Happy World Cat Day!

Happy World Cat Day!

I figured the occasion merits its own post where I can gush about my two cats – not that I don’t do that enough already.

Our oldest Thor is one year and four months old. Thor is a beautiful cat who loves drinking her water from a human cup. She also loves her best friend stuffed animal Pascal. Every night we put Pascal on the bed and every day Thor will jump up, grab him and carry him to wherever she’s hanging out for the day. Utterly precious! We’re quite certain Thor can understand English. She also lives the shower and having her teeth brushed. (She is a she because we chose the name Thor because we knew the gender of the kitty we selected, lol).

Our youngest Loki is only eight months old and he is a big trouble maker. (Kind of like the comic book character he is named after!) Loki loves food and is a food beggar and scavenger. We always have to keep a close eye on where he is because many times he’ll be trying to dig into food in the kitchen! Loki also dreams of escaping the house even though he’s a very big baby and scaredy cat. But he’s always trying to scratch up the windows to make his escape (we hope he never does leave or if he does, that he come back instantly).

They are the best of friends.

There’s a bunch of other ways I could describe both Thor and Loki but I don’t want to come off too obsessive ;) Mike and I are very happy to have them both in our lives and we wish everyone a Happy World Cat Day!!!!!

(If you’re a regular vistor to my page you will find oodles of cat pictures, videos and other cat-related goodness so this particular post doesn’t feature that ;)).



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