Fall 2011-12 TV Shows I’ll Be Watching!

Well everyone might be sad that summer is coming to an end but there are some perks to Fall and the biggest one would be that our favourite television shows are returning!!

Here’s how my new TV schedule is looking:


  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER . Season 7 . Premieres September 19 .
  • CASTLE . Season 4 . Premieres September 19 .


  • GLEE . Season 3 . Premieres September 20 .


  • Nothing!


  • COMMUNITY . Season 3 . Premieres September 22 .
  • THE OFFICE . Season 8 . Premies September 22 .


  • CHUCK . Season 5 . Premieres October 21 .
  • SUPERNATURAL . Season 7 . Premieres September 23 .


  • Nothing!


  • THE SIMPSONS . Season 23 . Premieres September 25 .
  • FAMILY GUY . Season 10 . Premieres September 25 .

Of course with PVR it doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily watch everything on the day of…

And there are a bunch of new shows coming out too that may or may not catch mine and Mike’s attention.

I also used to watch Gossip Girl, 90210, Vampire Diaries, House, and The Big Bang Theory, but they slowly fizzled off of my must-watch list as the seasons went on — but maybe I’ll pick up watching them again? I used to say Gossip Girl and 90210 were my eye candy shows. It’s just especially fun to watch for the clothes and glamour, lol.

The top three shows I’m most excited about are Castle, Community, and Chuck – which all happen to start with a ‘C’ lol.

I’m kind of worried about how The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Supernatural will fare. Supernatural probably should have wrapped up last season and HIMYM is kind of pushing it too. The Office could become disastrous without Michael – I didn’t think the season finale was that funny…

So what about you? What shows are you looking forward to this season?! Should I be adding something to my to-watch list?!


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