Explore Edmonton: Halloween Events in Edmonton (and area) 2016

2016 Halloween Events List last updated: October 16, 2016

On my mission to #ExploreEdmonton, and as I do with New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s, I’ve put together an event listing for things to do for Halloween in and around the Edmonton area this year!

This list will be updated as I find new events and as event information becomes available. Keep checking back for updates – usually more events are announced closer to the date. Also please leave me a comment below, send me an email or tweet me with any events you think should be added to the list!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

2016 Halloween Events in Edmonton

A Ghostly Walk Through Old Strathcona
Monday – Thursday nights (October 3 – 31, 2016) @ 7 p.m.
Location: Meet in front of rescuer statue at Walterdale Playhouse (10322 83 Ave)
Cost: $10 per soul (cash only – no reservations required)
Details: A ghostly walk through Old Strathcona, where we stop in front of certain building, houses and shops that have reported ghosts, hauntings, murders and mysteries. They are all true stories that come from area residents and business owners. The tours are hosted by a veteran story teller with 12 years of experience. Held all summer long, the tours are a great outing for the whole family. All tours are outside and walking so please dress for the weather. All tours go ahead rain or shine.
Website: Edmonton Ghost Tours

University of Alberta/Garneau History & Haunted Hike
Tuesday nights (October 4-31, 2016) @ 9 p.m.
Location: Meet in front of Rutherford House (11153 Saskatchewan Drive)
Cost: $10 per soul (cash only – no reservations required)
Details: A little education can be a ghastly business! The University of Alberta, a center for academics and higher learning, has more than its fair share of ghosts, urban legends and unexplained events. We will explore the history of the University of Alberta, how it began and the many important historical figures. We will also hear about the U of A’s many ghosts including; the little boy at The Rutherford House, the scientist who is still seen walking the halls of the Power Plant and many, many more. All tours are outside and walking so please dress for the weather. All tours go ahead rain or shine.
Website: Edmonton Ghost Tours

Deadmonton Haunted House
Date: Thurs – Sundays throughout October 2016 (and first weekend of November) (times start at 7 p.m.)
Location: Deadmonton House 10233 Jasper Avenue (Old Paramount Theatre)
Cost: Ranges from $20-$40 depending on if you go during Halloween Weekend or get Speed Passes.
Details: The air is cold and dry yet you break into a sweat. The shadows bleed through the darkness. Your pupils dilate; what hides in the light is even more terrorizing. Your heart races, your breathing accelerates and you’re gasping for air. Your veins constrict, your muscles tighten and your skin crawls. You feel a soft breeze that sends shivers down your spine – or was it a touch? You want to run, but you can’t. You stand motionless. Fear is a survival mechanism and our capacity for fear is related to our survival. Fear alerts us to dangers that threaten our well being and sometimes even our lives. Our evolved physiological makeup causes us to fear potential threats, even those that exist only in our imaginations. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of an object or situation that the affected person will go to great lengths to avoid, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed. If the feared object or situation cannot be avoided, they will endure it with marked distress and anxiety. Are you ready to conquer the fears that lurk in the dark corners of your mind? Can you handle what is waiting for you in the depths of Deadmonton Haunted House?
Website: Deadmonton Haunted House

Hospital of Horror (Virtual Reality Experience)
Date: October 2016 (time slots available morning to night)
Location: 10010 107A Avenue (same building as Edmonton Paintball Centre/Laser City Laser Tag – Free parking!)
Cost: $20 (October 1-17), $25 (October 18-31) | 2 players per experience
Details: Walk the halls of an abandoned hospital – but watch out, you never know what’s around the next corner. Through the power of virtual reality, anything is possible. You’ll be in the virtual world for about 10 minutes – plenty of time to wish you’d never entered the Hospital. Expect to be at our facility for about 30 minutes in total.
Website: Hospital of Horror

102.3 NOW Radio Haunted House
Date: October 27 and 28, 2016, 5 to 9 p.m. both nights
Location: 9894 42 Avenue
Cost: Free (bring a food bank donation)
Details: The NOW Radio annual Haunted House is a scary good time. 1,600 people came out last year!
Website: 102.3 NOW Radio Haunted House

Halloween at West Edmonton Mall
Date: Oct 17-31 (various dates), 2016
Location: West Edmonton Mall (various attractions)
Cost: Most are free, Haunted Adventure is $25
Details: WEM Haunted Adventure (Kids can dress up and enjoy all four attractions including Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf, Marine Life, Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace and Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf! There will also be themed photo stops and fun at each attraction!)

Galaxyland Halloween Trick or Treat Festival (Trick or Treat for ghoulish goodies, ride the Halloween train, and enjoy fun Halloween activities such as face painting and magic. Come in costume or as you are!)

World’s Largest Indoor Trick or Treat Festival (Enjoy trick or treating in a fun, safe and warm environment! Participants can pick up their candy bag at Centre Stage and then follow a candy map to find all the treats in West Edmonton Mall. Participating retailers will also be handing out candy to little ones dressed in Halloween costumes.)

Website: Halloween at West Edmonton Mall

Spooktacular Penny Dreadful (Adults Only) 
Date: October 28, 2016 (6 – 10 p.m.)
Location: Fort Edmonton Park
Cost: $24.99
Details: Journey through the pages of Victorian era Penny Dreadfuls – known for their gothic tales of adventure, crime, and the supernatural. Let your imagination loose and experience the tales yourself in this edition of Spooktacular! Remember the further you travel back in time, the more dangerous and wicked characters you will meet. “How the night air hideous grows with shrieks!” – Varney the Vampyre or A Feast of Blood
Website: Spooktactular (Adults Only)

Spooktacular Penny Dreadful (Family Friendly) 
Date: October 21 – 22, 2016
Location: Fort Edmonton Park
Cost: $24.99
Details: Journey through the pages of Victorian era Penny Dreadfuls – known for their gothic tales of adventure, crime, and the supernatural. Let your imagination loose and experience the tales yourself in this edition of Spooktacular! Remember the further you travel back in time, the more dangerous and wicked characters you will meet. Regardless of age or bravery factor, there will be plenty of mischief for everyone. “How the night air hideous grows with shrieks!” – Varney the Vampyre or A Feast of Blood
Website: Spooktactular (Family Friendly)

Haunted Pumpkin Festival (Prairie Graens)
Date: Every weekend October 1 – 31, 2016
Location: Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm (56311 Lily Lake Rd, Bon Accord, AB)
Cost: $14.30 per person (weekend) – discounts for ‘family of’ packages
Details: The Haunted Pumpkin Festival at Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm, which attracts families from across the nation to Edmonton’s countryside. An autumn outing to the pumpkin patch and this charming month-long Halloween festival is an annual tradition. There’s been over 1 million guests to the farm have enjoyed the farm since 1956!
Website: Haunted Pumpkin Festival

Dr. Von Houligan’s Haunted Circus
Date: Oct 20-31, 2016
Location: Rundle Park (2909 113 Ave)
Cost: $25 per person ($5 is donated to the Stollery)
Details: Scare of your life – crazy clown chase – terrifying tent – food trucks – family fun zone!
Website: Dr Von Houligan’s Haunted Circus

Edmonton Zombie Walk 10-Year Anniversary
Date: Oct. 7, 2016 (7 – 10 p.m.)
Location: Churchill Square (first wave, 7 p.m.) Legislature (second wave, 9 p.m.)
Cost: Free (but bring a donation for The Pay it Forward Foundation
Details: This year will be our 10th year anniversary and the theme will be Zombies of History. Any historic figure zombfied although the theme is not mandatory! First wave: 7 pm at Churchill Square we will be heading up Jasper Ave to the Legislature grounds Second Wave: 9 pm we will be heading up the bridge then down 109 st and turning onto Whyte Ave ending at Gazebo Park (beside the Trans Alta Arts Barns). Kids are more than welcome to partake, in fact we encourage it, so feel free to bring the little ones! John Tonner from The Pay It Forward Foundation will be at Churchill collecting donations for the foundation such as lightly worn winter jackets, and also un-used socks and underwear. Beercade on Whyte Ave will host the official afterparty!! Complete with a Zombie Pinball Tournament with prizes, Free tokens & food & Cover!! Must be 18 and provide proper identification at the door.
Website: Edmonton Zombie Walk

Zed Haunted House (Red Deer)
Date: Oct. 18 – 31, 2016 (6 – 10 p.m.)
Location: Red Deer (exact location TBA, check website)
Cost: $15 per person (at the door) – some discounts and packages if bought online
Details: Welcome to the dark side. Not for the faint of heart (children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult). And we host weekend matinees for those who are feeling timid! The unique aspect of this Haunted Attraction is that one may visit several times and have a different experience every visit. This is due to the fact that we utilize animatronic props, feature designs, different routes combined with live character actors. All our actors are trained to adjust their routines depending on the visitor. For example routines will vary depending on whether or not the visitor is a child or an adult. We are here to entertain you and have fun, not to traumatize. One must be aware that this attraction is not recommended for young children. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
Website: Zed Haunted House (Red Deer)

Halloween Howler (100.3 FM The Bear) 
Date: Oct. 28, 2016 (7 p.m.)
Location: Shaw Conference Centre
Cost: $59.95
Details: 100.3 The Bear and Nitza’s Pizza Wye Road Present The 24th Annual Halloween Howler Featuring BUSH, Theory of a Deadman With Special Guests Guns 4 Roses and Whale and the Wolf. $5000 for BEST COSTUME and a Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle from Cooper’s Recreational Power Sports plus thousands of dollars in additional costume prizes ($3,000 for 2nd, $1,000 for 3rd) and DJ Harman B spinning tunes.
Website: 24th Annual Halloween Howler

SCREAM Boodang Halloween Massive 
Date: Oct. 29, 2016 (9 p.m. to 6 a.m.)
Location: Shaw Conference Centre
Cost: $99 – $125 (depending on tier level/VIP)
Details: ONE, TWO… OUR DJ’S ARE COMING FOR YOU… THREE, FOUR… YOU’LL BE BEGGING FOR MORE.. FIVE, SIX… THEY’RE IN THE MIX… SEVEN, EIGHT… WE’LL STAY UP LATE… NINE, TEN… SCREAM IS BACK AGAIN!!! SCREAM… the undisputed champion of HALLOWEEN events in Western Canada for over 13 years returns. It’s no surprise that SCREAM sells out every year – boasting massive DJ LINE-UP’s combined with amazing production and décor. Each year, the BOODANG team brings new elements into SCREAM with superb decor, lighting, video and sound. This year is no different! SCREAM is back – bigger and better. ARE YOU READY TO SCREAM?
Website: SCREAM Halloween Massive

Zombie Evasion 5k Edmonton
Date: Oct. 22, 2016 (1 p.m. start)
Location: 9100 Walterdale Hill
Cost: $55-$65 (depending on when you register, cheaper if you are a Zombie Horde or kid!)
Details: A run like no other! The Edmonton Zombie Evasion is a CHIP-TIMED 5km individual and team event! The trail run event takes place at Walterdale Park (next to the Kinsmen Sport Centre) and each runner will wear a flag football-style belt. Run fast! Zombies will be on the chase – but be aware of your surroundings – the river valley is infested. You never know where they will appear. If you make it through the course with any of your flags left, you’ve finished “alive”! If the zombies take all of your flags….you’ve become infected and will finish as a part of the “undead”. Category Descriptions: Survivor – You are human and are running 5k to stay alive! HUNGRY Zombie – You are a zombie and are running 5k to eat survivors! Zombie Horde – You are a zombie that doesn’t run… you walk/stagger around a specific area and are hungry to eat! Zombie Kids Dash – You are young & juicy meat in the eyes of the zombies!
Website: Zombie Evasion 5k Edmonton

Halloween Haunt in St. Albert
Date: Oct. 21, 2016 (5:30 – 8:30 p.m.)
Location: Servus Credit Union Place (400 Campbell Road St. Albert)
Cost: Drop-in rates ($10.50 Adult, $7.50 Youth, $5.50 Child, $7.50 Senior, $26 Family)
Details: Kingsway Toyota presents the Halloween Haunt. Join us for a hair raising good time! Admission: Drop-in admission or membership required. Featuring: A Haunted Hotel Laser Tag Bubble Football Just Dance Zone Inflatable Haunted House for Younger Children Gian Inflatable’s Mini Wondersland Ghoulish Games Creepy Crafts And much more!
Website: Halloween Haunt in St. Albert

Halloween Haunted House in Sherwood Park
Date: Oct. 29-31 (2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the 29/30, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the 31)
Location: Gallery@501 in Sherwood Park
Cost: $2 per person
Details: Have a spooktacular time at the 2nd annual Gallery@501 Haunted House… Vampires Mansion! We’re transforming the Gallery@501 into a spooktacular haunted house including a maze of scary rooms and frightful features! All ages are welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult. Come in costume! Free 2-hour parking is available in the Community Centre parkade. You can view our parking map for all spots available in the area.
Website: Halloween Haunted House in Sherwood Park

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Date: Oct. 29, 2016 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Location: Katz Building, University of Alberta
Cost: Free (but RSVP through Eventbrite tickets)
Details: Let’s Talk Science is proud to announce the return of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Science is Magic at the University of Alberta! Come join us on October 29th, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to witness magic unfold in the form of science for free! From magical plants to explosive demonstrations, see how magic can be achieved with a little help from science. The day will host a series of magic-themed hands-on science activities for children ages 7 – 12 and their families. Look out for new attractions this year and special raffle!
Website: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Refinery Danse Macabre (at the Art Gallery)
Date: Oct. 29, 2016 (9 p.m.)
Location: Art Gallery of Alberta
Cost: $45/person (adults only)
Details: Celebrate the darker side of Refinery this Halloween with Danse Macabre – the Dance of the Dead. Taking inspiration from current exhibitions, this late-night art party conjures ideas of morality and mortality. Revel in the pleasures of life while being seduced by darkness at your AGA’s elegant Halloween party.
Website: Refinery Danse Macabre

Boo at the Zoo!
Date: Oct. 23, 2016 (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Location: Edmonton Valley Zoo
Cost: Regular Admission $14 (Adult), $11.75 (Youth), $8.75 (Child), $11.75 (Senior), $45.50 (Family)
Details: Get Closer… Be Not Afraid this Halloween! Wear your coolest costume and bring your environmentally friendly trick or treat bags while you “Get Closer” to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Hands-on science experiments, crafts, extinct animal graveyards, and a Witch’s Den are just some of the activities that will make Boo at the Zoo one of your Halloween traditions!
Website: Boo at the Zoo!

Halloween Howl Family Night 
Date: Oct. 27, 2016 (6:30 to 8 p.m.)
Location: Edmonton Valley Zoo
Cost: Free
Details: Dress up in your best costume and join us in our FREE Halloween Howl Family Fun Night. Go on a haunted nature walk, play some ghostly games, and find out why all the animals that you might be scared of, are really amazing! Make sure to bring a chair and a reusable mug for some hair-raising hot chocolate. All activities will be appropriate for a family audience of ages 2 and above.
Website: Halloween Howl Family Night

Lost Mummy at the Muttart 
Date: Oct. 30, 2016 (11 am. to 3 p.m.)
Location: Muttart Conservatory
Cost: Regular Admission Adult ($12.50), Youth ($10.50), Child ($6.50), Senior ($10.50), Family ($37)
Details: Stop by the Muttart Conservatory for a mystifying and mysterious time with Lost Mummy @ the Muttart. Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in costume and come for fun crafts and activities. This event is perfect for young families looking for a less frightful Halloween with plenty of fun!
Website: Lost Mummy at the Muttart

Halloween Theatresports
Date: Oct. 28, 2016 (7:30  p.m. and 10 p.m. shows)
Location: The Citadel Theatre
Cost: $12/person
Details: Theatresports. You’ve heard of it. The weekly insane improv show that draws sellout crowds in Edmonton every Friday! Weekly performances at 7:30 & 10pm at The Citadel Theatre (9828-101 A Ave). Two hours of straight-up laughs where no one knows what’s coming! HALLOWEEN THEMED!
Website: Halloween Theatresports

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
Date: Oct. 22, 2016 (11:59 p.m.) Oct. 28, 2016 (9:30 p.m.)
Location: Metro Cinema
Cost: $14/person
Details: Let’s do the Time Warp again! The all-time weird and wonderful Midnight Movie cult favourite returns. The adventure begins where it always does, as newly engaged Brad and Janet encounter car trouble in rainy weather. When they stop to look for help, they find themselves at the castle of the charming transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. They’re offered shelter for the night, but will they want to stay? Edmonton’s Shadow Cast will lead the audience in this classic musical tribute to B movie sci-fi horror cinema.
Website: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Skate and Scare
Date: Oct. 30, 2016 (1:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.)
Location: Kinex Arena 66 Hebert Road, St. Albert
Cost: Free
Details: Get in the spirit of Halloween with this FREE themed skate at Kinex Arena! Enjoy games, hot chocolate and timbits. This event is free thanks to the generous support from the Jenkins Family Tim Hortons. Themed skating opportunities happen once a month, but FREE public skating is available three times a week on Tuesday/ Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. and Sundays 1:45 – 3:15 p.m. at Kinex Arena.
Website: Skate and Scare

Halloween at Edmonton Escape Rooms
Date: You pick a date!
Location: There are so many escape rooms, you’ve got lots of options! I haven’t tried them all and this may not be the full list now but try: BreakOut, Escape City, SmartyPantz, The X Realm, In-Trap, Next Exit, Logic Lock, Thrillscape, Time Escape, SideQuests, The Room, Escape Emporium, etc… (Also my favourite: GTFO – is unfortunately closed due to fire damage which sucks!)
Cost: $24.99 per person (for the most part)
Details: Most Edmonton escape rooms have a creepy themed room that would be perfect for Halloween! Murders, kidnappings and more, select a room that interests you most!
Websites: BreakOut Ent. | Escape City | EEscape | SmartyPantz | The X Realm | In-Trap | E-Exit | Logic Lock | Thrillscape | Time Escape | SideQuests | The Room | Escape Emporium

Visit haunted spots in Edmonton (self-guided)
Date: Throughout October
Location: Various locations
Cost: Free
Details: Edmonton has a rich history when it comes to spooky haunts. Some of the city’s oldest schools, hospitals and hotels have some of the spookiest stories. Go on a scary, self-guided tour of places like the Edmonton general Hospital, La Boheme Restaurant Bed and Breakfast, Concordia University College, the Walterdale Playhouse, Charles Camsell Hospital, and more.
Website: Visit haunted spots in Edmonton (self-guided) – (2014 Edmonton Sun story)

Night of Fear Festival 
Date: October 28 + 29, 2016
Location: 47 Riel Drive, St. Albert
Cost: Adult $12, Youth (5-18) $9, Family $51
Details: Friday night is Freaky Friday!  Are you a big kid wanting a great scare?  Then, this is the night for you!  Come check out the Headless Terror Illusion, or brave our insane 900 square foot haunted house.  Take a moonlight stroll through the outdoor graveyard.  Enjoy the custom costume fashion show brought to use by Dark Knit Fashions. Local paranormal author Erika Knudsen brings us on a extraodinarily haunting journey into one of her books.  Check out some demo’s on how to become a create of the Night – by Inspiring Designs Body Art.  We have some truly terrifying product vendors, and stick around for the Adult Costume Contest.  BUT, are you brave enough?

Saturday we invite all the little ghouls and goblins to come with mom and dad.  Get yourself a trick or treat bag on Saturday, and win a prize if you bring us your scavenger hunt card back full of stamps.  We have a pumkin decorating contest, as well as a kids costume contest!  Special guests, product vendors, and yes parents….the haunted house and graveyard will be up and running on Saturday as well.  Due to content, only those 8+ are welcome to come through with a parent.
Website: Night of Fear Festival

Halloween House Party 
Date: You pick!
Location: Your house
Cost: Free (well – buy your own decorations/food, etc.)
Details: Mike and I have hosted a few Halloween parties and attended a few over the years. Check out this old blog post I did on Halloween-themed food and whip it up for any Halloween house parties you attend!

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