Edmonton Deals: Zwick’s Pretzels

Normally I start the title of my blog reviews with “Review” (pretty standard lol), but I’m wanting to make sure I call out right away whether or not a spot is a good deal price/quality-wise, so as I started writing this post about Zwick’s Pretzels, an adorable little pretzel shop off 124 Street and 107 Avenue, I knew I had to state right away that Zwick’s is a great deal in Edmonton.

Zwick’s is a great Edmonton food deal! 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Zwick’s Pretzels located at 12415 107 Avenue!

Zwick’s Pretzels specializes in—you guessed it, pretzels! These soft pretzels come in basic, dusted, and cheese options for straight up pretzels, or you can try their ‘Sandwichzels’ (pretzel bun sandwiches).

They also offer some Sausage/bun options as well.

The wonderful thing about Zwick’s Pretzels that make it such a great Edmonton food deal is that their most expensive item is $8. 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

The chalk menu at Zwick’s! The erased portion was their Zweenie which is just $4.

Your straight-up pretzels range from just $2-$3 each, for fairly sizeable pretzels, and you can get them in bags or box batches. Their sandwichzels and sausages range from $5-$8. 

On both of my visits, one with my friend Brittney and one with Mike, we left commenting on how great the prices at Zwick’s are. 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Zwick’s spread during one of our visits.

Because of those killer prices, it’s easy to over-order at Zwick’s, but hey, no one’s complaining about that. 

I love the deliciously simple concept at Zwick’s.

Focus on one thing and do it really well. It’ll work for you. It’s clearly working for them. 

They’ve been open at the corner of 12415 107 Street since January and regularly sell out. On both of my visits, there have been line-ups of people out their cute storefront waiting for their order. (It’s not very large inside so it’s normal to wait outside). Don’t be alarmed if you walk or pull up (there’s limited parking in the lot) and you see crowds of people, they get through orders pretty quick. 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

The bacon and egg sandwichzel is super cheesy and delicious, but egg is sadly not runny.

I’ve only tried two sandwichzels at Zwick’s so far—the Bacon and Egg (house-cured back bacon, egg & grilled tomato on a pretzel bun – $6) and the Beef on a Weck (with warm sliced beef, mozzarella & horseradish onion mince on a caraway & salt-topped pretzel bun – $8).

I am a huge fan of the Bacon and Egg sandwichzel!! It’s unbelievably priced ($6!!!!) and is super filling, cheesy, eggy, and delicious (though the egg does not run lol womp womp). A wonderful breakfast sammich. The braided pretzel bun comes out warm and fresh (because they’re made fresh, in-house, daily), and again, I just can’t get over the value for the price. 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Bacon and egg pretzel sandwichzel at Zwick’s.

Mike and I enjoyed sharing the Beef on a Weck (pictured below), but we found it a bit over salted. Unlike the Bacon and Egg, the Beef on a Weck comes topped with rock salt.

Normally I’m all about the salt, but some of these bites were a bit overpowering, especially mixed with the kick of the horseradish. It’s also a way messier sandwichzel. I’m told that Beef on a Weck originated in Buffalo, New York way back in the 1800s (one of America’s oldest sandwiches!) I’d never heard of it until Zwick’s to be honest. I would say it has a very similar taste/feel to something like a beef dip, with sauce already mixed in, and dripping through the bottom of the wrapping when we ate it. So, messy. lol. But tasty! 

Zwicks Pretzels Edmonton Beef on a Weck

The Beef on a Weck with roast beef, horseradish, onion, mince, and mozza at Zwick’s.

Also messy: the two sausages I’ve tried at Zwick’s—the Zweenie is a pork weenie on pretzel bun, chopped onion, and you can “make it fancy” with Sloppy Joe Sauce and cheddar ($6 total, fanciness included), and the the Chorizo Sausage, topped with chimichurri and pickled red onion ($6). Again, really great value for what you’re getting—these sausages are super filling and flavourful, just very messy lol. 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Chorizo Sausage with chimichurri with pickled onions at Zwick’s Pretzels. ($6)

Zwicks Pretzels Edmonton Zweenie

Let’s focus on those Sloppy Joe Sauce toppings on the “Zweenie” at Zwick’s. ($6)

You can definitely get a hearty meal from Zwick’s, but if you just want to pick up some awesome soft pretzel snacks to go, they’ve got you covered. 

I’m actually not a huge of fan of hard pretzels, but soft ones are a different story. 

As I mentioned, Zwick’s has three categories of soft pretzels (basic, dusted, and cheese). Basic pretzel flavours are butter, salt and butter, and garlic butter, and cost $2 each, $4 for a bag of nubs or $22 for a dozen preztels.

Their Dusted flavours are savoury garlic, sour cream and onion, cinnamon sugar, and milk crumb at $2.50 each, $5 for a bag of nubs, or $27 for a dozen pretzels.

Finally their cheese flavours (in my opinion, the best flavours!) include spicy scallion and mozza, guajillo and feta, and cheddar and black pepper for $3 each or $33 a dozen (they don’t come in a bag!) There are also

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Have you really been to Zwick’s if you haven’t taken a photo of a pretzel in front of their sign?

Most of these pretzels are savoury, but the milk crumb and cinnamon sugar are your ‘dessert’ pretzel options. I’ve got a savoury tooth more than a sweet tooth so I’ve yet to try their dessert pretzels but it’s on my list (as I work my way through their whole menu! It’s just hard not to order your favourites when you return). 

Speaking of favourites, my favourite soft pretzel flavour at Zwick’s is their Spicy Scallion and Mozza!

It’s cheesy, salty, with a spicy kick. It’s a must-order!! 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Close-up of the spicy scallion and mozza pretzel.

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Cheddar and black pepper pretzel!

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Loving the pretzels at Zwick’s.

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street

Salt and butter pretzel, Brittney’s favourite.

The simple salt and butter pretzel is my friend Brittney’s favourite. And I bet I’d really love the garlic butter pretzel (I am super partial to garlic), but I haven’t tried that one yet. You can also squeeze a variety of sauces onto your pretzels (I haven’t tried doing that yet—it’s great as is too!) 

It’s safe to say you’ve got a lot of pretzel options here. 

Generally soft pretzels are a bit thicker, so Zwick’s is a bit skinnier than your typical. But I think they’re sized just right! 

Not too huge, not small, perfect for the price. 

(I’m usually partial to skinnier fries than fatter fries too, so I feel like it’s the same feeling here lol). 

Zwick's Pretzels Edmonton 124 Street


Zwick’s pretzels, sandwichzels and sausages are filling, packed with flavour, and priced ridiculously well.

There’s a lot of variety/a flavour for everyone. I love the creativity of some of the dishes, and the combination of meats, sauces and toppings. The pretzels are oh so soft, but hold up well. Zwick’s is a great little unassuming spot with quick and in-and-out service (some seating inside, but most people eat outside or take it to go). Zwick’s has already built up a loyal, regular customer base despite only being open less than year (at time of writing this post). The quality and price speak for itself! 

I intend to make many more visits as I work my way through their menu (I’ve heard wonderful things about the McZwicks sandwichzel!) 

So have you tried Zwick’s? What did you think?! Let me know in the comments (or on social media!) 


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  • Rhianna says:

    The beef on weck is not a take on a beef dip. It’s a take on a beef on weck… a famous sandwich from Buffalo, NY.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Oh! Thank you for clarifying, I had never heard of Beef on Weck before! I’ll tweak the post to reflect that (but from my perspective/relatability, I think calling it “like” a pretzel version of a beef dip still fair lol :)

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