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I am addicted to Twitter!

Hello everyone! So I felt really compelled to blog about my addiction to Twitter. Now I have been addicted to many things over the years: Korean boybands that I couldn’t
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Best Job in the World

Best Job in the World Media Coverage!

So I’ve been sort of updating across a bunch of different online places… this blog, my, my Facebook Support Group, and well I guess that’s it. lol. But I
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I’ve just launched my I guess.. “professional” website – Linda-Hoang.Com. This website will act as sort of the one-stop hub where all the other websites, fansites, blogs, etc., that I’m
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Dance Related

STOMP out hunger (Article)

Hi everyone! Since I am extremely interested in dance as a whole, I make an extra effort to come on here to post up any dance-related stories I write so
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This is the column I wrote for my final week at the Saint City News, where I spent these last 4 months at as a summer student intern: Goodbye St.
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