Explore Calgary from Home: Spin the Wheel of Local – Support Calgary Businesses Edition

As I put together something called “Spin the Wheel of Local” for Edmonton businesses, I thought it would be a lot of fun (and hopefully helpful) to create a similar experience for Calgary! 

I think it’s amazing how Albertans have stepped up to insist they will support local businesses during this COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is that many small businesses won’t be able to  survive this difficult time without a concerted effort to support them.

There’s been some amazing social media posts and lists created already, rounding up different take-out, delivery, curb-side pick-up and other ways small businesses are trying to adapt to this new reality, I wanted to inject something a bit different into the mix, so I came up with this fun randomizer wheel idea! 

Spin the Wheel of Local: Calgary Edition!

Here’s how Spin the Wheel of Local: Calgary Edition! works: 
  • You have a desire to support local Calgary businesses during this difficult time 
  • You can’t decide which business to support today, or this week, or this month
  • You click below to Spin the Wheel of Local: Calgary Edition 
  • It lands on a number
  • You check the corresponding business / activity idea below that matches the number
  • You do that thing!

And thereby contribute to the local economy, support an amazing business, get an amazing product or service in return, and it was all a randomly-generated surprise! So fun!!! Right? 

Use the wheel to guide your day, week, or month of supporting local businesses!

This current edition (as of March 22, 2020) features 50 Calgary businesses.

If you had fun trying Spin the Wheel of Local: Calgary Edition!, let me know in the comments or on social media!

Note: apparently the wheel doesn’t load on Android phones (of course lol). 
Try this link if you can’t view the spinning wheel above!

Spin the Wheel of Local: Calgary Edition!

(50+ local businesses to support)

Note: these are just *some* of the great businesses who could use your support in Calgary. They feature restaurants (primarily) but also clothing stores, jewelry makers, artists and more. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, and some features may change so be sure to check out social media, website, or call to confirm specials! Please support your favourite spots and spots you don’t typically frequent too.

  1. Grab sandwiches and meat boxes from Empire Provisions
  2. Grab some soups, stews and bread from Sidewalk Citizen
  3. Order some handmade gifts from Crafted
  4. Try CHARCUT’s Family Style curb-side pick-up menu
  5. Get Made by Marcus ice cream pints, bars, and cakes delivered
  6. Upgrade your kitchen knives (since you’re going to be at home more for the foreseeable future) with Knifewear
  7. Order pizza and pasta from UNA Takeaway
  8. Get wine and tapas delivered from the Vin Room
  9. Shop earth-friendly, lo-waste and plastic-free, sustainable hair, body and home products from Unwrapped Life
  10. Pick up spam & egg Japa Rice Burgers, japaghetti and japa bowls from Red Heads Cafe
  11. Get or gift flowers from peaseblossoms flowers & stuff
  12. Order a Loco Moco Breakfast and eggs bennies from The Bro’kin Yolk
  13. Order Bun Bo hue, pho and vermicelli from Pho Dau Bo
  14. Shop jewelry from Cinder & Sage
  15. Order ceramic gifts from Quinspired
  16. Get some lovely French macarons from Ollia Macarons & Tea
  17. Buy something pretty at Adorn Boutique
  18. Shop a collective of Calgary businesses at Ninth and Brick
  19. Get spring rolls, rice bowls, and stir-fry from Pure Kitchen & Bar
  20. Shop (or bid through a live online auction) Kate Hewko clothing
  21. Get unique jewelry and accessories delivered by Think Stunning
  22. Try some fried chicken from Cluck and Cleaver
  23. Order comforting Chinese food from Fat Kee Noodle House
  24. Shop the Peacock Boutique
  25. Get pick-up or delivery of fresh food from market-style restaurant Cravings
  26. Grab sustainably farmed meats from Spragg’s Meat Shop 
  27. Order brunch to-go from Monki Bistro
  28. Get cheese buns, cakes and other treats from The Glamorgan Bakery 
  29. Get craft beer delivered to you from Citizen Brewing Company
  30. Find the perfect pin, card and other gifts from Hop & Flop
  31. Order wine plus a tasty rotating menu from Bar Von Der Fels
  32. Get ramen to-go from Ramen Ichinen
  33. Order coffee from Analog Coffee
  34. Grab sweet and savoury pies from Pie Junkie
  35. Order DIY crafts delivered to your door by Pinnovate
  36. Shop prints from Art + Alexander
  37. Get pizza to-go from Matador Pizza
  38. Pick up some pretty and delicious treats in the yellow house boutique of Yann Haute Patisserie
  39. Get some Ikemen Ramen
  40. Buy artwork from Jill Weston
  41. Get craft beer delivered from Cold Garden Beverage Company
  42. Pick up comfort food to go from Brasserie Kensington
  43. Get your groceries and tasty prepared meals from Sunterra Market
  44. Shop at Canary Goods refillery and zero waste market 
  45. Order free books and get them delivered from Owl’s Nest Books
  46. Purchase a gift card to support staff of Nights & Weekends
  47. Get local gourmet food, frozen or ready to heat meals and more from Forage
  48. Get amazing hand-cut paper art from Catfriendo Papercuts
  49. Shop beautiful glass jewelry, terrariums and other gifts from Glimpse Glass
  50. Order Italian comfort food from Cotto
Spin the Wheel of Local - Support Calgary Businesses Edition
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