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So my last ‘I-want-to-buy-the-following’ list was back at the end of April: This Blog Entry. I ended up getting two out of the three things listed in that blog entry (except the FlipVideo I ended up getting was not customized with ‘LINDORK’ on it, sadly).

Now I’m back with another wishlist/want-list that hopefully I can fulfill within the next month or so.

1. Manfrotto 314B Background Kit + Sheet

What: A background screen stand for photography purposes!
Some Specs: Includes one 3 section Telescopic Pole Art. 272, lenght 112cm to 298cm, a Compact Stand Art, two Mini Spring Clamp Art and one Transporting Kit Bag. Designed to support rolls or sheets of background paper or any other background material.
Why I want this: I want to take my little photography hobby up one notch and I have wanted to have my own little backdrop area in my house for a long time but there had never been any room for it. This past summer we cleaned up a portion of our house that I think would make a great location for a background stand + sheets! The background sheets themselves aren’t too bad, I think they were about $30 last time I checked? But it’s the dratted stand that is going to cost me a lot… I just think once I get it, more photographic opportunities (as well as learning opportunities) are going to open for me and it’ll be a lot of fun!
Cost: $259.95 CAD, but I am going to see if my former photography teacher can get me a 10% discount through his company.
Website: www.vistek.ca

2. Panasonic IC Digital Voice Recorder

What: Panasonic IC Digital Voice Recorder
Specs: A built-in 3X zoom microphone targets a single voice while surround sounds are suppressed. The Voice Activated System recording begins as soon as sound is detected, which helps eliminate wasted tape space. And with a convenient USB Terminal, you can connect to your PC to save files.
Why I want this: I need an upgrade from the current voice recorder I have, which is about three years old now and I lost the original software CD, so I have to do about five extra steps to get any recordings onto my laptop, which is a big hassle! So I just chose this as my upgrade.
Cost: $129.99 CAD
Website: www.bestbuy.ca

And that’s it for now! I hope to get both of these before September is over. I thought this list was going to be a lot longer than it ended up being but I suppose it’s good that it’s not longer because I don’t think I’d have been able to afford it if it was! :D

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