I’ve made Top 50 for the “Best Job in the World!!”

Hi everyone!!!

Wow so I’ve definitely kind of shunned this blog since applying for the Best Job in the World …

Well if you haven’t heard yet… I made the Top 50 shortlisted candidates for the Best Job in the World!!!! Yay!!!

There is now a voting round for the “Wildcard” spot — the person with the most votes (voted by the public) who will get an automatic flight to Australia for interviews!

Another 10 finalists will be chosen by Tourism Queensland judges to also fly down for interviews!

At this point, realistically I don’t see myself jumping up to 40,000 votes anytime soon (that’s the number of votes the highest voted candidate currently has), but I’m optimistic and hoping that the judges will still choose me as one of the chosen 10!!! I also hope to retain a respectable number of votes and stay in the top voted at least! ;-) So to that end..


( http://islandreefjob.com/Linda )

And tell your friends, family, and co-workers to vote for me too! If you have a blog, blog about me!!! And feel free to send me messages on Facebook or Twitter or email me or anything because I love receiving messages from everyone and I am so appreciative for all of the SUPPORT!!

So yeah I guess let me tell you what I’ve been doing recently..

I’ve been SO busy juggling school and homework, restaurant work, trying to advertise my Best Job video and putting myself out there to the world, being interviewed, networking, updating my multiple websites, and trying to get more people to vote for me!

I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job juggling everything and still successfully getting my word out in terms of this Best Job campaign.

The way I’m interpreting it is…

If I’m able to still generate interest and remain on top of the advertising, marketing, putting myself out there and updating http://bestjob.linda-hoang.com & my Best Job Facebook Group, Youtube Channel with video messages and etc — WHILE still juggling school and other priorities in life, then I think if I get the Best Job in the World and my entire priority is that job, I would definitely be all over it and able to put all my attention to blogging, video blogging, and doing excellent work for TQ and it would be LEGEN – WAIT FOR IT – DARY ;D !!!

To delve into those “interviews” I mentioned briefly up there.. I have been doing SO MANY INTERVIEWS!! And I’ve been having SUCH an amazing time doing them!!!! I love it. Interviews for TV, radio, newspaper… I want to thank everyone who has spoken with me and shown an interest in speaking to me this week!!!

I’ve kind of been listing the media that I’ve spoken with and some of the TV segments that have been airing featuring me on the Facebook Group, http://bestjob.linda-hoang.com, & my Youtube Channel, so check those out for more information ;-)

Here’s one photo of a story published about me in the EDMONTON SUN!

(Click image for bigger version!)

P.S. I think my Macbook Pro looks SOOOO pretty! Hehe

So yeah!! I’m just so excited with all of this! I’m RIDICULOUSLY happy that I’ve made the Top 50 out of almost 35,000 applicants worldwide. I’m so proud that I’ve made it this far, but I want to make it to the next round SO badly!! I want to make it the top next round, wow the judges face-to-face, and get the Best Job in the World!!!

I have watched all other 49 candidate’s video applications and I’ll admit I feel super intimidated!!! Everyone is so good! Their videos are so impressive… and a lot of them have ridiculous impressive amounts of experience! But honestly, I’m really hoping that my inexperience will play a big and favourable role in this for me. My experiences on the Great Barrier Reef will be SO new, so fresh, so fun and so interesting because of the fact that I have never swam with dolphins before and I’m certainly not even close to being a professional snorkler and things like that, but how fantastic would it be to read about someone experiencing all of that for the first time and following that journey and those adventures! :-) I’m really just the regular person/regular tourist who would be speaking to potential tourists all over the world and I think I’d really be able to hold the attention of the world for 6 months! :)

And every day I think wowwww, what a life changer this will be if I got this job!! Not life changing just personally, but it will be life changing professionally in terms of my career! What a GREAT way to start out you know????

So yeah, for now I’m just being myself, letting the world and Tourism Queensland see that, and hopefully they like what they see. :) <3

I leave you with this 10 minute video of me talking about making it into the Top 50 about an hour after finding out on Monday!


Thank you for the support everyone!! Please check my multiple websites and links (LOL) to stay updated on all of this and please vote daily!!



  • Kim says:

    Aww I’m so excited for you, and I totally vote daily!

    And now that my blog is back up, I’m adding you to my links again :)

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Thank you Kim!!!

    Wow you still have the domain too! Crazy.

    I’ll add yours to my links area too! :-)

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