Clicks of the Day: Monday, September 26, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, September 26 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • DISLIKE: Logging out won’t stop Facebook spying on you
  • “FACEBOOK users have given a big thumbs down to the social networking site after it emerged their web activity is being tracked – even after logging out.”


  • Amazon’s Tablet: The iPad’s Biggest Threat
  • “Amazon’s tablet, reportedly named the Kindle Fire, could be the first Android device to effectively challenge Apple’s iPad. Or it could end up as just another over-hyped, under-performing tablet steamrolled by the Apple juggernaut.”

    Probably the latter, lol. But good effort.

  • Global News takes Canada’s pulse
  • “Global News will launch a week-long dialogue with Canadians on-air and online starting Monday, Sept. 26. Discover how Canadians feel about everything from the economy, technology, crime, health care, their sex lives and much more.”

    Lots to read here. Good statistics, good insight into Canadian opinions on important topics. Was surprised to read this:

    “Seventy-one per cent of residents in Edmonton approve of same-sex marriage, less than in any other big Canadian city.”

    Come on, Edmonton! Although 71% seems pretty high so I guess in general – good job Canada on same-sex marriage approval!

  • Corpse found alive in Brazilian morgue
  • “A woman was pronounced dead and sent to a hospital morgue in Brazil – despite being alive and breathing at the time.”

    One of my fears. How are you wrongly pronounced dead…

  • Mayan film documentary claims proof of aliens
  • “A new documentary about Mayan civilization will provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient culture.”

    COOL. I absolutely believe aliens have made contact. Especially in ancient times.

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Drives in the United States
  • “We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most beautiful and scenic drives in the United States. We’ll take you from Hawaii to Alaska and many places in between. ”

    I’ve driven down the PCH in California. Very pretty <3

  • Sharing your Coke: Marketing Genius or Just Entirely Weird?
  • “In what seems like another new and interesting marketing move, the makers of Coke, Coca-cola Amital are trying to find another way to appeal to consumers.”


  • World’s biggest lightsaber battle looks like a giant rave
  • “Star Wars fans from all over the East Coast crossed lightsabers at New York City’s Washington Square Park for what might be the world’s largest lightsaber battle.”

    Very cool! Very pretty :)

  • A Visual History of Literary References on ‘The Simpsons’
  • “From The Bell Jar to Moneyball, from Gore Vidal to Tom Wolfe, countless books and authors have guest-starred on America’s longest-running sitcom.”

    Very intelligent show, really. I love The Simpsons! :D

  • It’s three galaxies in one for Arp 272
  • “What we have here are two galaxies merging together in your standard collision…and then a third galaxy sidling in, just to complete the intergalactic chaos.”

    Really cool.

  • Biologists celebrate comeback of endangered ferret
  • “Huge strides in recovery three decades after species was believed extinct.”

    Well done ferrets!!!!

  • New dinosaur species discovered in Alberta
  • “Two decades after the fossils of a duck-billed dinosaur were discovered in Alberta’s Peace Country, scientists announced on Monday that the creature is part of a new species.”

    Squeal! Dinosaurs rock. Can you believe dinosaurs once stood on the very ground you stand on! :D

  • Hanged: Making the least of your second chance (Garry Barrett)
  • This week’s Hanged article. Cool feature by the Edmonton Journal that I linked in a previous Clicks of the Day. Great read if you’re into crime/historical crime/history.

  • Today’s Big Thing: Weather Graphics, Sensitivity Not Working for Newscast
  • “There’s a chance of morning showers with a guarantee of afternoon graphics guy firing.”

    Oh my god, lol graphics/system fail.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor loves drinking from the sink! <3

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