Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, August 16 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

This article is from 2008 but TIME’s Twitter linked it today because it was not the most viewed article on their website today! Bizarre.

Very cool! I’d be down for 100% off each and every day ;D

“A Nebraska jail has discovered that cats bring out the softer side of inmates and the jailbirds love their new feline friends.” SO CUTE.

Good read. I don’t know really what’s going to help reduce these homicide rates…

Lol hilarious. I hated her in Gossip Girl.

“Restoring these historic identities is a way of reconnecting today’s men and women in uniform with the proud history and traditions that they carry with them as members of the Canadian Armed Forces.” They never should have changed the names in the first place then lol, I mean the ‘RCMP’ are still the ‘Royal Canadian’ etc. Sounds good to me though!

Hooray!! Huge blow to puppy mills.

Nice map. Canada’s newspaper extinction is set for 2020.

It appears to be quite the backa and forth patent lawsuits between these two, lol.

This is NOT cool! Hate. Paywalls.

I got to get mine soon!

Hooray! I knew this all along. You can’t just have people work every second of their day, they would burn out so quickly lol. Mindless Interwebz surfing provides a nice productive balance!

Aliens. Do. Exist.

Poor hedgehog :( We humans destroy everything.

Good tips. I’m going to start working out more starting next week – I SWEAR!

Oh geez.

“When every 3 minutes of television watching is taking a minute off the end of your life, scientists everywhere agree: you’d better be watching something awesome.” I find there’s a lot of health articles about how TV is killing people but then I saw a counter-article once that said, actually – the chances of me dying are reduced when I’m at home watching TV. I’m not driving and therefore can’t get into a car accident. I can’t randomly get stabbed or shot downtown or trip and bonk my head on the concrete sidewalk …. etc., etc. Fair points? But if these ‘TV is killing you’ stats are all true then yes I guess I’m not going to be living very long? lol

Cool but also sign of the end of the world? LOL.

Bad news for Mike, I can be rather stressy. lol.

AWESOME!! So excited for this movie!! I hope there’s Thor photos next!


Cool stunts. Really great shots. Not really anything funny or mindless though which is what I like with my Today’s Big Thing videos, lol.

Thor Photo of the Day:

She’s so precious and wittle.


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