Clicks of the Day: Oct 28, 29, 30 2011 Weekend Edition!

Welcome to the three-day roundup …

Weekend Edition (October 28, 29, 30) of Clicks of the Day!

(I only do one Clicks of the Day post for the weekends so that I can actually have a weekend, lol. And amount of content will fluctuate depending on how much of a weekend I actaully have!)

  • Feature Story: Edmonton couple resurrecting Halloween Alley from the dead
  • “Meet Serge and Helen Leblanc, an Edmonton couple trying to resurrect “Halloween Alley” – a tradition in the city’s west-end, dating back to the 90s.”

    My latest Feature Story! Give it a read/a watch if you haven’t yet please! ;) Happy Halloween!!

  • [Photos]: Angry Birds Costumes: 12 Clever Interpretations
  • “Halloween is coming up soon, and if you want to dress up like an Angry Bird, you’re running out of time.”

    Some of these are way cooler than the ones me and Mike dressed up as!!! (But then #11 shows the ones we got, lol).

  • [Infographic]: Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011
  • “According to Webtrends, the data used to create this infographic represents online mentions from October 1-24, 2011 and is an aggregation of Twitter, blogs, online news sites and other social media sources.”

    Haha, are you any of the ones listed? #bemorecreative

  • Ten Edmonton haunts to put you in the Halloween spirit
  • “A flickering light, a running faucet, an unexplained sound or smell, or just the accumulation of years in a quirky building? Edmonton has no shortage of spooky stories, ghost-stalking believers and skeptics.”

    I went into the basement of the CKUA building before to do a Halloween story for NAIT and it was FREAKY!!!!!

  • Smaller Halloween treats lead to larger eats: U of A researcher
  • “Treats packaged in Halloween-sized mini portions trick people into eating far more chocolate and candy than they otherwise would, a University of Alberta researcher has found.”

    Bad!! I don’t like chocolate but I have had SOOO much chips this Halloween weekend!!! So unhealthy :( but delicious!!

  • World population to reach 7 billion on Monday: U.N.
  • “While experts say the Earth can support a staggering 7 billion people, the trick will be figuring out how to share natural resources.”

    We are running out of water people!!!!!

  • Who Are You, Siri? We Ask One of Her Dads
  • “I went to one of Siri’s makers, Gary Morgenthaler, venture capitalist, Siri investor and Siri board member, for a better answer to the who is Siri? question.”

    Cool information on Siri. I still find her voice recognition to be sketchy at best. There’s only so many times I will repeat myself!

  • [Infographic]: How Much Big Corporations Pay In Taxes
  • “How much do these corporations hand over to the U.S. government? The infographic makes clear how much — or little — corporations actually pay on the billions they pull in each year.”

    Lol, so more than I will ever make per year (or in my lifetime).

  • Occupy Wall Street: Who is Donating to Keep it afloat?
  • “The Occupy Wall Street movement has not only inspired people to take to the streets, but to open their own wallets to support the cause — many using mobile payment site WePay. On Oct. 10, WePay had recorded more than $81,000 sent to groups associated with Occupy Wall Street. Just 17 days later, that number grew by 301% to more than $325,000.”

    Ridonkulous. People are sure generous with their money, lol.

  • Happy birthday – it’s FREE
  • “Whoever said nothing in life is free has never been to Sephora, Denny’s or Starbucks on his birthday. In fact, there are several places that will acknowledge that special moment you came into the world with a gift.”

    Sweet list of a few places where you’ll get free stuff on your birthday! I would love to expand this list and then just spend my next birthday hitting up all of the free spots!! :)

  • Postmedia plans to charge for online articles
  • “Postmedia Network Canada Corp. – publisher of the National Post and other daily and community papers across the country – will soon be asking more of its readers to pay for online articles.”

    This is lame. I’m telling you – people will just get their news elsewhere.

  • Qantas to resume flights after govt intervenes in dispute
  • “An Australian tribunal ordered Qantas Airways on Monday to put its planes back into the air, intervening in the nation’s most dramatic labour dispute in a decade after the national carrier grounded its entire global fleet.”

    Whirlwind weekend in Australia.

  • China arrests 12,000 in online drug sale sweep
  • “Chinese police have arrested 12,125 people during a crackdown on the sale of narcotics online and have confiscated more than 300 kg of illegal drugs.”

    That’s a lot of people selling drugs online!

  • Don’t sleep with your smart phone nearby
  • “Shouldn’t we be spending less time checking and rechecking our many screens, large and small, and more time taking part in what used to be regarded as real life? Is there something inherently wrong when people being separated from their phones, computers and tablets makes them feel nervous, irritable, tense — in other words, when they begin to exhibit classic withdrawal symptoms?”

    My phone is on the floor beside my side of the bed, is that far away enough? After a certain time I try to make sure I don’t check my phone even if I do hear it beep… But yes, I am addicted.

  • Lions, tigers, big cats may face extinction in 20 years
  • “Icons of the wild — lions, tigers and other big cats — are fading from the world’s wild places, warn conservation experts worldwide.”

    This is so sad. Terrible :(

  • Deadly early snowstorms hit US northeast
  • “Freezing conditions hit the US East Coast on Sunday after a rare October snowstorm and icy rain reportedly killed at least three people, sparked long airport delays and caused massive power outages.”

    Crazy! Thank goodness it wasn’t here.

  • This post won’t save journalism. (Sorry.)
  • “There is no tool that will make the journalism simple. But that’s actually a good thing. Here’s why..”

    I don’t think any of the tools and “extras” that keep getting developed are meant to ‘save journalism’ – they just help in telling the story.

  • Announcing: Scroll
  • “The elevator pitch is that Scroll helps you make magazine style layouts for the web and iPad without needing to know how to code.”

    Cool. I signed up to hopefully get an invite to test!

  • Txtng vctry: Teen wins $50,000 (U.S.) in texting competition
  • “But surely it takes a lot of practice to get to this kind of elite level. Wonder how mom and dad felt being around someone who’s constantly tapping away?”

    Whew that is a lot of money for just texting!

  • Hero dog saves owner knocked unconscious by lightning strike
  • “A mayor struck by lightning was dragged home to his wife by his faithful dog.”

    What a great dog <3

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

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