Clicks of the Day: Monday, November 21, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, November 21 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • How much tech can children take?
  • “Are today’s children facing technology overload, or simply gearing themselves up for life in a digital world?”

    Probably a little bit of both. #SometimesEvenIGetTechnologyFatigue

  • Don’t believe the hype: The consumer electronics biz was a dud this year
  • “It seems that despite the bluster and hype, the consumer electronics industry was just as susceptible to the downturn in consumer spending as every other industry.”

    Yeah I think we only bought one electronic device this year. When life gets expensive, you just can’t spend money on frivolous items…

  • Is ‘off the record’ a relic of traditional journalism?
  • “‘The ‘Off-the-Record’ policy of one major market daily I deal with on a regular basis reads something like this: A reporter is permitted to agree to keep certain information off-the-record. However, if either the reporter or his/her editor deems the ‘off-the-record’ information newsworthy then the publication reserves the right to publish that information. Not surprisingly, the paper’s reporters rarely inform sources of the second half of the policy (even if they are aware of it),'”

    Interesting! Not that I’ve done any hardcore reporting recently but the way I was taught (and just the way I feel ethically) is that if an agreement for an off the record comment has been made – you should keep it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where anything off the record was truly groundbreaking/newsworthy that required extra thought into publication or not though so I can see how it would be tough for other reporters in certain situations.

  • An end to anonymous comments
  • “People will only be able to comment by using their Facebook account, which means their name, often even their photograph, will be linked to the statements they post. is not alone in making this shift. Several media companies, equally troubled by the vitriolic trend of anonymous comments, are turning to Facebook to power their website commenting.”

    Good move? Bad move? I think it’s a good idea. Keeps people accountable and gets rid of any derogatory comments that may more likely be made under an anonymous name.

  • Pepper spray is not messing around
  • “If this weekend’s attack on students had you wondering how bad pepper spray really is, science writer Deborah Blum has you covered. Answer: It’s five times more intense than the hottest natural pepper in the world. (Commercial pepper spray is twice as intense, but the police-grade stuff is supercharged.)”

    Damn. That is not something you want in your eyes. Those poor UC Davis protesters.

  • [Infographic]: What’s Smaller Than Apple?
  • “Combined 2010 software revenues for the 10 alrgest software companies … are smaller than Apple. Global mobile phone revenues … are smaller than Apple. The US pharmaceutical market …. is smaller than Apple.”

    And the list goes on! Wow. Apple is dominating the world.

  • 7 Foods Experts Won’t Eat
  • “Canned Tomatoes, Microwave Popcorn, Non-Organic Potatoes” … and more!

    The potatoes thing kind of worries me.

  • How Pizza Became A Vegetable Through The Magic Of Influence-Peddling
  • “On Tuesday, Congress decided that pizza is a vegetable. I have to imagine that this news instilled confusion in many Americans, as many Americans are (a) familiar with pizza, (b) familiar with vegetables and (c) sane.”

    Wow how ridiculous is that!! Pizza is NOT a vegetable, people.

  • Top 10: Male Life Regrets
  • “Not playing on a team sport, not getting in a fight, not spending enough time with dad” … and more!

    Well men, would you agree with this list? And if you are regretting some things, remember: It’s never too late! :)

  • First evidence that dinosaurs ate birds
  • “The world was a dangerous place for the first birds. Palaeontologists have found a fossil bird preserved where the stomach of a dinosaur would have been – the first direct evidence that dinos preyed on their feathered relatives.”

    I always assumed anything small back in the day of the dinosaur was up for food grabs but I suppose we always need evidence, lol.

  • Statisticians can prove almost anything, a new study finds
  • “Two scientists from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and a colleague from Berkeley, argue that modern academic psychologists have so much flexibility with numbers that they can literally prove anything.”

    Lol. Well with ‘study says this’ and ‘results from a study say that’ – all over the news each and every day, it makes a lot of sense that data from those things can be skewed.

  • Text-message bullying becoming more common
  • “Of more than 1,100 middle school and high school students surveyed in 2008, 24 per cent said they had ever been “harassed” by texting. That was up from about 14 per cent in a survey of the same kids the year before.”

    Just ignore or delete or block, teens. (Can you block contacts on your phone? I’m not sure I’ve ever tried).

  • Canadian taxpayers paid nearly $2 million on luxury G8 resort
  • “Canadian taxpayers forked out almost $2 million — including more than $1,600 to remove a bed — to spruce up a luxury Muskoka resort for last year’s G8 summit.”


  • Alberta cracks down on drivers who drink
  • “The law will dramatically increase sanctions for Albertans who drive after drinking… The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the law will do little to prevent or punish drunk driving, but will have a severe impact on small business.”

    Causing controversy…

  • [Video]: Parking Ban Update
  • “The city’s first seasonal parking ban has now been lifted, but not before bylaw officers issued nearly 1,300 ticket. Fletcher Kent reports.”

    I filled in in the editing department today and this was the package I cut! How’d I do? Wish there had been more/better visuals of the guy who is referenced off the top and at the end but other then that I thought it was good, lol. I also cut another package for News Final but it was very stox-boring-viz-heavy so I won’t link it, lol.

  • New breast cancer screening guidelines advise against mammograms for women in 40s
  • “There is a one in three chance of having a false-positive result, and one in every 200 will be falsely diagnosed with breast cancer and unnecessarily treated.”

    It sucks when they advise things and then they say nevermind, actually, that’s probably not something you should do.

  • Pokemon Announcement Coming Soon
  • “Will it be the inevitable third edition to the Pokemon Black and White set of games? Something new altogether? Or perhaps just a new set of Pokemon snuggies?”

    Mike is excited, lol.

  • Chrono Trigger Coming To iPhone
  • “Square Enix has confirmed that legendary role-playing game Chrono Trigger will be released on iPhone and iPod touch next month.”

    SQUEEEEAL! So excited!! Chrono Trigger is one of THE greatest RPGs of all time. True story :) And also one of only two RPGs I have ever fully completed, lol.

  • Chuck Norris In ‘World Of Warcraft’ Commercial
  • “‘Chuck Norris is a hunter. But Chuck Norris does not hunt. Hunting would imply the possibility of failure.'”

    Lol. I don’t know, he’s so old now it doesn’t really make the game seem that much more macho. I wonder how much he got paid to do the commercial though! (Probably a gajillion dollars).

  • Adorable Blind Animal Being Adorable of the Day
  • “Oskar, a blind kitty who was born without eyeballs, plays with toys for the very first time.”

    This video makes me want to cry. Such a cute kitty, but I feel so bad for it. And the owner/editor really should have set it to HAPPY music not a song that makes me want to bawl!!

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor looks grumpy (sitting atop our Christmas box!)

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