Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Recap & Thoughts – Season 5 Episode 4 (Vegas Week: Part 1).

June 3 2009.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 – Episode 4 – Vegas Week Part 1.

This is kind of a cheat recap…

Here’s what I tweeted on Twitter while watching tonight’s Vegas episode from start to finish:

  • #SYTYCD starting nooooow! :-)
  • I am such a fan of Alex Wong. #SYTYCD wow.
  • Oo Chimise (sp) is out~ #SYTYCD
  • Love Gabi Rojas’ first audition but man that hip hop was painful to watch. #SYTYCD
  • Phillip Chbeeb is a super talented cutie who loves the camera. Can’t wait for him to be in this year’s Top 20 :-) #SYTYCD
  • i think the ‘agenda’ this year will be lots of asians in the top 20 + an asian S5 winner. LOL your thoughts? #SYTYCD
  • LOL ‘ this is what happens when you get kicked in the face by yourself ‘ LOL #SYTYCD
  • @foomanizer no because Natalie is now cut, LOL. really stupid actually, they shouldve given her a 2nd chance. don’t quite understand #SYTYCD
  • seriously, natalie should have been given a chance to ‘dance for her life’ wtf judges? @dizzyfeet.
  • Camera people + editors, give Pono some more screen time kthxbye #SYTYCD
  • LOL at @kingofkrump “she’s bad, she’s bad, she’s bad” & @dizzyfeet “my favourite unique dancer is not good…” #SYTYCD
  • i’m sorry but Gabi being allowed to dance for her life but Natalie NOT being able to, is just unfair. #SYTYCD
  • lol knowin some spoilers bout who gets cut + who makes top 20 already is making some things anticlimactic. IHATECHU @trandreww #SYTYCD
  • YAY! SPOTTED! Pono in the red group! #SYTYCD
  • LOL Mia. ‘I’m a cutter and I will cut you’ #SYTYCD
  • Pono’s red group did fabulously. I KNEW I LIKED YOU. #SYTYCD
  • thanks stupid TV station audio issues, because of you I don’t know what Webster’s definition of nerdography is. #SYTYCD
  • the nerd group was highly entertaining :) #SYTYCD and clearly, nerds (/dorks) are cool….. :D
  • Mia contemporary! this should be interesting #SYTYCD
  • I think Mia’s hair is looking fantastic, just a side note. lol #SYTYCD
  • Belief! ♫ always reminds me of Travis #SYTYCD S2
  • AW NOBUYA IS GONE. there slightly goes my asian theory. lol #SYTYCD
  • @foomanizer better to wait until the Top 20 is officially announced anyway, you don’t want to love someone only to have them be cut :\
  • woot woot ryan & evan! #sytycd
  • lol at everyone crying because of tony <3 #SYTYCD
  • Spotted Pono jumping in the pool :D #SYTYCD
  • i don’t like tyce~ #SYTYCD not based on anything he’s done so far this episode, just based on prior shows. lol
  • lol it really shows my dance fav preferences are always male as i don’t really care if any of these girls stay or make it lol #SYTYCD
  • HEY PONO :D #SYTYCD love your shaved look~
  • @foomanizer agreed! and i just think most of the male dancers are stronger dancers in general & plus im quite attracted to males lol #SYTYCD
  • I love Cat Deeley! #SYTYCD
  • TOP 20 ANNOUNCED TOMORROW!!!! #SYTYCD time to walk dog, brb !

Other notes:
– Love that Alex Wong is from Vancouver originally!
Holla ripped, super talented Asian Canadian!
– Natalie Reid being cut without a chance to dance for her life is easily the biggest and most controversial upset of the night. Especially after other less impressive dancers were given second chance opportunities.
– At this point I’m not finding myself really caring about ANY of the remaining girls.

Also from the above tweets one can gather that I am already quite a fan of Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau (Pono) from Hawaii. Just saying. :)

Hm, I thought there would be more other notes but nothing is coming to mind right now. That could be because it’s nearing midnight here and I’ve got work tomorrow so I’m trying to get my thoughts from tonight’s show posted as quickly and efficiently as possible (hence the Twitter copying & pasting).

If any of you are on Twitter & want to live-tweet with me tomorrow, let’s do it!!! :) Tweeted with several people tonight about the show, shout outs to:

@lorfna, @RobinHoodlum, @foomanizer, @angelzilla, @justNICKI, @ablu272, @GoddessofBunk, @steph_hsueh, @MOgulnick, @kisluvkis, @DottiBoinksalot & @drgoddess !

For the Top 20 announcement show I’ll probably do a similar blog post with my tweets from during the show, as well as a detailed blog entry featuring/pimping out my Top 20 pre-studio show favourites.

Linda (:


  • Lisa says:

    Yeah, I find Tyce a bit argh-y. I normally enjoy/love his choreography but if he never spoke I could potentially be okay with that. There’s some people that just rankle you and he’s that guy for me. Even Lee isn’t a fan when I force him to watch. He does find Adam S.’s antics amusing.

    I cannot believe they cut Natalie and yet kept that sister on. Don’t remember her name but her sister has the curly hair and she’s got the straight hair and they cut curly hair sister after the broadway routine. Perhaps they were worried about ‘favor’ votes since she was Katee’s room-mate from last season.


  • Joanna says:

    Yay to all-tweet recap! I was watching in an earlier time zone, so I saw your tweets after I live-tweeted/hung out at a live-blog East coast time. I used TweetDeck to see the #sytycd trend at the same time–pretty interesting way to monitor people’s tastes and reactions.
    I tweet at @sytycmomo for the show so I don’t tweet spam my professional colleagues who would block me if I used my regular Twitter account!

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Oo you are @sytycmomo! :-) Yeah I’m sure some more professional people on my Twitter / who don’t care for SYTYCD are exercising any Twitter Block/Snooze/or Temporarily UnFollow tools they’ve got at their disposal on me. But I can’t help it! Tweeting SYTYCD & looking at what comes in on the #sytycd trend live is a fun and interesting dynamic to watching the show and using Twitter! I could be watching the East Coast feed right now but I’m choosing to just wait and watch it on my television.

    Have fun watching! <3

  • Linda Hoang says:

    I would be absolutely okay if Tyce didn’t speak. Then you’ve got the other side, in the case of Dan Karaty. I hate his choreography but I think he’s a WONDERFUL judge and has great comments/critique. So I would be fine if he never choreo-ed and just acted as judge, lol. Adam Shankman is amusing for sure. Haha!

    Yeah the Natalie thing, compared to the other people they kept and cut, just makes no sense. But well, no sense in dwelling over it I suppose. Who knows what was Nigel’s true agenda for that cut!

    I am excited to see who makes Top 20 though. [except for the few that I know already made it so it’s kind of anti-climactic but still exciting, lol] !

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