Explore Alberta: Day Trip Food Guide (Where to Eat) in Red Deer

If you’ve used my Travel Guides before, you may know that I not only love travelling within Alberta, but I also truly believe there are so many great things to do and food to eat all across the province—from big to little cities and the teeny towns in between. 

I explore Alberta more than the typical person and I’m still regularly blown away by places I still haven’t been, or spots I still haven’t tried, despite having tried honestly, a lot lol. 

For instance, I drive through the central Alberta City of Red Deer, Alberta a lot, usually on my way out to different Alberta destinations. Like many, I’m pretty familiar with Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley, and the shops along that strip off the highway, but, also like many, I rarely have explored beyond that very small part Red Deer and frankly, that’s a mistake! 

The City of Red Deer is located just an hour and a half drive between both Edmonton and Calgary, making it an extremely convenient spot for a quick day trip from either Alberta city. 

This winter I partnered with Tourism Red Deer to explore the central Alberta city and share with you some suggestions for places you can eat + drink not only the next time you might be passing through the city, but also to help you plan your specific Red Deer, Alberta day trip! 

Note: my tourism partnership does not affect the opinions stated in this guide. I love exploring Alberta and Red Deer was no exception!

Whether you’re a local who wants a tourist perspective on where you live (Red Deer), or you’re from around Alberta (particularly, Edmonton or Calgary), and are looking for ideas for a quick, fun day trip getaway—use my Day Trip Guide for Where to Eat in Red Deer to plan your visit!

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Day Trip Food Guide to Red Deer, Alberta

Explore Alberta: Where to Eat in Red Deer
Use + share my Guide for Where to Eat in Red Deer, Alberta!

Experience Bo’s Bar & Stage

Bo’s Bar & Stage | 2310 50 Ave., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

I had the pleasure of experiencing Bo’s Bar & Stage during a past trip to Red Deer that when we were putting together the itinerary for this Feb 2023 visit, I knew I wanted to return to Bo’s!

Locals love Bo’s Bar & Stage, which has been home to amazing food, drink and live entertainment since 1996! And has expanded a lot over its many years with its growing business (they keep taking over business space in the strip mall its located in—so maybe next time you’re down there, it’ll have another expansion under its belt!) 

Bo’s books local and international musicians and other regular acts on their massive stage, offers 24 beers on tap, handcrafted cocktails (including non-alcoholic selections), and great food.

Mostly what brought me back to Bo’s this time around was their Mac and Cheese! I loved it so much last time I knew I wanted to dig into it again—and it was just as good this time around, with its combination of cheddar and monterey jack, bacon, and bread crumbs. Just a delight, along with their housemade boneless fried chicken (so juicy, so crispy!) 

During our visit, we were told Bo’s is also starting to do catering (hello Mac and Cheese for weddings lol) as just one way they’re always reinventing their business, and they also shared that Christmastime at Bo’s is pretty special too—with the massive space transformed into a mix of Santa’s Workshop and a Winter Wonderland, offering family-friendly holiday events too. 

In the summer, Bo’s has a lot of patio space too—out front and in the back, and in the back they have a beautiful Instagrammable Wall as well! Lots to love about Bo’s. A definite must-visit!

Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Bo's Bar and Stage 2
Can't get enough of this Mac and Cheese!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Bo's Bar and Stage
A very good fried chicken at Bo's Bar & Stage!
Our spread at Bo's Bar & Stage.
Okay but really, get the Mac and Cheese!
A quality Cubano from Bo's Bar & Stage.

Dine at Las Palmeras

Las Palmeras | 3630 50 Ave., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

Craving Mexican or Salvadoran cuisine in Red Deer? I’ve got just the spot for you: Las Palmeras!

This is another long-standing dining spot in Red Deer—a family-owned and operated restaurant that first opened back in 1992. It’s really great to see some institutions lasting so long—well anywhere, but here in Red Deer too. That’s generally a great sign of quality and consistency. The current family owners Andre and Melissa have been running the restaurant for more than a decade—since 2011. 

The menu here explores a bit of different Latin cuisine, from yuca fries (cassava) with crispy pork chicharron to pupusas, flautas, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and more. 

I was with a friend with some dietary restrictions and we were super impressed with how knowledgable about ingredients and accommodating the restaurant was. Andre said he can pretty accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions because they make so much of the food from scratch. The restaurant has also received recognition for its gluten-free options!

We enjoyed everything we tried here—from the tostadas, to the cassava and pork, my friend’s fajitas with vegetables, rice and beans, and my pulled beef brisket tacos (on special that week). They have great salsas, pico de gallo, and guac here and we LOVED the Las Palmeras housemade hot sauce which you can also buy to take home. It’s a habanero pineapple combo that has a nice follow-up kick. 

Tell Andre I said hey and I’m still enjoying my take home hot sauce if you try Las Palmeras! 

Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Las Palmeras Mexican Central America
A delicious meal at Las Palmeras in Red Deer!
Beef tacos at Las Palmeras.
Yuca (cassava) fries with pork chicharron (delicious!)
Chicken fajitas with rice and beans at Las Palmeras.
Take home their hot sauce!!

Pick up treats from Sweet Capones

Sweet Capones | 6206 67 St., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

One of the best little bakery/cafes in Red Deer is Sweet Capones, which also has a location in Lacombe, Alberta. This little sweet shop is famous for its cannolis, considered their “trademark dessert”—light and flaky on the outside, sweet on the inside, and featuring more than 30 flavour combinations. When you stop at Sweet Capones you have to get a cannoli. 

The original owners sold the bakery to a new family who just took over this Feb 2023—so in addition to old favourites, the menu is also expanding to include some of the new family’s specialties like cakes and cupcakes! 

You can also find an assortment of espressos, drip coffee, specialty drinks, iced drinks and savoury breakfast / lunch options in this very spacious cafe. Tables are lined with old newspaper clippings showcasing original owner family history / Red Deer area history too, which is neat. 

Inside the very cute Sweet Capoes in Red Deer.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Sweet Capones Cannoli Dessert
Can't stop at Sweet Capones without Cannolis!
I spilt my drink but it looked cool for the photo lol.

Visit Troubled Monk Brewery

Troubled Monk | 5551 45 St., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

Alberta has a lot of craft breweries. The province experienced a brewery boom when it removed its mandatory minimum brewing capacity rules back in 2013, going from just a dozen breweries  at that time to nearly 200 breweries today (in just a decade!!)

Troubled Monk Brewery in Red Deer is a brewery I would consider something of a pioneer, a veteran, one of the original breweries that came out of that boom and initial relaxing of those brewing rules. They opened in 2015 and have become a fixture in the community since. Their brews have won local and global awards, and they’re always innovating. They now run a distillery through the brewery as well, offering vodka, gin, and whiskey, and they recently ventured into the hard (alcoholic) teas section. In fact they want to be *the* top selling hard tea. And (and and and—so many things! lol) Troubled Monk also makes great non-alcoholic sodas. 

Truly a case for something for everyone at Troubled Monk! 

Their taproom includes a small food/snack menu sourced from local producers, including delicious beer cheese from The Cheese Factory in Edmonton, pepperoni from Viva Deli in Red Deer, and addictive popcorn (various flavours) from Pot Black Kettle Corn out of Lacombe. They also serve housemade nuts and bolts. Typically I like a brewery that also has a restaurant food menu, but I appreciate that Troubled Monk wants to focus on the high quality of their drinks, and honestly the local snacks they do offer are really good. 

You can also request a tour (just let them know in advance of your visit).

And Troubled Monk also has a huge patio in the summer!

Also related but unrelated: one of my good friends Scott Messenger actually wrote a book about the craft beer boom in Alberta back in May 2020: Tapping the West – How Alberta’s Craft Beer Industry Bubbled Out of an Economy Gone Flat.

If you’re interested in Alberta craft beer, this is a great read.

Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery
Grab a flight at Troubled Monk Brewery!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery
Troubled Monk sodas are great too.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery
Our spread at Troubled Monk in Red Deer.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery
Troubled Monk has a big taproom, distillery and patio in Red Deer.
Love the bar snacks at Troubled Monk!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery
One of the best breweries in Alberta!

Although we didn’t visit Red Hart Brewing during this Feb 2023 trip, that is another great Red Deer brewery that I have explored in past visits to the area, and would recommend too!

Red Hart also allow dogs inside the brewery which is a bonus lol.

Linda Hoang - ATB Financial - Off The Beaten Path - Explore Alberta - Local Businesses Edmonton to Calgary Road Trip Day Trip - Red Hart Brewing Red Deer
Enjoying my flight at Red Hart Brewing in Red Deer!

Try a bubble tea from Let’s Tea Talk

Let’s Tea Talk | 7121 50 Ave., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

I’ve been so pleased to see a surge in independently-owned bubble tea shops over the last few years and even more delighted to see that extend to smaller cities and towns. 

Red Deer has a few different bubble tea options now including Let’s Tea Talk, a small, Filipino family-owned bubble tea shop.

Here you’ll find a range of bubble tea options from milk teas to fruit teas, slushies, yakults, seasonal specials and Filipino flavour specialties as drinks, including an Ubelicious (like a Ube purple yam cheesecake as a bubble tea drink) and Halo Halo (a popular Filipino cold dessert that usually includes shave ice, milk and fruit jellies). Both dessert drinks are excellent just really messy to eat/drink lol—you’ve been warned lol. We also tried one of their brown sugar bubble teas and their purple butterfly pea milk tea that was great too. 

The dessert drinks are some consistent top sellers at Let’s Tea Talk and the sweet owner Judith told us people specifically come to Let’s Tea Talk to satisfy some of their Filipino dessert cravings because they are one of the few locations in the area that offer it. 

Loved our visit to Let's Tea Talk for bubble tea in Red Deer, Alberta!
Dessert bubble tea anyone?!
Find great bubble tea at Let's Tea Talk!

Check out Social 13 Lounge & Bar

Social 13 Lounge & Bar | 3731 50 Ave. | Facebook | Instagram

Something that I can’t stress enough about our little food crawl of Red Deer is just how incredible the service was at every single place we stopped. Seriously, our servers were SO good. 

I bring that up now when referencing Social 13 Lounge & Bar because Jodie, our server there, in particular had just the most amazing energy. It was such a joy to talk to her. 

Social 13 is a really nice, spacious night club-like space, with a big bar, big booths, pool tables, a pinball machine, and really nice artwork adorning all the walls.

Fun fact: the art is painted by Jessica, a very talented Red Deer artist who also happens to be Social 13’s manager, and you can purchase pieces too! 

We ordered their house breaded wings (you can choose from 20+ different flavours), their ‘fan favourite’ beef dip, burger with house ground striploin chuck (add fried egg of course), and had the soup of the day. Think elevated bar food! And there’s 13 specialty cocktails, beer and wine!

A fun night at Social 13 Lounge & Bar!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Social 13 Lounge and Bar
Inside Social 13 Lounge & Bar.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Social 13 Lounge and Bar
A little pinball action!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Social 13 Lounge and Bar
Choose from 20+ wing flavours!
Inside Social 13 Lounge & Bar.

Visit Cilantro & Chive

Cilantro & Chive | 1927 50 Ave., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

Although we didn’t stop into Cilantro & Chive on this most recent trip, you can’t talk about Red Deer food without a nod to this awesome restaurant (which also has a location in Lacombe).

Cilantro & Chive is all about local—supporting local suppliers, carrying Alberta craft brews, making as much as possible from scratch including its handcrafted cocktails and unique twists on fav foods—and they give back to the local community. 

Their Burger of the Month program highlights local celebrities and raises money for charities. They are well-known for their unusual Caesars (including offering a Caesar flight board!)

In Red Deer they do Mac n Cheese + Mule flight Mondays, poutine + beer Tuesdays, Prime Rib Wednesdays and Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding Thursdays. 

Basically, there’s lots of reasons to love + stop into Cilantro & Chive when in Red Deer!

Alberta on the Plate - Explore Alberta - Local Food - Taste Alberta Local Ingredients - Red Deer - Cilantro & Chive 2
Peach slush from Cilantro & Chive!
Local eats at Cilantro & Chive.

Explore the Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market

Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market | 558 Laura Ave., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

If you do stop in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley and want to experience something neat—plan to stop into the Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market! 

This is a year-round, indoor multi-day market with over 50 local vendors and a ‘Market Kitchen’ with lots of in-house dining options. The market is open Friday through Sunday and the kitchen is open Thursday through Sunday.

Nearly all market vendors are Albertans who make, bake, grow and sew the products they sell.

There are literally so many great vendors to browse and bring home items from and the space is quite nice. The market only recently opened in 2020, making it one of the newest additions to Gasoline Alley and a gem of a spot to check out when in Red Deer County.

Alberta on the Plate - Explore Alberta - Local Food - Taste Alberta Local Ingredients - Red Deer - Gasoline Alley Farmers Market
Over 50 local vendors sell at the Gasoline Alley Farmers Market!

Settle in at Staybridge Suites

Staybridge Suites | 6329 Orr Dr., Red Deer | Facebook | Instagram

If you’re planning to turn your Red Deer day trip into an overnight stay because there’s so many spots you want to check out and not enough time in just one day, might I suggest you stay at Staybridge Suites?

This is one of Red Deer’s newest hotels and is considered a long-term hotel—designed to give a unique hotel experience with all the amenities of home including all suites coming with full kitchens including a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. The suites are designed with large workspaces too. It’s definitely a comfortable room that, knowing there are a lot of workers that travel through / stay in Red Deer for work, would make it a really comfortable home away from home.

Even if you’re not staying for work, they have apartment-style suites that work great for families and groups with separate sleeping and living rooms. 

What’s especially great about Staybridge Suites is their ‘Social’ evenings which run Monday through Wednesdays from 5:30-7 p.m., where guests get access to unlimited free appetizers, beer, and wine! It’s such a great perk!! 

Staybridge Suites is family-owned, and is part of a family of seven hotels in three Alberta cities (Red Deer, Hinton, Edson). It is a great hotel! 

Highly recommend a stay at Staybridge Suites when in Red Deer!
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Staybridge Suites Hotel
Inside our Staybridge Suites suite.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Staybridge Suites Hotel
Making use of the full kitchen!

Plus: check out Instagrammable Walls of Red Deer!

In 2021, Red Deer launched its Meet the Street Mural Festival and has been adding some really amazing art to the city since that you’ve got to check out! 

I mean, not to say that there wasn’t great art in the city before, but a mural festival is more in line with my love of Instagrammable Walls so it certainly caught my interest and I knew the new murals was something I wanted to check out during my Feb 2023 visit. 

I’ve put together a Guide to Instagrammable Walls of Red Deer based on these new murals, and you can also check out the City’s Mural Map to find more information about art, artists, and locations. Depending on when you plan your next visit(s) to Red Deer, you could totally stop in while the festival is happening! It’s always fun to meet the artists and watch them in action too.

Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County - Murals - Public Art - Instagrammable Walls of Red Deer
Wish you were here in Red Deer! by Chloe Marie Purcell.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County - Murals - Public Art - Instagrammable Walls of Red Deer
Love this wall by Josh Creighton.
Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County - Murals - Public Art - Instagrammable Walls of Red Deer
With love from Red Deer, by Chloe Marie Purcell.
Love this bird underpass by Jieun (June) Kim.

So that’s just a few great food spots, where to stay, and some art to check out in the Central Alberta City of Red Deer! Honestly, we barely scratched the surface on the food offerings—particularly all the food options you can find in Downtown Red Deer too (guess I’ll have to come back to explore more soon!! ;))

Plan an easy day trip, overnight, or just add a few extra hours to explore the city if you’re going to be passing through anyway!

I had a lot of fun on my little Red Deer adventure and I am sure you will too. 

Tourism Red Deer - Explore Alberta - Central Alberta Red Deer County Food - Where to Eat in Red Deer - Things to Do - Troubled Monk Brewery

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Good luck!! 

Explore Alberta: Where to Eat in Red Deer
Use + share my Guide for Where to Eat in Red Deer, Alberta!

Note: my Feb 2023 visit to Red Deer was sponsored. Experiences were hosted by Tourism Red Deer and their members This does not impact opinions or views stated in this post—I love exploring Alberta, including experiences in Central Alberta!


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    Hello! Thanks for posting this blog, we usually bypass Red Deer and stop in Bowden on our way to our Canmore place. I always like to try new food and would most likely try Las Palmeras.

  • Wendy Jensen says:

    I live in Red Deer and have driven by this restaurant many times and would love to try out Las Palmeras.

  • Barb Matwie says:

    What a fabulous time consuming review. Pictures are so awesome. Mmmm beef tacos at Las Palmeras and mac and cheese look like a must have . Thanks so much for this fabulous collaboration.

  • Mel says:

    Love this exploration into one of the first places I truly felt was home!

  • Jennifer Wilson says:

    I love Red Deer and would love to check out Troubled Monk Brewing!

  • Errol Palmer says:

    I pass through so often, it’s nice to have some suggestions other than gasoline alley! I would love to try and find that farmer’s market :)

  • Tricia says:

    Great list! Will have to take a drive and find all the instagrammable walls! The bird one is beautiful.

  • Maureen Liz Beisel says:

    I would love to try all these wonderful spots on my Saskatchewan-Alberta trips! Las Palmeras looks wonderful!

  • Andrea Milne-Epp says:

    Will have to check out Cilantro and Chive next time we are in Red Deer! Had a great time at the Lacombe location.

  • Michelle James says:

    I live in Calgary but I gave family in Red deer. I would love to try out all these places you featured especially Bo’s Bar ! I also had Troubled Monk Ice Tea at sn outdoor concert in Red deer last summer so I’d like to go there too ! Thanks ! Great pics btw.

  • Vernie says:

    Not gonna lie… you got me with “Mac and Cheese” at Bo’s❤️❤️❤️. You have opened up a whole new food experience for my girls and I to venture to. Thank you Linda-Hoang.com❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stacey Adair says:

    Always looking for a great spot with some live entertainment so I think I would most like to checknout Bo’s. Sounds like a great thing to do with some good friends.

  • John says:

    Being someone how has lived in Red Deer my whole life (45 plus years) it always amazes me that people think gasoline alley Is all there is to Red Deer. We have one of the largest restaurants bases for our population.

    With Red Deer having 5 hi-way exists to get into town, it is easy to pop in and out and not waste time.

    Las Palmares is a staple they have been here since I was a teenager. But there many more great locations. If you take the 67street hi-way exit, you can make a quick stop at saw back brewery for great craft beer. Then drive a couple more blocks and hit up Memphis Blues BBQ for fantastic southern bbq.

  • Heather Parker says:

    Love me some cannoli! So good. Hope the new owners keep the same recipe.

  • Tina Crozier says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Las Palmeras. I definitely need to go check it out again soon!!

  • Max says:

    😋 everywhere on here is bomb !

  • Corrina Mak says:

    I’d love to try Las Palmeras and the yucca fries. I also didn’t know that the gasoline alley farmers market had an eatery!

  • Marilyn Cavanagh says:

    Thank you for all the great information and inspirational food photos. I can’t wait to visit these places, some of which I wasn’t aware of.

  • Giselle says:

    Thanks for this great post- I travel to red deer for business quite often and I will definitely try some of the recommendations! :)

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