Review: It’s Thorsday!

Well, it’s not exactly Thorsday since I didn’t watch Thor today, nor did I watch Thor on a Thursday, but I just loved the Interwebz’ wonderful play on words with the God of Thunder’s name so much so that it felt appropriate a blog post title!!

Mike and I watched Thor last week and l-o-v-e-d it!! What a film. I found the movie to be extremely funny, well-written, with a great batch of actors, excellent CGI and exciting battle scenes. I won’t lie, when the film began I found Thor to be exactly what he was supposed to be – arrogant, cocky, and very difficult to like. But as the film went on I easily grew to love the big oaf with his twinkly eyes, wonderful heart, and awesome power (love Thor’s Hammer! a.k.a. Mjölnir). The sets (green screen or not), is beautiful. The costumes, even better. (What an awesome red cape!)

Overall the movie flew by for me because I was having so much fun watching it! Funny, smart, and visually thrilling. Plus, watching Thor only got me more excited for the upcoming Avengers movie! I can’t imagine how badass and amazing that flick is going to be. I give major kudos to Marvel for their stellar superhero movies!!

I also had high hopes for this movie because Mike and I have already named our kitty (who we will be taking home with us in a couple weeks) Thor, and we wanted to make sure the name wasn’t tainted by a bad movie. Ha ha!

P.S. I was not aware until now that Chris Hemsworth played Chris Pine’s father in the 2009 Star Trek movie! Awe-some.

P.P.S. Did you watch Thor? Did you love it?? Did you hate it? If you hated it, WHY?!

Linda :)

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