Clicks of the Day: Thursday, October 27, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, October 27 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Nintendo To See First Annual Loss In 30 Years, iPhone Partially To Blame
  • “Gaming giant Nintendo has posted a nearly one billion dollar loss for the six month period ending September 30th, reports Electronista, and expects to post their first annual loss in more than three decades.”

    Aw, poor Nintendo :(

  • Hackers Briefly Controlled US Government Satellites
  • “The two satellites, Landsat-7 and Terra AM-1, had been interfered with on four separate occasions, allowing the attackers to be in command of the satellites for two to over twelve minutes each time.”

    Those particular satellites weren’t a huge deal but this could prove very bad if they got access to some major ones :o

  • Twitter-powered cafe lets you tweet for a treat
  • “A selection of food and drink is available in 24 boxes. Each box has a hashtag – simply send a tweet containing the hashtag for the snack you want.”

    What an idea!!!

  • Excessive Texting: Top 10 Dangers You Might Not Know
  • I’ve definitely been affected by Text Neck, Texter’s Thumb, Distracted Driving, Social Anxiety, and perhaps Misinterpretation before!

  • Google Offers expands: New cities, deal partners
  • “The daily-deals arm of the search giant announced 14 new deal partners and new personalization features making the process of finding and receiving relevant deals in one location more seamless for consumers. Google Offers also branched out to four new cities this week: San Jose, San Diego, Minneapolis and Baltimore.”

    Nice. Waiting to expand to Canada/Edmonton now! Haha.

  • Introducing Shoebox for iPhone: A Scanner in Your Pocket
  • “Today we are happy to announce the launch of Shoebox by 1000memories, the fastest way to scan old paper photos and share them with family and friends. This is the first mobile scanner of its kind—designed specifically to scan and record artifacts from the past.”

    No more hassle of a gigantic scanner? Awesome! Looking forward to trying this out.

  • How woodpeckers avoid head injury
  • “Slow-motion footage, X-ray images and computer simulations have shed light on how woodpeckers avoid injuries to their brains as they peck.”

    In case you were wondering!!

  • 7 billion people and you: What’s your number?
  • When I was born I was the 5,220,846,337th person alive on Earth and 80,242,837,752nd person to have lived since history began! ;) Cool!

  • [Photo]: Mount Rainier Shadow Cast On The Clouds At Sunrise
  • “Wednesday morning, Seattle area residents were treated to this spectacular sunrise as the first rays of light hit Mount Rainier before reaching the sky. The cloud cover provided the perfect canvas for Rainier’s shadow, making it almost seem like a smoking volcano.”

    Gorgeous photo!

  • Teachers Use Cell Phones in the Classroom
  • “Cell phones’ multiple features make them more cost-effective than many classroom gadgets, she says.”

    Woot. All for this advancement in education~

  • Heinz Releases Tomato Ketchup Blended With Balsamic Vinegar, First New Ketchup Flavor In A Decade
  • “The company has no plans to advertise the ketchup and are banking on the power of social media to get the word out.”

    I dislike balsamic vinegar, lol. I’ll stick to regular!

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor getting in our decorations :)

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