Linda’s Tech Talk: Five game changers (Jan. 14 2009)

Published in the January 14, 2009 issue of The Nugget.

Linda’s Tech Talk

Five game changers
by Linda Hoang

    The technologies that emerged or were refined during the past decade have had a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Here are five technologies of the 21st century that have changed our world.
    1. iPhone: The most revolutionary phone ever invented, the iPhone has set the standard for smartphones everywhere. The phrase “there’s an app for that” exists because of this multi-functional all-in-one computer, camera, and phone that seems to be able to do anything.
    2. TiVo (PVR): One of the very first digital video recorders (DVR), TiVo has changed the way we watch television. No longer do we need to be at home at a specific time for a specific show, with a DVR remote, we’re able to pause, rewind, and later fast-forward through any broadcast. Talk about power and control.
    3. YouTube (Social Networking): It’s hard to believe YouTube has only been around for five years when it feels like forever. YouTube has made it possible for one person to reach a worldwide audience, turning average Joe’s into Internet superstars, and giving rise to video blogging. It’s easily one of the most important social networks in existence, though many social networks including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, all of which launched in the past decade, have all had significant impacts on society.
    4. HDTV: Put a standard definition television broadcast up next to a high def. broadcast and you can’t help but wonder how you ever watched TV and movies before. The crisp, clear, and bright images are awe-inspiring, no exaggeration. HDTV’s have already led to the invention of Blu-Ray discs and in the increasing journey for better quality, who knows what’s next.
    5. High Speed and Wireless Internet: Gone are the days of that god-awful dial tone, high speed Internet means instant access to websites, streaming videos, downloading and well, basically anything done online that I’d otherwise give up on if it took too long to load. Thanks to wireless Internet, take what was just mentioned and add mobility to it. Instantaneous access on the go, wherever you go. The web is always available to us now. Plus, Wi-Fi has certainly made hanging out at coffee shops more fun.
    Not only have these technologies revolutionized the way we live, but they have also set the stage for more world-changing tech to come.
    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next decade.

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