feels super warm and inviting inside. Tiramisu Bistro was one of a few local restaurants that successfully pivoted to a grocer/market style offering this year, converting their previous private dining room space into the market space. Pop on by to pick up some pastries, groceries and more.
  • Tacos from Frida Urban Taqueria (12411 Stony Plain Rd.)
    • Let’s go out of our way to support newly-opened restaurants (opening in the midst of a pandemic no less). Frida Urban Taqueria’s on my list! They just opened up on a Stony Plain Road, serving up Mexican street food. Their interior looks amazing too (includes an Instagrammable Angel Wings Wall I’d love to snap a photo at when dining rooms are open again).

Ate something amazing recently? Want to show some love to a struggling restaurant? Have a take-out suggestion? Let me know to include in this newsletter.

New On The Blog

Linda Hoang Blog Year in Review 2020

As I look back on what posts seemed to resonate in 2020, I saw some clear trends—a desire to support local, exploring right in your backyard, even daydreaming of a time when international travel would be okay again.

New on my Blog this week: I did a little Blog-Year-In-Review summarizing my top posts of 2020.

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Mike and I had a Hot Pot at Home feast for New Year’s Eve and I realized I had never blogged about Home Hot Pot before so I put together a guide explaining what hot pot is and what equipment, ingredients, and other tips you should know to create the experience in your own home. I hope hot pot restaurants can survive this pandemic but while dine-in remains closed, doing Home Hot Pot is a good way to satisfy that hot pot craving (or try something new!)

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From the Blog Vault

Explore Edmonton - Ice Castles - Explore Alberta - Canadian Winter Attraction

This time last year I was kicking off the winter season at Edmonton’s Ice Castles (the only Ice Castles attraction in Canada!) with a blog and video recap. Sadly—though understandably—the Ice Castles weren’t built this year due to the pandemic. But it got me thinking of the other fun, safe, outdoor winter experiences we can still create in our own backyards while we await the 2022 return of the Ice Castles.

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If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, and things to know this week!
If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my FREE newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, things to know this week, and more!