Good News Story: Homeless Man with the Golden Voice!

Homeless Man with the Golden Voice!

We are flooded with bad news each and every day. Car accidents, murders, new health scare or an estimated such and such number of people becoming unemployed, etcetera. Obviously there’s importance and value in reporting on and reading about those things, but when I was reporting in newsrooms I always preferred doing the good news stories – the profiles on people – ordinary people doing extraordinary things or that have had extraordinary things happen to them. As such, I really like reading/watching good news stories too!

Like for example … Ted Williams, the “Homeless Man with the Golden Voice!

(L-before life being changed. R-after life is changed)

Williams is a former radio announcer who fell into a life of drugs and alcohol eventually losing his career. But he cleaned up and started asking for money on the streets in exchange for saying a phrase or so in his beautiful, announcer-perfect voice – also hoping that one day someone in the industry would hire him after hearing his voice. One day he was filmed on the street, his video posted online and BAM!! You got yourself a GREAT story gone viral.

Here’s the original video:


Here’s an article about how his life has changed:
Cavaliers offer job to homeless man with smooth radio voice

How incredible is that!?!

And then to watch this TV interview of him on the Early Show… it’s just so touching! I could not be happier for him.

The fact that he is so happy and clearly overwhelmed and when he starts getting emotional talking about his mother… ah, it just really makes me feel happy.


It’s great that Ted Williams got a second chance and WHAT a second chance! I’m glad he was able to turn his life around and so many kudos to the reporter who filmed him and put him on the Internet. Honestly. It’s amazing how the Internet – how viral videos – can change lives. This isn’t the first time videos gone viral have changed lives and it’s certainly not the last. I wish Williams the BEST and I look forward to hearing him in the future :D

Linda :)

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