Giveaway: Tickets to the 2013 Edmonton Comedy Festival!

Edmonton Comedy Festival runs Oct. 16-19, 2013

Edmonton Comedy Festival runs Oct. 16-19, 2013

You know it’s got to be a good giveaway for me to be doing this the week leading up to my wedding… but this is a good one. I’m giving away a pair of Gala Tickets to the Edmonton Comedy Festival!!

The third annual comedy festival has an amazing line-up – more than two dozen of the funniest comics in North America performing on several stages across Edmonton over several days.

From the website:

“With a mix of new acts and returning festival favourites, it’s official: Funny Has Hit the Capital City. From snappy young home grown heroes, to veteran comic masters, to Youtube sensations, to a Saturday Night Live star this festival has it all!”

Edmonton Comedy Festival runs October 16-19, 2013.

Edmonton Comedy Festival runs October 16-19, 2013.

The gala tickets get you into the Comedy Unleashed (18+ Show) featuring Sean Cullen, with Big Daddy Tazz, Frank Spadone, Kenny Valgardson, Brad Muise, Tony Krolo, Julie Kim, and Tyler Hawkins. The gala shows are the premier events of the comedy festival!

This Edmonton Comedy Festival is organized by my friend Graham Neil and it’s one that I would be going to if I weren’t on my honeymoon during that time. But that’s no reason why you can’t get in on the laughs!

How to win your way into the Edmonton Comedy Festival!

Pair of gala tickets for Saturday, October 19, 2013
Comedy Unleashed show, featuring Sean Cullen + 7 headliners
8 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre 10239 Jasper Ave.

To enter for a chance to win two gala tickets, leave a comment below telling me a funny joke. Include your name and email address so I know how to contact you! Also include your Twitter account if you have one. I will randomly choose a winner based on those who have left comments.

You can also get your name entered into the mix a second time (this is highly recommended) by tweeting out this sentence:

I’ve entered @lindork’s blog giveaway for tickets to the @ComedyEdmonton Festival! #yeg #yegcomedy

(This only gets you an additional entry IF you have left a comment telling me a funny joke below. You must comment to qualify! Note: Comments need to be moderated unless you’ve left a comment before. So if you don’t see your comment show up right away, don’t fret!)

The contest will close on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 9:00 p.m.

Good luck! :)

*** UPDATE ***

Congratulations to Leah Dykstra (@LB25rae) for winning!! Thanks to all who entered. Your jokes were hilarious!



  • What happened when a fosset, egg, and a lettuce ran a race?
    Well, the egg got beat, the lettuce was a head, and the fosset was still running!

  • Leah Dykstra says:

    Went last year it was AWESOME! Would love to go again…

    What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet??

    SUPPLIES!!! @LB25rae

  • Rachy says:

    Our cities zoo is awful, it only has one dog.
    yeah, its a shitzoo.

    haha get it?

  • Jennifer Le says:

    In the spirit of Halloween…
    Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

    He didn’t have the guts.
    :3 yes I know…I’m so mature :) lol

  • Brittany Kustra says:

    Why did the hipster burn his mouth on a piece of pizza?
    He ate it before it was cool ;)

  • Sarah Fung says:

    What did the teddy bear say when offered dessert? No thanks I’m stuffed!

  • David says:

    Why do firemen wear red suspenders?

    To hold their pants up.

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Elly who?

    Elly Font.

  • Nadia G says:

    Q. What looks like half of a cat?
    A. The other half!

  • Laura T says:

    hope your going someplace warm for the honey moon! it will soon be snowing :(

    Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his treasure?
    Because he was a little shellfish

    thought a food joke would be the best :)

  • Amanda H says:

    Two Peanuts Walked into an Alley….One was “ASALTED!” :P cheesy but gets me every time lol

  • Where does the General keep his armies?

    …in his sleevies!

    (sorry…I know it’s terrible! But it’s my absolute favourite/dumbest joke.)

  • Tamara Vineberg says:

    I used to work in a shoe recycling shop. It was sole destroying. Joke by Alex Horne.

  • Shawnna says:

    What do you get when you mix human DNA with goat DNA?

    Kicked out of the petting zoo.

  • rob says:

    A pair of booster cables walks into a bar. Bartender says, ” ok, you can come in, but don’t start anything.”

  • A woman whose husband often came home drunk decided to cure him of the habit. One Halloween night, she put on a devil suit and hid behind a tree to intercept him on the way home.
    When her husband came by, she jumped out and stood before him with her red horns, long tail, and pitchfork.
    “Who are you?” he asked.
    “I’m the Devil,” she responded.
    “Well, come on home with me,” he said, “I married your sister.”

  • Q: Why was six scared of seven?
    A: Because seven “ate” nine.

  • Q: What did the psychiatrist say when a man wearing nothing but saran wrap walked into his office?

    A: I can clearly see you’re nuts.

    (ah….the power of good punctuation/grammar)

  • Rob Beck says:

    A mushroom goes into a bar and tells the bartender he wants to order a drink. The bartender tells him to get out and that they don’t serve his kind! The mushroom says to the bartender “Why not, I’m a funghi???”

  • rahul says:

    what did the educated owl say?


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