Inside Our Pokemon-Themed Baby Nursery

In March 2023, Mike and I welcomed our sweet Miracle Baby boy Benjimin into the world! 

In the months leading up to Benjimin’s arrival, we were busy tidying up our home and converting a spare room into the nursery. Mike is a huge Pokemon fan from childhood to this day, and I grew up loving it as well, so we decided to make the nursery Pokemon-themed. 

I’m a big fan of colours and “Instagrammable Walls” (mural walls, fun colour walls, cool texture walls, etc., see my Guide to Instagrammable Walls of various cities) and we actually have a few Instagrammable Walls we’ve painted in different areas of our house, so some people thought we would be doing some kind of colourful Instagrammable Wall for the nursery.

But I wanted a simple, clean white room for the nursery, featuring just a few Pokemon-themed accents that I primarily ordered online.  Instead of an Instagrammable Wall we also went with a wainscoting wall paneling design. We decided on three columns with two panels per column, one longer panel for the bulk of the wall and one shorter panel for the bottom of the wall. Mike measured and picked up these pieces from our local Home Depot. 

Below are photos of our Pokemon-themed nursery, along with some non-Pokemon themed nursery items / decor in case you’d like some inspiration to replicate in your baby or kids room! I link to items we purchased at the bottom of the post for easy reference as well.

There’s a few other things I’d like to add to the room, like a Pokemon-themed rug for instance, and a Pokemon-themed bean bag chair eventually. 

We also got a Pokemon pokeball planter someone local made and was selling on Facebook Marketplace that I plan to eventually throw a plant in to add a pop up greenery too. 

I hope you love our nursery as much as we do!

Let me know if it inspires some of your home decor :)

Inside Our Pokemon-Themed Nursery

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Pokemon Pokeball Light Switch Cover

This pokeball light switch cover really adds to the room theme!
We love this pokeball light switch cover!

Pokemon Wall Decals

Pikachu Wall Decals for the Nursery!
Pikachu Wall Decals for the Nursery!

Pokemon Togepi Swaddle/Blanket 

A Togepi swaddle/blanket!

Pokemon Togepi Change Pad Cover

A Togepi Change Pad Cover.
Our cat Loki was a big fan of the Change Pad. lol

Pokemon Stuffed Animals (Starter Pokemon)

We got a pokeball and original Starter Pokemon stuffies.

Giant Snorlax

I love our giant Snorlax!

Pikachu Squishmallow and Custom Pokemon Name Sign

Pikachu Squishmallow and Pokemon Name Sign.
A Custom Pokemon-font Name Sign for our baby Benjimin.

Pokemon / Pikachu Art Work

these were painted by our 10-year-old niece!

Don't forget to add Pokemon art to the room!
These were done by our niece.

Pokemon-themed Baby / Kids Books

Pokemon-themed kids books!
Pokemon Decals and Books!

Not Pokemon-themed, but some additional Nursery items we love:

A comfortable chair.

Ours is a La-Z-Boy recliner and this makes sleepless nights so much more manageable. A comfy chair was recommended a lot to me when I asked parents what were ‘must-haves’ (or worth splurging on) for the nursery. I have spent a lot of hours overnight sitting, nursing, sleeping on this chair and its comfort and recline made being up so late and so much a lot easier. 

Highly recommend a comfy chair for your nursery!
A wipes box. 

As new parents, we use a lot of wipes! So it was pretty perfect when we were gifted a wipes box from Calgary-Alberta based Peach Pixie which creates wipe boxes for a ‘clean peach’ (cute!)

Our space cat-themed box is super cute and really convenient. It makes grabbing wipes very easy, keeps the wipes moist, and keeps the room cute! We loved it so much we ordered a second (a koala design) as we’ve found we’ve created two baby ‘stations’ in the home (one in the nursery and one on the main floor—downsides to a two-storey home lol).

A wipe box is a great addition to the nursery!
A breast milk (or formula) mini fridge. 

To save a few trips up and down the stairs to and from the kitchen and nursery, we ended up getting this cute and functional mini fridge to keep breast milk bottles and/or formula for top up chilled during nighttime feedings. The fridge also doubles as a warmer if you wanted to switch settings but we only use it as a fridge. We really lucked out with Benjimin because he is all good drinking cold milk so we haven’t needed to warm up refrigerated milk before feedings. 

I may add some Pokemon stickers to it to add to the theme!

Love this handy mini fridge!
It keeps milk cold and in close reach overnight!
A white noise machine / night light. 

We were gifted a white noise machine / night light that has a few different sound settings and light settings and although I can’t say for sure if the white noise is really helping Benjimin sleep at night, we’ll just pretend that it works lol and if anything, it adds a nice vibe to the room.

This white noise machine / night light is handy!
Baby’s first bookshelves.

Benjimin’s nursery includes two bookshelves—a tall, rotating one that fits in the corner, as well as a smaller floor shelf with storage space on the sides. Because we had a ‘Build Baby Brown’s First Library‘ activity at our Baby Shower, we had a ton of baby / kids books to organize and we were gifted so many that we filled all the available spots on both shelves already.

We are already enjoying reading books to Ben! 

We got both a tall rotating bookshelf as well as a smaller floor shelf.
Our nursery bookshelves are full!
Used Crib + Dresser.

While our comfy chair, bookshelves and Pokemon items were bought new, we saved some nursery furnishing money by getting the crib and dresser used.

The crib was just $50 and the dresser was $150 (they’re both quite massive and sturdy!) 

The crib was a little lower in price because there were some paint peeling spots along the edges but it’s really not noticeable so we were happy to take it for the price. And it will convert into a toddler bed eventually too, so really, a fantastic deal.

You can really find a ton of used baby stuff on Marketplace (just be cautious for scammers!)

The used crib is like new!
The whole family hangs in the nursery.
The dresser is sizable!
And that’s a look inside our Pokemon-themed Nursery!

Honestly, it feels like the nicest, brightest, cleanest, cutest, room in the house lol. 

Everyone’s a little different how much time they spend in their nursery, or even if they have a nursery, but we’ve found in our few short weeks as parents, our nursery has been getting a ton of use so we’re happy with how we’ve made it both cute and comfortable.

Here’s where we bought everything: 

A note about Etsy orders—shipping cost can be a bit much! 😩

If you order these items off Etsy, let the seller know about my post! I don’t get anything lol.

And I’ll wrap up the post with this photo of Benjimin in his ‘Just Hatched’ Togepi onesie and hat that we used to announce his birth. Very on theme from the hospital to the nursery! lol.

Our sweet boy Benjimin Brown!
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