Edmonton Journal Winterbreak Internship

Hey everyone!

Just thought I would give an update…

First off, my dance article about Harmanie Shairp and Lindsay Eales that I posted in the previous blog, ended up on the front page of the journalism program’s quarterly publication!

Linda Hoang's article on front page of the MacEwan Journalist Fall 2008

Dancing from the heart article on front page of MacEwan Journalist Fall 2008 Issue.

Secondly, someone named Julianna left a comment on my previous post thanking me for posting the article. She had truly been touched and inspired by Harmanie and Lindsay and she thanked me for putting my article out on the Internet so that she could find it.

I was completely blown away by Julianna’s comment… mostly because it was the first really heartfelt response I’d ever received on something I had ever written and I thank her for it. Thank you Julianna. Your comment really strengthens my passion for a) writing b) writing about dance and particularly the integrated dancing and c) the profession that i’m choosing to be in.

On that note,

I was accepted for the Edmonton Journal’s 3-week winterbreak internship!

The Edmonton Journal is a major daily newspaper here in my city.


I will be working 15 shifts and my responsibilities..

would range from covering news conferences, looking for enterprise stories and features, and possibly being trained to work in the coproom. You would be writing for both the online and newspaper publications. We strongly encourage interns to pitch their own ideas. You will have an opportunity to get to know some of Edmonton’s best print reporters and photographers.

I’m really, really excited as well as nervous.

But I’m completely stoked because getting this winterbreak internship is seriously first off an honour, and secondly a GREAT step in the right direction for me. This will help the career path I’ve got laid out in my head, wonderfully.

Hopefully I’ll find time to blog about my experiences at the Edmonton Journal because that’s something I won’t want to forget!


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