Lindork’s Lists #102 – Black History Month events, sweet treats and lattes, and more!

Lindork’s Lists #102 – Black History Month events, sweet treats and lattes, and more!

Newsletter for Feb 2 – 8, 2022

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A Word About Racism

Last week I experienced a barrage of racist attacks after calling out the “freedom convoy” for its white supremacist, extremist connections. I also fielded thousands of messages of support—from so many who understood that no one should be rallying with racists regardless of what other causes they’re pretending to care about.

I also shared thoughts on what I think it means to be anti-racist. Because I saw so many say “I’m not racist” but then proceed to make excuses about why they still supported the convoy. I saw many “it’s just one or some Nazis—it’s not everyone” and then an explanation about how we shouldn’t judge a “loving, peaceful movement just because it had a few bad apples.” For some reason, the people who are quick to say “don’t judge us by a few bad apples” never seem to finish that saying. It’s a few bad apples spoil the bunch. So yes, we’re upset that there are ‘a few bad apples’ and many other apparently ‘not bad apples’ willing to rally with the bad ones.

You simply cannot say you’re not racist and then proceed to take actions that reveal in fact, that you are. Racist apologists, racist supporters, people who are comfortable with racists, are no better.

Dr. Jens Foell said: “As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis.”

Forgive me if I am not willing to sit at a table with Nazis, or be okay with others who are okay doing so. I am baffled by the delusion and absolute rejection of reality from those who continue to support the “freedom convoy.” If being in bed with racists wasn’t a dealbreaker for them, they don’t even seem to care that the supposed “problems” they were protesting (crying about empty grocery shelves when there were none—as 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and doing their jobs), and then not seeing the absolute hypocrisy that the convoy was blocking borders and literally disrupting deliveries (to create the fake problem they said they were fighting against).

To be associated with violent and hateful humans—literally some of the worst who live among us—to be okay with them, and still believe your movement is a good one—frankly disgusts me.

At this point the racists and racist apologists who may have been following me on social media are no longer—good riddance, don’t want you. I wanted to make it very clear here as well, if you’re subscribed to this newsletter and share the same views as those in the convoy, if you’re making excuses for their abhorrent behaviour, please hit that unsubscribe button. I don’t want you here.

Thanks to the majority of you, the majority of Canadians, who do not make excuses for or are willing to align with racists. Thank you to those who called out the convoy for what it was, for denouncing racism, no matter how uncomfortable it was. It’s scary how something like this—allowing racists to see that they are supported—can fester and grow, how it signals to violent, hateful humans that their hate is okay. We can’t let them know it’s okay. The amount of people, from government leaders to police, to your brother or neighbour, who believe this hate is okay, is disgusting.

This convoy is a dark mark on well let’s face it, Canada’s long list of atrocities.

I hope there can be some learning from this. And please do not forget the next time Indigenous land defenders, Black or people of colour partake in an actual peaceful protest for actual causes. Do not forget how our government and law enforcement welcomed this disgusting convoy. Call them out on how they treat anyone who isn’t white. Hold them accountable for the racist double standards and hypocrisy.

Things to Do This Week

COVID-19 cases are at an all-time high. If you can, limit how much you’re out and about, or choose outdoor, physically distant activities to do. If attending events, please check to see what their COVID-19 safety requirements or changes are. Get vaccinated (and boosted), mask up, stay home if sick, keep a distance from others, and be safe out there!

Lindorks Lists 102 - Things to Do Eat Know This Week - Food - Explore Edmonton Food Events
Things to do this week: Kick off Back History Month with a series of events and activities, catch virtual improv, and more!
  • Shop the Black Futures Market at the Art Gallery of Alberta

    • Shop handmade goods, art, and other items from 15 Black-owned businesses at the Art Gallery of Alberta x Black Owned Market’s Black Futures Market this Sat and Sun Feb. 5 & 6, kicking off Black History Month. The market runs on Feb. 5 & 6 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The market is FREE to attend but they want you to RSVP. Spend $15 or more from one of our vendors and receive a gallery admission pass for one.

  • Catch Festival Place’s Black History Month Series performances

  • Check out more events and activities to mark Black History Month

  • Virtually laugh with up and coming improv stars

  • Embrace winter at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden

    • Every weekend until March 13 at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, find all sorts of winter programming like kicksledding, snowshoeing, cabane a sucre (maple taffy) making, hot chocolate and s’mores by the fire, and snowball tosses. There’s also additional Indigenous interpretive tours, ice carving lessons, and dog-friendly days!

  • Shop the Made in YEG Market

    • There’s another local vendor market taking place this weekend on Feb 6 called Made in YEG Market. This market runs 11 a.m. to 6 at ARCA Banquet Facility 14525 126 St. in north west Edmonton featuring at least 25 vendors.

  • NEXT WEEK: Attend a virtual Lunar New Year event

    • Happy Year of the Tiger! There’s a FREE virtual Lunar New Year Celebration taking place on Wed, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. hosted by MLA Rakhi Pancholi you can register for that I’ll also be speaking at (a bit about anti-racism, lol it’s still a celebration so I’ll try not to bum people out too much). Just giving a bit of notice as Wednesday events are tricky for planning when my newsletter comes out on a Wednesday lol.

Got an Edmonton area event, virtual event, or something coming up you think my readers would be interested in knowing about? Let me know!

Food to Try This Week

Consider take-out to continue safely supporting local restaurants. If dining in, make sure you have proof of vaccination for Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program. Please review current pandemic restrictions, don’t go out if sick and stay safe!

Lindorks Lists 102 - Things to Do Eat Know This Week - Food - Explore Edmonton Food Events 1
Eats to consider this week: ceviche, pork chops, sweet treats and lattes, and more!
  • Share some open flame cooked dishes from Smokey Bear (8223 104 St.)

    • My friend Diane and I had a great meal at Smokey Bear in Old Strathcona last week. Smokey Bear cooks their dishes over an open flame, resulting in some delicious, smokey bites. My favourite dishes were the tartare with garlic and smoked tomatoes, Kuterra Atlantic smoked salmon, and the Bear & Flower Farm Pork Chop. Yum!

  • Enjoy the ceviche and meat platter from La Boca Loca (3903 99 St.)

    • I also always enjoy my meals from La Boca Loca, a south Edmonton restaurant specializing in Latin American cuisine. I highly recommend their ceviche, and usually we share a meat platter. Also—empanadas!

  • Grab sweet treats and hot drinks in Old Strathcona

  • Dig into Poutine for La Poutine Week

    • For some, it’s the best week of the year (lol) as La Poutine Week returns with unique poutine specials from restaurants across the city. The week is actually two weeks this year, running until Feb. 14. Rate your favs!

Ate something amazing recently? Want to show some love to a struggling restaurant? Have a take-out suggestion? Let me know to include in this newsletter.

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New On The Blog

Should your business sell a Lunar New Year-themed product? Over on my blog, I shared thoughts on how businesses who wish to recognize or celebrate Lunar New Year (or any holiday they don’t celebrate themselves) with themed products or promotions can do it in meaningful, culturally appropriate ways.

Lunar New Year - Linda Hoang
My Q&A with Josephine Wu first went out to paid subscribers on Dec. 26 2021.

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