Explore Medicine Hat, Southern Alberta: Plan Your Itinerary Using This Experience Guide

Planning a visit to Canada’s Sunniest City? Let me help! 

I visit Medicine Hat in Southern Alberta every year—often working in partnership with Tourism Medicine Hat—to explore and share ideas for ways you can make the most of your trip. 

My dear friends Jack and Nicole live in the city, so it’s always nice to visit them during these trips as well. For them as locals, it’s nice to explore the city as a ‘tourist’ (and with a tourist—me!) 

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of great Medicine Hat experiences and I know if you replicate them, you’ll have a great time too! 

For my recent trip this summer (May 2024) working with Tourism Medicine Hat, I decided to use the FREE Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide to help plan my trip—where to eat and drink, things to do, where to stay and more! 

While of course I think my travel guides are pretty thorough 😉, the official Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide is a wonderful resource for your visit too. I’d suggest using both! 

And that’s what you’ll get in this post—a mix of both—my experiences guided by the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide! 

Note: my tourism partnership does not affect the opinions stated in this guide. I love exploring Alberta and I love visiting Medicine Hat!! It’s one reason I keep coming back year after year.

I loved using the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide to plan my Summer 2024 visit!
Use and share my Travel / Experience Guide to help plan your visit to the Southern Alberta City of Medicine Hat!

What is the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide?

Each year, Tourism Medicine Hat puts out an annual Experience Guide. It’s really a fantastic resource for anything and everything you could possibly want to know about the city—and how to best explore it. And it’s soooooo thorough!

The 2024 edition comes in at 104 pages, breaking down experiences like Indigenous Spaces & Places, Food & Beverage, Events & Festivals, City Parks & Trails, Waterways, Historic Downtown, and MORE—including Exploring Medicine Hat with me!

The 2024 Experience Guide Table of Contents—it's a super thorough guide to plan your visit!


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Once you’re done reading through my blog guide – be sure to:

Check out the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide!

Because it for sure will give you more of a full picture of The Hat (as the locals call it) than I do.

The Experience Guide took me to Devonian Trail in Downtown Medicine Hat!
This trip included my son Benjimin!
Showing the South Saskatchewan River to Benjimin!

Walk the Devonian Trail

Medicine Hat is home to 155 kilometres of paved trails making outdoor exploration of the southern Alberta city’s unique topography a breeze! We enjoyed our walk along the South Saskatchewan River on the Devonian Trail, easily accessible from downtown Medicine Hat. On this walk you will pass the Historic Finlay Bridge and Historic Railway Bridge. 

You could of course also bike, e-bike, rollerblade, jog, or whatever way to experience the trail! 

We liked this trail because it was so close to historic Downtown – it made experiencing a few different attractions plus food and drink in the area easy. 

Depending on the time of year, you may want to grab water rentals from local businesses like Outdoor Xscape Rentals and pick a trail with easy access to load/unload for an adventure on the river too! We’ve floated own the South Saskatchewan River in previous trips—you can read more about safely planning a river experience here.

Chainsaw Art by Marina Cole at Central Park!
Chainsaw Art by Marina Cole at Central Park!

Visit Central Park (Art + Disc Golf)

There’s lots of beautiful parks to choose from when visiting Medicine Hat, including Kiwanis Central Park which is a favourite for my local friends due to its playground, waterpark, famous whale slide dubbed “Moby Dick,” disc golf course, and most interesting for me—artist Marina Cole’s whimsical wooden chainsaw sculptures. If you’re visiting Kiwanis Park in winter, this park also features an ice-skating rink! 

Love the interactive art at Central Park in Medicine Hat!
Having some fun! Thanks artist Marina Cole.

For disc golf enthusiasts like my husband Mike, there are three Disc Golf Courses across the city:

  • Kiwanis Central Park | 200 11 St. SE
  • Gilwell Park | 126 Cuyler Rd. SE
  • Leinweber Park | 2293 Crestwood Dr. SE

You can even find some custom Medicine Hat discs at the Tourism Medicine Hat Visitor Information Centre! I bought a Medicine Hat disc back for Mike last year. 

My husband Mike wasn't able to join for this trip but would've loved the disc golf opportunities!

Check out the Saamis Tepee

Did you know the Saamis Tepee located in Medicine Hat, is The World’s Tallest Tepee?

It’s also a major landmark in The Hat, and a must-stop especially if it’s your first time visiting. 

Here as part of the stunning structure—which is as tall as a 20-story building!!!—you’ll also find 10 hand-painted storyboards that share stories of local Indigenous peoples, traditions, and history. The tepee location itself also overlooks a valley known as the Saamis Archaeological Site. The area was once a buffalo camp and it is believed to have over 83 million artifacts buried there. 

Not only is the site Instagrammable (the sheer size of the tepee is enough to wow you), but more importantly, it’s meaningful, with local history and art very much worth experiencing. Depending on when you go, there may also be Indigenous gatherings or special experiences you can attend that take place at the tepee as well (for instance, in 2023, we got to experience “Sharing Stories at the Saamis Tepee” with Brenda Mercer.

A visit to the Saamis Tepee while in Medicine Hat is a must!
Saamis Tepee photos from my previous Medicine Hat trips!
Saamis Tepee - Explore Alberta - Medicine Hat - Travel
Saamis Tepee photos from my previous Medicine Hat trips!

Explore the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre

Pay what you will to access the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre located in historic downtown Medicine Hat! The Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre is a cultural hub for the city, acting as an art gallery, museum, 700-seat main stage theatre, education suite, and expansive public archive.

During my May 2024 visit, a wonderful exhibit ‘In Our Nature’ was in the gallery, featuring beautiful works by seven Canadian artists with “bonds to the natural world.”

I loved the variety of mediums used in this exhibit—from video projections to large-scale photographs, an interactive forest installation and more.

“In Our Nature presents an opportunity to engage with a diverse visual narrative. It sparks us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world. When was the last time you walked barefoot on the grass? Or jumped in a lake to swim with the fish? The revered Canadian academic and environmental activist David Suzuki put it best: “The natural environment informs us about what it means to be human. We can only gain a thorough sense of our human identity in the face of our own limitations . . . through comparison with non-human entities.” 

– From In Our Nature at the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre

If you want some arts, culture and heritage during your trip, visit the Esplanade. It's Pay what you Will!
Please don't mind my tan lines. lol
Love this interactive forest as part of 'In Our Nature!'
These photographs and the reflection (intentionally part of the exhibit!) was wonderful.

Also on during my visit was the School Art 2024 showcase which was super cool to see (so many talented young artists!) This exhibit features Medicine Hat and region’s students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and has been an annual exhibition for nearly 50 years, growing from 50 works in 1978 to nearly 800 paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, ceramics, photographs, animated and live action video and more, from 41 different schools as of the 2024 exhibit.

The art pieces were really fun.
Enjoying the Student Art!
Jack and Nicole with an Experience Guide in hand—enjoying the exhibit at the Esplanade!

I also appreciated the Esplanade’s hands-on Discovery Zone—so great for families! This is a self-led gallery experience with various art-focused activities and when we visited, Benjimin got to play with different fabrics was part of the ‘Weaving Cube.’ He ended up with more of the fabrics around him than added to the actual cube but—that’s part of the fun! lol. 

Benjimin taking in the Weaving Cube!
Saamis Tepee photos from my previous Medicine Hat trips!
Saamis Tepee photos from my previous Medicine Hat trips!

This centre hosts some big concerts and other entertainment in Medicine Hat so you could check the calendar to time your visit with a show that might pop out at you. I attended a Pecha Kucha Night there during a previous visit and that was really interesting taking in presentations on different projects and ideas from local Hatters. 

You can also find some pretty artsy and Instagrammable photo opportunities in the space! 

This Giant King is no joke.

See the Giant Chess Set and King

And if you’re lucky with timing, play a giant match! 

Medicine Hat is home to the Guinness World Records-certified World’s Largest Giant. Chess Set!

It is an outdoor, permanent chess board with movable, usable giant wooden cheese pieces. The giant board is nearly 6 m on each side. The giant pieces include a King that is nearly 4 feet tall!

The chess pieces are all hand and lathe crafted from teak wood and imported from Indonesia. These pieces are heavy, and collectively weigh 870 pounds.

The Giant Chess Set + King are fun Medicine Hat experiences!
World's Largest Chess Set - Explore Alberta - Medicine Hat - Travel
Altogether, the chess pieces weigh 870 pounds!

Even if you don’t know how to play (like me, no one ever taught me and I never learned! lol)—when in historic Downtown Medicine Hat, it’s well worth a visit to these giant pieces (if only for the ‘gram lol). 

Depending on when you go, you may or may not be able to have some fun playing or at least trying to move some of the heavy pieces around lol. 

Love this underpass art by artists Sonz1 and Niko, near Storzall Mini Storage.

Snap photos at Instagrammable Walls (Murals!)

Medicine Hat is home to some amazing public artwork—particularly murals or what I like to call Instagrammable Walls! Many murals have been created in recent years thanks to efforts by the Medicine Hat Mural Fest, and you’ll also find great works commissioned by local businesses located all over the city.

Love finding art in The Hat!
Benjimin x Instagrammable Walls.
Mural by: @Jenni_Belle and Glassy Painter off Clay Ave SE at the Top Hat Bingo Association building.

A lot of Medicine Hat Mural Festival-murals are located in the downtown core (another great reason to visit Downtown Medicine Hat!!) but I love when I spot something bright and colourful  in an alleyway out of the corner of my eye, or driving through an underpass for instance, like the one above by artist Sonz1 and his son Niko. Sonz1 is actually the art alias for Jeff Goring, who created the Medicine Hat Mural Fest! It’s apparently an older piece but I thought it was brand new as I’d never seen it before (despite my many Medicine Hat trips).

That’s the beauty of looking for public art—you never know where and when it will find you. During this trip we also went around North Railway St. not far from Downtown, and found a bunch in alleyways. Go exploring! 

(please share the artist name if you know it!)
You Belong In This City! by Sonz1 & Niko.
Thanks to my friends Jack & Nicole (Medicine Hat locals) for exploring with me and Benjimin!
Looks like I’ve started an annual Instagrammable Wall tradition with Benjimin and this beautiful piece by artist Josh Creighton! 
Benjimin and I with this mural by Josh Creighton in 2023.
Benjimin and I with this mural by Josh Creighton in 2024.
In general… explore historic Downtown Medicine Hat!! 
Exploring Historic Downtown Medicine Hat!

Head to Medalta in the Historic Clay District

We didn’t get to spend too long at the renowned Medalta Historic Clay District during this particular Medicine Hat trip due to a private event booked during the time we stopped by but I wanted to briefly shout out to this attraction / experience as a uniquely Medicine Hat thing to do. 

Natural gas along with an abundant supply of clay in the region led to clay products being one of Medicine Hat’s earliest and most successful industries (hence the ‘historic’ part of Medalta’s name). The original Medicine Hat Brick & Tile plant began shipping bricks in 1913, producing Hycroft China in 1938, and today Medalta the Historic Clay District is known as an innovative industrial museum, contemporary ceramic arts facility, art gallery and community hub. 

Even just taking in the exterior kilns are really interesting and the interior kiln excavation is also really something to behold! I am hoping we can ‘do’ more of the Medalta on a return visit so I can share more about it in a future post. 

Original kiln visible at Medalta.
A pottery shard pile (now art?? lol) outside of Medalta in the Historic Clay District.

Plan your visit around the annual Rise Up Hot Air Balloon Festival

If you plan your visit to Medicine Hat in May, you should definitely consider timing it with the annual Rise Up Hot Air Balloon Festival. We tried to time my visit this year so I could get a preview of the festival but the weather wasn’t quite right (hot air balloons are highly susceptible to weather as you can imagine lol). 

But gosh do previous year photos and videos of this festival look incredible! 

Just a stunning spectacle in Southern Alberta!
A must-experience in Medicine Hat each May!

This annual festival features sunrise and sunset launches, community events, and evening balloon glows. It’s such a beautiful showcase of more than a dozen big hot air balloons set against the stunning southern Alberta skies and landscape (though fair warning as I mentioned—everything is dependent on weather! )

Check out a video I made ahead of the 2024 festival if you’d like some beautiful inspiration to plan a visit to Medicine Hat next May specifically for Rise Up Hot Air Balloon Festival!


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Just me with a delicious Korean food spread and my Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide.

Jj Kitchen

635 3rd St. E, Medicine Hat, AB

I consider JJ Kitchen a Medicine Hat Must Stop! Located in historic Downtown Medicine Hat, Southern Alberta, you will so so so so enjoy a stop into Jj Kitchen. The Korean eatery is owned and operated by a very sweet family who make delicious homemade menu items fresh daily including pork, beef or chicken cupbap (in a cup) and jipbap (like a bento) plus a perfect tuna triangle gimbap (Korean onigiri!), Korean corn dogs and weekly rotating Korean specialties.

A big fan of Jj Kitchen's triangle gimbap!
Yum yum.

Jj Kitchen is so lovely I selfishly ate here twice in three days during this recent May 2024 trip lol. 

Owners Jane and Brian moved to Medicine Hat five years ago from Seoul, Korea with their three young kids, looking for a quieter, roomier, slower paced small city life which they definitely found in The Hat.

The couple started selling at the Medicine Hat Farmers’ Market shortly after they arrived in the Southern Alberta city and their food was so wildly popular it prompted the opening of their physical restaurant space in downtown in 2022.

I had the pleasure of meeting them and trying their food last summer while working with Tourism Medicine Hat and was eager to return this trip (obviously, hence the two visits lol).

I can’t say enough nice things about the couple and their amazing cuisine!! GO HERE when you visit Medicine Hat!! Jj Kitchen is one of many excellent local food and drink stops featured in the 2024 Tourism medicine Hat Experience Guide! 

Go meet Jane and Brian of Jj Kitchen!
Refreshing drinks from Jj Kitchen!

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

23 8 St NW, Medicine Hat, Alberta

My Medicine Hat Golden Rule is to NOT pick dates to visit the Southern Alberta city unless you KNOW that Takumi Japanese Restaurant will be open! lol, but truly. 

Chef SeHo and wife Sohee are so incredibly sweet and ridiculously talented. You can’t go wrong with literally anything on Takumi’s menu!!

Chef SeHo is so talented!
We love Takumi so much.
Some sake for the table.

Chef has cooked all over the world before settling in Medicine Hat. The couple opened Takumi Japanese Restaurant—a teeny 10-seat space—back in 2012. From sashimi and specialty rolls to more spam dishes than I ever see at any other Japanese restaurant, Omakase Chef’s choice options and ramen too—Reservations are extremely recommended and it’s best to call ahead to see if they’ll be in town when you visit.

I’ve always had such incredible meals at Takumi—the kind where you put food in your mouth, close your eyes and exclaim in delight type of meal, you know that one? Incredible. 

I always get myself some spam at Takumi!
You'll love everything!
Always so excited to eat here!!!

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

1366 Brier Park Dr NW, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Have you heard of the Highway 3 Ale Trail?

From Medicine Hat to the Crowsnest Pass in Southern Alberta, experience eight craft brewery stops along the Highway 3 Ale Trail including three brewery options in Medicine Hat! 

My Medicine Hat Ale Trail stop this 2024 visit was to the Medicine Hat Brewing Company (MHBC), which I’ve been to before—but really wanted to go back to because we’ve always had solid, consistent meals, with good portion sizes and vibes here. Minors are also welcome! So from a travelling-with-my-baby perspective, the Medicine Hat Brew Co. was checking all the boxes.

MHBC is featured in the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide!
A great beef dip.
Great pretzels with beer cheese and fish & chips on special at MHBC!

At Medicine Hat Brewing Company we got great service, great lighting (lol it’s important when you’re taking photos of food and drink!), great food and drink and just a great time at this family-friendly brewery and restaurant.

Also along the Highway 3 Ale Trail…

If you happen to be headed to Lethbridge as part of your Medicine Hat / Southern Alberta trip, I also recommend [Theoretically] Brewing Co.—a Lethbridge stop along the Highway 3 Ale Trail that’s got excellent vibes, drinks and pizza from local Vesano Pizza. Drinks at Theoretically Brewing come in science lab themed vessels like beakers and test tubes. Super fun! Benjimin and I met Mike in Lethbridge following our Medicine Hat trip (he was there for a disc golf tournament!) and Vesano Pizza and Theoretically Brewing was our first food and drink stop of that getaway.

Just sneaking in some photos of that as I don’t know when I’ll be blogging the Lethbridge trip lol.

Love this flight!
Excellent Vesano Pizza!
Family-friendly brewery!

King Bagel

218 S Railway St., Medicine Hat, Alberta

In historic Downtown Medicine Hat, you’ve to a few places you need to visit (make it a crawl!) including King Bagel!

Before you even step into this bagel bakery, you’ll catch how great it smells. King Bagel specializes in fresh homemade bagels and five different types of housemade cream cheese, sauces, or butters.

You can turn any bagel into a delicious sandwich with their Build Your Own menu option which I love! Stuffed bagels are also popular here—and many often pre-order for a quick pick up (including a few people who popped in to grab their ore-orders when we visited).

King Bagel is located in a historic brick building next to River Bee Books and across the street from a Medicine Hat Instagrammable Wall / tunnel—so it’s a packed little street for activity and a really lovely stop. This was Benjimin’s first time having a bagel sandwich—he really enjoyed it!

The Experience Guide now takes us to King Bagel!
Loved my Build My Own Bagel here!
A photo of King Bagel with a photo of King Bagel in the Tourism Medicine Hat Experience Guide (lol).

Poolhouse Cafe & Roastery

550 3rd St. SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I love Poolhouse Cafe & Roastery in downtown Medicine Hat! Known as the city’s watering hole and a place to gather—Poolhouse features great decor, vibes, great drinks, great pastries and great sandwiches. It’s a pretty great space! They also roast their own coffees (formerly known as the Madhatter Coffee Roastery). Poolhouse is also open pretty early, which is great when you’re adventuring with a baby and trying to pack a lot of stops into your whirlwind trip! 

I really think you’ll love your pop into Poolhouse during your Medicine Hat trip, I always do!

The Poolhouse font is really nice too lol.
A great iced matcha latte!
Excellent breakfast bagel!
A soft and delicious Poolhouse cookie.
Inside Poolhouse Cafe & Roastery.
Some breakfast items at Poolhouse.

Kookie Bites

554 3rd St. SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Located basically next door to Poolhouse Cafe & Roastery (so you’ve got to do both!) is the new-ish Kookie Bites cookie bakery! This is a really cute space, owned by Filipino baker Kaela.

We got a chance to chat with Kaela during our visit to Kookie Bites and learned that she moved to Medicine Hat nearly a decade ago and got a job as an accountant. She found the job kind of depressing (not offence to accountants who love their job lol), and yearned for something more. 

Back in the Philippines, her mom ran a cake shop, so baking has always been a part of her life. So Kaela did the thing! She quit her corporate gig and opened up her own Kookie bakery (Cookie with a K for her name Kaela) and is now living the dream in historic downtown Medicine Hat! 

These are really excellent Kookies. Soft. Flavourful. Beautiful! 

Pop into Kookie Bites!
The Kookie Bites menu.
Kaela of Kookie Bites!
Inside Kookie Bites!

McBride’s Bakery

1791 Dunmore Rd. SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Located in a strip mall full of some great local businesses you’ll find McBride’s Bakery, a local bakery specializing in sourdough breads, fresh doughnuts, massive butter horns, croissants, pies and other take-home treats. It’s a very community-oriented, inclusive business and I loved it! 

"I'll take one of everything please" - Benjimin, probably lol.
Okay but look at this thing!
This was my first experience with butter horns. Bar set high!
McBride's Bakery is a beloved spot in Medicine Hat!

Cafe Verve

1775 Dunmore Rd., SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Also in the same strip mall as McBride’s Bakery you will find Cafe Verve, an artsy coffee house all about specialty coffee, in-house baking, community, live music and local art. You’ll find local artwork all over the walls and it’s very likely you will catch live local music and entertainment in the cafe on Friday and Saturday nights. Both McBride’s and Cafe Verve make this strip along Dunmore Road a great stop—especially if you’re on your way in or not headed to the city centre for this particular leg of your trip. 

Stop into Cafe Verve for some specialty coffee!
Loved the Ham Toasted Cheese Melt and Matcha Latte!

Not food but while in the area, we also enjoyed our visit to Unlimited Characters Used Bookstore which is located in the same Dunmore Road strip mall as the bakery and cafe! This bookstore is home to the city’s largest collection of used books. We got books for the whole family here. 

Inside Unlimited Character Used Bookstore.

Sabai Infusion (Thai Restaurant)

638 2 St SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Travelling with a baby generally means travel / arrival days don’t necessarily involve eating out simply because it’s been such a long day already once we get to the hotel we kind of just want to stay at the hotel lol, so we ordered Sabai Infusion and picked it up to eat at our hotel on our first night of this May 2024 Medicine Hat visit! 

My local friends eat at Sabai often! For this meal we shared a nice spread Thai curries, soups, noodles, and deep fried goodies and it was a great meal to have as we settled into our next few days adventure in the Hat. 

Our Sabai Infusion Thai food takeout spread!

The Yard Patio & Eatery

619 3rd St. SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I visited The Yard a few years ago when they first opened (coinciding with one of my annual visits!) and thought the concept was so cool, basically a giant patio in a space that was once a pop-up park, and before that, kind of just a lot. 

It’s a family-friendly seasonal patio and now eatery, nowadays specializing in drinks—buckets, cocktails, etc., as well as sandwiches made with from-scratch bread (the burger / sandwich we had was excellent!) with regular live music / entertainment events. It’s very much a vibe! 

When we visited the weather forecast was pretty touch and go and it was going into the May long weekend so they decided to rent a long tent to put up to ensure their planned entertainment could proceed rain or shine but typically they are an open-air space (which is better for vibes lol). 

Our tasty burger from The Yard.
Drinks at The Yard!
A photo of The Yard from a previous visit!
Part of the Marriott family!
Inside our TownePlace Suites room.
Enjoying the hotel patio!
Mom and Benjimin do Medicine Hat!
A really awesome patio at TownePlace Suites (part of the whole Extended-Stay vibe).

For this May 2024 visit to Medicine Hat we stayed at TownePlace Suites (Marriott) the first and only “extended-stay” hotel in The Hat, where each room includes kitchenettes.

We love staying at TownePlace Suites in Medicine Hat for a few reasons:
  • Close proximity to electric super chargers
  • The hotel itself has electric charging stalls 
  • Great location off major roadways 
  • The kitchen in every type of room 
  • Complimentary lemon water station in the lobby
  • Local chocolates at check-in
  • Free breakfast
  • Nice wall map showing distance to different points of interest in Medicine Hat
  • An incredible hotel pool that felt like a resort pool!
The pool at TownePlace Suites Medicine Hat is incredible!!
Seriously wow-ed by the pool here!
Finding a hotel with a great pool is a huge kid perk!
Really can't rave enough about this complimentary lemon water station lol.

Truly cannot rave enough about the TownePlace Suites pool in particular especially for families, but just the general extended stay / suites vibe is really nice and super comfortable!!

In Medicine Hat area we have also previously enjoyed staying at the very cute Guesthouse 71 which I blog more about in my Cute Places to Stay in Alberta list and there’s lots of love about that accommodation too depending on what vibe you’re looking for with your visit. 

We made great use of luggage carts this trip.
Brought lots of books for Benjimin to enjoy in the room!

So that wraps up this 2024 version of my Medicine Hat Experience / Travel Guide! 

I hope this Travel / Experience Guide (and Tourism Medicine Hat’s official Experience Guide!) helps you plan your visit to Medicine Hat in Southern Alberta.

Love that I get to visit dear friends AND experience Medicine Hat with them!

As mentioned, I’ve visited Medicine Hat a lot and I keep coming back because there’s so many things I still haven’t done—and so many places I’m always excited to revisit (like some of the great experiences and food featured in this guide). 


If you’re looking to explore Southern Alberta—be sure to visit Medicine Hat!!! 

And please do use all of my many travel guides to help plan your visit to The Hat—the sunniest city in Canada with one of the most charming and historic Downtowns you can find in Alberta.  

Use and share my Travel / Experience Guide to help plan your visit to the Southern Alberta City of Medicine Hat!


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