Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, November 1 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Harold Camping Apologizes For Faulty Rapture Predictions And Retires
  • “Controversial Christian broadcaster Harold Camping has acknowledged his faulty projections, and issued an apology to his followers. The Christian Post reports that the longtime radio evangelist has retired.”


  • Jack Layton expected to inspire ‘Movember’ tributes
  • “Organizers of Movember say they expect the death of NDP leader Jack Layton will inspire more men than ever to join the popular moustache-growing fundraiser.”

    Cool story – and Layton’s ‘stache is definitely iconic!

  • New Gmail is officially here! Brings HD themes, better density, search and navigation
  • “The changes have not rolled out to everyone, but if you would like to switch now, Google says it is rolling out a ‘Switch to the new look’ link in the bottom right corner of your Gmail inbox over the next few days.”

    I switched over! Have you? It’s a nice Gmail look. I can be very attracted to the minimalist look.

  • Stretched food banks a measure of Canada’s frail recovery
  • “The number of Canadians using food banks has declined slightly, but persistent demand indicates many are struggling in a frail economic recovery… The findings reveal that recipients span the spectrum.”

    We haven’t gotten to needing Food Bank use (yet? lol) Let’s see how this economy goes.

  • Cancer leading cause of death in all provinces for the first time: StatsCan
  • “A new report says cancer and heart disease were responsible for just over half of Canada’s 238,617 deaths in 2008. And Statistics Canada reports cancer was the leading cause of death in every province and territory for the first time.”

    Sad news.

  • Whether sipping wine, beer or whiskey, light drinkers face slightly higher breast cancer risk
  • “Whether sipping beer, wine or whiskey, women who drink just three alcoholic beverages a week face slightly higher chances for developing breast cancer compared with teetotallers.”

    What. Why would light drinkers be punished like this? That’s dumb. But I am not a three alcoholic beverage a week person, more like a couple a year. Hope that sidesteps the breast cancer chances…

  • Oranj Sushi Bar offers raw deal at the mall
  • “A sushi bar is a refreshing change on Bourbon Street, with its abundance of dark pubs and chain-restaurant food, and Oranj’s extensive menu is a far cry from the California rolls on offer at the food court.”

    Stoked to try this out!! :D

  • Arson likely cause of $700-million Slave Lake fire
  • “A massive wildfire that destroyed one-third of the town of Slave Lake in mid-May was likely caused by arson and will be investigated by the RCMP.”

    Well that’s extremely sad. I hope that arson feels like shit.

  • [Video]: Seniors’ Zumba!
  • “Tom McClocklin hasn’t lost his inner groovster. At 91, he swings his hips and lets his arms fly to Michael Buble tunes twice a week during Zumba class.”

    Lol amazing!! Love the whole seniors’ zumba idea as well as this particular man, haha!

  • Google’s eBookstore comes to Canada
  • “Google Inc.’s eBookstore launched in Canada Tuesday, offering book lovers another place to buy digital copies for their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and e-readers.”

    I’m a Kindle girl~ lol.

  • [Infographic]: Are you Ready For Winter?
  • Will make sure Mike sees this and ensures we are ready, lol.

  • Court says no to live tweets at trial
  • “The decision means BlackBerrys and live social media updates are now off the table for journalists covering the sensational case.”

    Precedent setting~

  • Why Fingernails on Blackboards Sound So Horrible
  • “Much time has been spent, over the past century, on working out exactly what it is about the sound of fingernails on a blackboard that’s so unpleasant. A new study pins the blame on psychology and the design of our ear canals.”

    Lol. Even reading the headline gave me goosebumps!

  • Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes
  • “These mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill — their own children. Researchers on Sunday reported initial signs of success from the first release into the environment of mosquitoes engineered to pass a lethal gene to their offspring, killing them before they reach adulthood.”

    Wow. This is all kinds of wrong and makes me sick and sad for humanity yet again. Can we please stop meddling for once.

  • Gatineau Cow Shooting: Quebec Police Defend Fatal Shooting Of Cattle Caught On Video
  • “A senior police officer in Gatineau, Que., is defending the fatal police shooting of two cattle last week, saying a video that captured the incident and was posted online _ does not show the whole story.”

    This story is ridiculous. THEY ARE COWS. Why the heck are you shooting at them. Two cows are not threatening the public what the hell.

  • Marriage May End; Wedding Went On
  • “‘They’re trying to exploit this as much as they can'”

    Interesting read on E!’s decisions post-Kardashian-divorce news. Of course response would be negative.

  • Mariah Yeater, 20-year-old California Woman, Names Justin Bieber In Paternity Lawsuit
  • “The details are scant, but the lawsuit claims that 20-year-old Mariah Yeater of California slept with the pop star while backstage at one of his concerts when she was 19.”

    LOL what, messed up.

  • Gatorman Mike Sturgill Opens Alligator Hugging Business
  • “For just $5, tourists and their kids will snuggle up with Baby Bobby, a five-year-old alligator weighing approximately 35-pounds, or any of Sturgill’s smaller and somewhat cuddly gators.”

    Baby ones are pretty adorable. But yeah the muzzle thing is tugging on the animal rights strings inside me.

  • Ferguson: Fashion is Danger:

  • httpvh://
    Our friend Andy died today. This was the music video he made for a NAIT assignment. I thought it should have won the Star Award for that semester… :) I was re-watching the video again today so thought I would include it in today’s Clicks. Andy was a great, hilarious guy and it’s so sad that he’s gone.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Lol. She loves her boxes.

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