Explore Edmonton’s Chinatown via the Chinatown Stories Map – Celebrate the Launch by coming on a free tour (June 2024)

I’m excited to share that I’ll be leading a FREE “Food Gems” Walking Tour of Edmonton Chinatown including FREE group dim sum on Saturday, June 22, 2024 for the launch of Edmonton artist Emily Chu’s CHINATOWN STORIES MAP project.

My Food Tour is one of three tours happening to help launch Emily’s Chinatown Stories Map Project  – there is also a Chinatown Art Tour led by Emily Chu, and a Historical Tour of South Chinatown: Then and Now with Lan Chan-Marples and Black History Tour with Tanika Burlie. 

Spots are free for all tours but limited so registration is required.

Kids welcome as long as they are with an adult. 


View the Chinatown Stories Map Website

You can use the Stories Map to plan your own self-guided tours!

Chinatown Stories Map was created to be an accessible and visual tool to explore Chinatown. It’s also an archive stories of culture, food, and art. This map is free and will also be available in print and online!

I’m honoured to be part of this project, having written and curated the Food Gems stops you’ll see on the map. 

Grateful to be included alongside some amazing local storytellers, artists and community members who care about Chinatown, including Emily Chu, Lan Chan-Marples, and Tanika Burlie. (Full project credits listed below and on the Chinatown Stories Map website!) 

  • Lan does a Historical Tour of South Chinatown: Then and Now
  • Tanika does a Black History Tour
  • Emily does a Community Art Tour
  • And of course I did a Food Gems Tour!
I contributed 'Food Gems' to Emily Chu's Chinatown Stories Map Project!

Chinatown Stories Map invites you to get curious: to seek history of the land before Chinatown, hear diverse community histories that helped shape Chinatown, and continue this dialogue to build towards an inclusive, safe, and vibrant Chinatown for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who booked a spot on the June 22 tours and we hope you use this Chinatown Stories Map to plan your own self-guided visits year-round! 

View the Chinatown Stories Map Website


Storytellers: Emily Chu, Lan Chan-Marples, Linda Hoang, Tanika Burlie

Writers: Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Becca Taylor, Shawn Tse

Copy Editor: Samantha Pearson

Editorial Consultant: Paula E. Kirman

Artist/Site Consultants: Tiffany Shaw, Stephen Tsang, AJA Louden, Ray Dak Lam, Kris Friesen, Branden Cha, Maret Langner, Studio F-Minus

Community Consultants: Lee Rayne Lucke, Jenna Turner, Chelsea Boos

Translators: Wai-Ling Lennon, Sherry Dinh

Web: Naomi Brierley

Printing: Rabarbar Press

Project Lead, Design, Illustrations: Emily Chu

Sponsors: Edmonton Heritage Council and the Edmonton Arts Council

An extra personal shout out and emphasis on Emily Chu for bringing this project to life! And for all she does for Chinatown. 


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If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, and things to know this week!
If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my FREE newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, things to know this week, and more!