Clicks of the Day: Thursday, October 20, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, October 20 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • TV swears can lead to aggression, study suggests
  • “The research, published this week in the journal Pediatrics, is the first of its kind to demonstrate a link between youths’ exposure to cursing in the media and aggression — both physical and relational.”

    Sparking renewed anger over prime time profanity – and apparently it’s okay to say “bitch” on television now?! I keep hearing it. Uncensored!

  • All exotic animals killed, captured – or eaten; case not over
  • “But the bizarre case of Terry W. Thompson, who claimed to love exotic animals but all but signed their death warrant when he threw open their cages Tuesday and then took his own life, is far from over. Law enforcement officers are grappling with the aftermath on several troubling fronts.”

    I hate that all of this even happened. This is a good read on issues officers now face. I feel like if I were an officer and my orders were to execute one animal after another, I would say no. I didn’t sign up for something like that. Le sigh. Sad, sad story.

  • [Video]: School suspensions
  • “Police are investigating allegations that dozens of students north of Montreal took part in an online plot to kill two teachers.”

    Crazy story out of Quebec. Man, people these days…

  • Libya Revolution
  • Global’s special site feature on the Libyan revolution. Great information~

  • Did You Need to See Gadhafi’s Corpse?
  • “When Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden in May, people criticized the government’s decision not to release the reportedly grisly photos of his corpse. And yet it’s worth pointing out that, at least as the news of Muammar Gaddafi‘s death in Libya emerged this morning, the pix in and of themselves did not immediately prove that it happened.”

    Good read. What do you think? The picture made me sick. Definitely a – warning, disturbing content – kind of a photo. I can see all the reasons why it was ‘necessary’ to show the photo but I don’t think personally I would have needed it to really understand the story, lol.

  • Couple Married 72 Years Die One Hour Apart, Holding Hands
  • “Gordon and Norma Yeager were happily married for 72 years before they died last week, just one hour apart, while holding hands.”

    AW. #TRUELOVE to the very end.

  • Apps help parents keep track of children on Halloween
  • “This app, designed for teenagers, allows parents to set up geofences and receive a text alert any time their child crosses a virtual boundary.”

    Crazy apps!

  • Teachers, students should be Facebook friends
  • “The social networking site can be used for mentoring, building relationships and can help prevent teen suicides, gang activity and even crimes.”

    I think it depends – I don’t know about being friends with younger students but once you get to post-secondary I think it’s alright. I’m friends with my post-secondary teachers!

  • Epic Meal Time Celebrates One Year Of Meaty Insanity With Fast Food Pizza Cake
  • “A year ago, Epic Meal Time came into being, and somewhere in the world, pigs and cows sensed a presence in the force they hadn’t felt since humans discovered fire.”

    Happy birthday Epic Meal Time! Your food is gross but the production value is quite well-done and entertaining. Plus, you’re Canadian!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
  • “There will never be graffiti more creative and awesome than this.”

    For. Real. Awesome!!

  • Oh-oh! Press trust stays low
  • “The majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly.”

    Not surprising.

  • Fifteen years of economic growth means little in everyday lives
  • “A generation of solid economic growth has meant little in the everyday lives of most Canadians, according to a new index of wellbeing.”

    Kind of a depressing article. Ah, economic woes.

  • This LA man created 130 fake Facebook pages just to harass his ex-girlfriend
  • “Reported today is the prosecution of 22 year old Los Angeles resident, Jesus Felix, who created — wait for it — 130 different Facebook pages in order to harass his 16 year old ex-girlfriend. Wow.”

    Man, get a life.

  • What TWO glasses of wine a day can do to your face in ten years
  • “Thread veins, wrinkles, blotchy skin. The shocking photo created by forensic experts that predicts the price of your tipple.”

    Good thing wine is not really my cup o’ tea.

  • Chinese Manufacturer Sends Man Giant Slipper
  • “Londoner Tom Boddingham received this a gigantic 1,450 monster claw slipper from a Chinese manufacture who missed a decimal point in his order.”

    Talk about a huge “slip up” – LOL.

  • Short stay: Alberta legislature to sit for 2 days before month-long break
  • “Alberta politicians will sit for two days when the fall sitting of the legislature begins Monday, then take a month-long break.”

    Well that seems extremely unproductive.

  • Parts of Scona Road and 99th set to reopen
  • “Business owners and south-side commuters can expect a break Monday when Scona Road and 99th Street partially reopen.”

    Hurray!! Love seeing all of the construction projects wrapping up.

  • [Video]: Storage Wars
  • “The popular reality show “Storage Wars” follows people who bid on what’s inside old storage lockers, and now that premise has come to Edmonton.”

    Very cool!!

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