Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, October 25 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Two-Week-Old Baby, and Her Mother, Rescued From Earthquake Rubble in Turkey
  • “Only 2 weeks old and trapped under an earthquake-destroyed building in Turkey, rescuers found little Azra Karaduman and pulled her to safety. Then, in a glorifying reunion, they freed her mother, too.”


  • No more Javan rhinos in Vietnam
  • “The Javan rhinoceros, an endangered species, no longer exists in Vietnam: poachers killed the last one and took its horn, according to the World Wildlife Fund.”

    Ugh. Poachers. Just leave the animals alone, people. Geez.

  • Good news and bad news for tablets and media
  • “The upside is that more than half of those surveyed use their devices to read the news — and they are reading more than they used to before they had a tablet. And the downside of all this news reading? Many of the sources tablet users are getting their information from are non-traditional, including social networks, and very few users say they are willing to pay for their news.”

    Lol, I personally don’t see myself paying for news. Ever.

  • Apple granted patent for the “Slide to Unlock” feature
  • “Apple has been awarded another patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, this time it’s patent number 7657849 which grants them the rights to “Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image”.”

    Lol. It’s kind of crazy how they keep getting patents for everything.

  • Android overtakes iOS in mobile app downloads
  • “Android captured a leading 44 percent of all mobile app downloads in the second quarter, according to ABI Research, surpassing Apple’s iOS, which grabbed 31 percent.”

    Impressive! Android is relevant – unlike RIM/Blackberry, lol.

  • Bay Area man gets stuck in baby swing at park for nine hours
  • “Some bets just shouldn’t be made. Just ask a 21-year-old Vallejo man who made a $100 bet with his friends that he could fit into a baby swing at a local park.”

    Lol. Intelligent.

  • Amazon Profit Falls 73%, Company Forecasts Loss for Q4
  • “Amazon stunned the business world this afternoon with the announcement that third quarter profit had fallen 73% despite net sales rising 44% during the same period.”

    Amazon doesn’t deserve that! They have the best customer service and quickest shipping EVER!!

  • Calgary schools ask children to trade in scary costumes for ‘caring’ ones
  • “Children wanting to wear scary, violent or blood-drenched costumes will have to trade them in for more caring and community friendly outfits at two public elementary schools this Halloween.”

    Hm. Kind of takes away from Halloween.

  • [Video]: Aurora Borealis seen from Northern Alberta
  • Beautiful!!!!

  • Gas pump handles top study of filthy surfaces
  • “Gas pump handles turned out to be the filthiest surface that Americans encounter on the way to work.”

    I hate the feeling after touching gas pump handles!!

  • Welcome to The Bridge
  • “We’re building a new bridge in Edmonton on Tuesday. One that needs you — your stories, your photos, your videos. The Edmonton Journal is launching a community newsroom, a special area on our website that will allow you to share information of all kinds with us and the rest of the community.”

    Interesting initiative! Will be interesting to see how people take to it.

  • Frightful forecast predicts fewest trick-or-treaters in years
  • “Halloween may be a ghost of its old self this year, with Statistics Canada reporting conditions that could see the lowest turnout in more than two decades.”

    Sad!!! Yeah we barely had anyone come to our house a couple years ago… Mike and I are expecting quite a bit of kids in our new neighbourhood this year though! And we’re prepared! :)

  • Up to 20M tons of Japan tsunami debris could reach B.C. coast by 2014
  • “Up to 20 million tons of tsunami debris floating from Japan could arrive on British Columbia’s shores by 2014, according to estimates by University of Hawaii scientists.”

    Yeesh! That’s a lotta junk.

  • The Downtown Arena
  • There was basically a lot going on today in regards to the downtown arena debate. I followed along via Twitter #yegarena hashtag but the Edmonton Journal has a great collection on the issue. Good to read but also at this point exhausting, boring, frustrating. I’d just like a decision to be made already – either way.

  • ATCO Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction
  • “On your mark, get set, go place those opening bids for the ATCO/SUN Christmas Charity Auction that officially opens Tuesday.”

    Good items, good cause.

  • [Photos]: Bizarre Halloween Pumpkins
  • “American artist Ray Villafane has taken pumpkin carving to a whole new level. Using his background in fine art and his work in designing models for DC and Marvel comics, Ray turns pumpkins into gruesome gothic gargoyles.”

    Incredible! I don’t know how he does it. Such detail.

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