Edmonton Oilers vs. LA Kings – California-Inspired Food & Drink For The 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Let’s Go Oilers!

As the Edmonton Oilers take on the Los Angeles Kings in the first round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, I thought it would be fun to suggest some Edmonton restaurants featuring California-inspired / invented food and drink that you can crush this playoff season, as the Oilers surely proceed to crush the LA Kings. 😉 (See what I did there? Word play! lol)

All in good fun of course! Mike is a huge Oilers fan so I often get swept up in the highs and lows of the game too. The energy of Edmonton on a playoff game night is pretty special (and historically few and far between lol, making this year even more special), so I am looking forward to cheering on the team while having some fun eating some food and drink inspired by or invented in California, while supporting (mostly) local businesses too. 

You could also use this list for menu inspiration for your watch parties at home! Go Oilers Go! 

Let's Go Oilers!
Our baby Benjimin in his Oilers jersey!

Edmonton Oilers vs. LA Kings – California-Inspired & Invented Food & Drink For The 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Note: there’s lots of California-inspired food + drink, these are just some of my selections. 

  • California Rolls
  • French / Beef Dip
  • Moscow Mule 
  • Cobb Salad
  • Tacos
  • Cheeseburger
  • Martini
  • Avocado Toast
  • California-style Pizza
  • Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches
Use and share my California Inspired / Invented Food & Drink to Crush for the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let's Go Oilers!
Listen to my April 19, 2023 CBC Radio Active interview on this topic!

California Rolls

Invented in Los Angeles 

A beloved roll by many, it’s actually debated whether the California Roll was first invented in Los Angeles or in Vancouver, Canada (I feel like it leans towards being a Canadian invention but that’s a controversial opinion! lol).

Either way, you can’t really have a California-inspired food blog post without a nod to these popular “inside-out” sushi rolls filled with crab, avocado and cucumber.

This roll is often an entry point (“gateway roll”) for many trying sushi for the first time, as it doesn’t contain the typical raw fish found in most sushi rolls.

Where to Get California Rolls in Edmonton

Pretty much any Japanese restaurant in the city offers California rolls! 

You can also find them in pretty much every grocery store lol. 

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing California Rolls (and other great food!):

Photo Credit: Cheap Recipe Blog

French Dip / Beef Dip

Invented in Los Angeles 

A French Dip (also known as Beef Dip) sandwich is filled with sliced roast beef, served on French bread, and eaten with an au jus dip made of meat “juice” from the roast beef.

This iconic sandwich was invented in Los Angeles (though there are disputes about which L.A. eatery was the one to originate it), but the story goes that it was accidentally invented in 1918 when Chef Philippe Mathieu of Philippe The Original restaurant dropped a French roll into a juice-filled roasting pan and a customer said he would eat the “dipped” sandwich anyway. Cole’s origin story says the sandwich was created in 1908 when a customer with sore gums requested crunchy bread be softened using meat juice.

Where to Get French / Beef Dip in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing French / Beef Dip (and other great food!):

French Dip / Photo Credit: Partake

Moscow Mule

Invented in Los Angeles

The Moscow Mule is said to have been invented in L.A. during wartime (World War II), made of leftover vodka and hard-to-sell ginger beer. It was a cocktail that launched vodka, making it the fastest-growing spirit in America, served in copper mugs designed to kick flavour and aroma up a notch.

Where to Get Moscow Mules in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Moscow Mules (and other great food/drink!):

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

Cobb Salad

Invented in Los Angeles

I actually love Cobb salads, which was first created in a Hollywood restaurant back in 1937. The owner of The Brown Derby Restaurant, Robert Cobb, for which the salad is named, was looking for ingredients. to prepare a snack for a friend, pulling out everything he could find from the fridge. His friend loved it so much he ordered the ‘Cobb Salad’ again the next day. 

This is a hearty, fresh salad, with lots of texture and protein—often making it a main dish rather than a side salad. 

Where to Get Cobb Salads in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Cobb Salads (and other great food!):

Photo Credit: Freshii


Prominent in California

Tacos are extremely popular in California, due to its close proximity to Mexico! Fish tacos in particular are a California favourite, along with Birria Tacos (like a beef stew taco that you dip in a stew sauce). Burritos, another Mexican favourite, are also prominent in this state.

Luckily in Edmonton, we have a lot of options for Mexican cuisine!

Where to Get Tacos in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Tacos (and other great food!):

Birria Tacos from Smokin Barrels Cocina Latina.


Invented in Pasadena, California

According to Visit California, Los Angeles is the Land of the Burger, and although the Cheeseburger was invented in nearby Pasadena, it is said to have come of age in its neighbouring L.A. 

“As the story goes, a teenage fry cook named Lionel Sternberger made history at a Pasadena restaurant in 1926 when he dropped a piece of cheese on a burger he was grilling just to see what would happen. When his experiment proved an unmitigated success, word spread and fry cooks across the country were soon slinging cheeseburgers to eager diners everywhere.” 

Where to Get Cheeseburgers in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Cheeseburgers (and other great food!):

Photo Credit: Gravy Burger & Fries


Invented in California

The Martini’s origin is in the name—this classic drink is said to have originated in Martinez, California. There’s even a plaque marking the site of its creation back in 1874. 

Where to Get Martinis in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Martinis (and other great food/drink!):

Photo Credit: The Grape and Olive

Avocado Toast

Prominent in California

“Modern-day” avocado toast is said to have been created in California, though avocado toast has been around for a long time and has its origins connected to Australia.

This versatile dish that has been blamed as the reason why millennials can’t afford to buy a home (lol), is said to be a staple of the Golden State and has since made its way on breakfast menus and health conscious menus around the world.

Where to Get Avocado Toast in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Avocado Toast (and other great food):

Photo Credit: Toast Culture

Banh Mi Cali – Vietnamese Sandwiches

A California-inspired Vietnamese banh mi sandwich shop in Edmonton.

I had to include local Vietnamese sandwich shop Banh Mi Cali to this California-inspired food list—California is literally in their name! Banh Mi Cali’s sandwiches are baked fresh daily and use a two-decades old family recipe. And there’s actually quite a Vietnamese connection to California in general. 

Did you know: California—particularly Orange County—is home to the highest population of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam in the world? And California cities make up seven of the top ten most Vietnamese populous cities in America, from San Jose (with a Vietnamese community of 100,000+), to Garden Grove (52,000+), San Diego (37,000+), Westminster (36,000+), Santa Ana (24,000+), Los Angeles (21,000+), and Anaheim (17,000+).

So Vietnamese cuisine including Vietnamese sandwiches, are something of a California staple!

I am not quite sure what makes these sandwiches California-inspired (I haven’t been yet!) compared to other Vietnamese banh mi spots, but if you go + try, let me know! lol.

Although other Vietnamese sandwich spots in town aren’t California-inspired, I thought I’d still share a few suggestions of where to get Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches in town.

Where to Get Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches in Edmonton

Here’s a few restaurants to consider grabbing Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches:

  • Banh Mi Cali – 10503 Kingsway NW
  • Nhon Hoa / Nhon Hoa 2 – Multiple Locations
    • 9718 106 Ave. (Nhon Hoa – Chinatown)
    • 10154 82 Ave. (Nhon Hoa – Whyte Ave./South)
    • 10622 97 St. (Nhon Hoa 2 – Chinatown)
    • 12208 137 Ave. (Banh Mi Nhon Hoa – North)
  • Van Loc – 10648 98 St. (Chinatown) 
  • Mai Mai Viet Street Kitchen – 14221 23 Ave. (South)
  • Banh Mi Day – 11765 Jasper Ave. (Downtown)
  • Banh Mi Zon – 140 Athabascan Ave. (Sherwood Park)
Photo Credit: Banh Mi Cali

California Pizza Kitchen

The makers of California-style pizza are also the inventor of the original BBQ Chicken Pizza. 

California-style pizza is a combination of New York style and Italian thin crust and non-traditional toppings.

California Pizza Kitchen was created in Beverly Hills in 1985, introducing diners to California-style pizza with the invention of The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. They are known for industry firsts, including creating gluten-free and cauliflower pizza crusts.

With nearly 200 restaurants worldwide in 12 international cities and 11 countries and U.S. territories, it’s pretty cool that their Edmonton location is the only CPK location in Canada, and I think the only California-style pizza you can get in the city. 

Photo Credit: California Pizza Kitchen


I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for California-inspired/invented food + drink to crush as the Edmonton Oilers crush the Los Angeles Kings during the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs! 

Let’s Go Oilers!

Mike and his dad are big Edmonton Oilers fans!
Use and share my California Inspired / Invented Food & Drink to Crush for the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let's Go Oilers!


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