Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, January 17 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Code Red: The issues facing Edmonton’s Ambulance system
  • “9-1-1: the three numbers that signal emergency. We dial those numbers expecting help – but what if that help can’t get there until it’s too late? It’s a situation paramedics say is happening too often. Eleven paramedics have spoken out to Global News, putting their jobs on the line to sound an alarm about the crisis facing Edmonton’s ambulance system.”

    A very serious and very sad issue.

  • Edmontonians, plug in your vehicles
  • “As the mercury is dipping lower, the AMA is being flooded with calls, mostly from Edmontonians who have just heard the painful sound of their car not being able to start.”

    Yes, I am well aware of that painful sound :(

  • List: CAA’s winter driving survival kit
  • “The Canadian Automobile Association recommends all drivers carry the following items in their winter survival kit…”

    I REALLY need to get on having this emergency bag in my car, lol. (And as should you!)

  • Canadians joining Wikipedia in protesting against proposed US anti-piracy law
  • “Some Canadians are pledging to join Wikipedia and other prominent websites in going black on Wednesday. The self-imposed blackout is a protest against proposed anti-piracy legislation in the United States that could have far-reaching effects for Internet users and companies around the world.”

    Lol, taking down my website won’t do very much but I do stand in solidarity against SOPA!

  • Postponing parenthood could have serious consequences, warns new study
  • “Men, and not just women, need to be aware of the “reproductive consequences” of postponing parenthood, new national guidelines on the risks of delayed child-bearing warn. Though women especially should recognize that their “fecundity and fertility” starts to decline precipitously after 32, a man’s semen quality and fertility also worsens with age.”

    Get on it, people! ;)

  • Men, are you killing your sperm? Quantity, quality matter in male fertility
  • “Most men don’t give much thought to their prenatal care, but, according to male-fertility experts, what guys do now could make the difference between becoming a dad or not…. Among the more common sperm-killing behaviours guys engage in are keeping cellphones in pants pockets, and working with laptops on their laps, which raises sperm temperature.”

    I always warn my guy friends about working with laptops on their laps!! Always have a pillow or laptop cooler in between!!!

  • 10 Incredibly Strange Brain Disorders
  • Including “Astasia-Abasia patients are always on the verge of falling” – “Palinopsia patients literally cannot unsee things” – “Amelodia patients can never name that tune” and more!

    Very strange.

  • Italian coastguard heard pleading with liner captain
  • “Italian coastguards pleaded angrily with the captain of a stricken super-liner to return to his ship, according to recordings released on Tuesday as divers found five more bodies in the half-submerged wreck of the Costa Concordia.”

    What a bad, bad, ship captain…

  • Why The ‘Check Engine’ Light Must Be Banned
  • “The continued use of a generic, uninformative “check engine” light in cars keeps car owners in the dark about the condition of their vehicle, and ensures they stay dependent and subordinate to car dealers and mechanics. The frustrating thing is it doesn’t have to be that way.”

    Lol. Perhaps more heated and passionate than necessary but it’s true – the check engine light has duped me many a time in the past.

  • A completely arbitrary list of takeaways from two unconferences
  • “Some random thoughts about journalism school curricula, programmer-journalists and the future.”

    A really interesting read. Especially intrigued with the “journalism minor for a computer-science major” kind of education. Will it be seen in the near future? Journo-developers do appear to be in demand lately.

  • J-Source Canadian Newsperson of the Year
  • “The J-Source Canadian Newsperson of the Year award will honour a Canadian who has demonstrated excellence and had a positive impact on the quality of journalism in their community or across the country, perhaps innovating the way news is gathered and told, inspiring journalists, educators, and the Canadian public.”

    Global News digital leader Andrew Lundy gets a nom, locally Jana Pruden with the Edmonton Journal gets a nom, sounds like everyone on the list have been doing great things in journalism this year.

  • 10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think You’re an Idiot
  • “Thus, behold, People of the Internet… the ten most important words you should learn to pronounce, if you would like to appear reasonably knowledgeable about your own language.”

    Including “athlete” – “etcetera” – “candidate” and more. Though “interesting” is not on the list. I always hear people say “in-ter-esting” and I’m sure that’s the wrong way… lol. (I say it “in-tresting”)

  • Pro-Stephen Colbert Super PAC: ‘A Vote For Herman Cain Is A Vote For America’
  • “The Colbert Super PAC — recently renamed The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC — has released a new ad appealing to voters in South Carolina… it encourages South Carolina residents to vote for another Republican in the upcoming primary — Herman Cain. ‘A vote for Herman Cain is a vote for America,’ the ad says. ‘He’s such a Washington outsider, he’s not even running for president.'”

    Sooooo funny!!!

  • Steve Jobs action figure cancelled, eBay prices skyrocket
  • “Do you remember that Steve Jobs action figure that was recently up for pre-order? You know, the one that looked so much like the late CEO that it creepily merged the Silicon Valley with the Uncanny Valley? It is no more. The company that was manufacturing the figures, In Icon, has announced that it is cancelling the launch of the Steve Jobs doll… Apparently the lawyers of Apple and Jobs applied immense pressure, and In Icons decided to cancel it ‘out of heartfelt sensitivity to the Jobs family.’ … The few models of the Jobs figure that are available are now hot collector items that have skyrocketed in value. ”

    I can imagine people would be paying big, big bucks for the few models that are out there!

  • Google+ Now Lets You Create Memes
  • “The normally staid Google is channeling its inner I Can Has Cheezburger with a new feature that lets you create your own LOL-ish memes on Google+.”

    LOL. Well done, Google. This does lure me slightly into wanting to get on Google+ more. Haha.

  • [Video]: Ridiculous Broadway Musical Lip Sync
  • “Broadway shows are expensive, so just watch this dude instead.”

    Lol. He is very impressive.

  • [Video]: Cat Carries Her Own Tail Up The Stairs
  • LOL. Very strange cat.

  • [Video]: Kitten Gives Sleeping Puppy a Bath
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor brushing her teeth by herself this morning. My cat is so special.

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