Clicks of the Day: Monday May 16, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Clicks of the Day!

In my ongoing effort to blog more consistently, I will be posting daily Clicks of the Day posts that will include some links, photos, videos and other commentary on pages I clicked while browsing the Interweb throughout my day!

Some posts will feature more content than others (depending on how busy I am that day, lol), some will be more interesting than others, but always will Clicks of the Day aim to show you what kind of news and other random Internet happenings that interested me in some capacity and would hopefully interest you as well!

And with that, here’s Monday, May 16, 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Global Edmonton’s Slave Lake Wildfires Live Blog
  • The huge news of today and this past weekend in Edmonton, Alberta, and the world – has been the fact that a large chunk of a small town has literally burned down. 7,000+ residents had to be evacuated, hundreds of buildings were lost, people mobilized to help those displaced, while the entire world was left watching this heartbreaking event unfold. I was in and out for most of the day but still managed to follow along on the Global Edmonton live blog! But honestly kudos to all the news outlets for their Slave Lake coverage – I felt thoroughly updated just via glances on Twitter throughout the day.

  • Why the U.S. Used HAARP to Create the Japan 9.0 Magnitude Quake
  • I’m a big conspiracy theorist/believer so I’m always open to alternative (and yes, sometimes outrageous, but sometimes quite logical) explanations for things. I think this article raises points that are quite interesting. There’s a lot of conspiracies out there about the U.S. and their evil doings and for the most part, I believe them all. ;)

  • Expanding Google News for more variety and multimedia
  • Yay! Google News is one of my top news resources so it’s always good to hear when one of your top news resources has expanded to make your news-getting-needs even smoother! I’m a big fan of Google. :)

  • ‘The Flintstones’: Seth MacFarlane Wins Rights to Reboot Series
  • I think this is awesome! Seth MacFarlane is hilarious and a cartoon comedic genius :) I LOVE Family Guy (although it can be really gory and sexually awkward at times…) so I’m hoping I love this Flintstones reboot. I’m kind of scared at whether or not it becomes too inappropriate though.

  • Now Hiring: Best Summer Job Ever!
  • I saw this today and thought it looked pretty sweet. I really wish that social media had caught on this much a couple years back when I was still in school – then I could have applied for them! For one thing, it’s not like EVERY other “best job” pitch where they make the applicants have to vie for everyone’s “votes” (and in turn getting the company lots of hits… etc. lol I’m bitter from TBJITW experience). You just have to tweet why you’d be the best! I think it’s also awesome because the gig is paid, as so is your pad for the summer! Good luck to whoever applies for that! :)

  • Marvel & ABC Make CASTLE Graphic Novel
  • How exciting is this! Castle is one of the best shows currently on TV. Marvel & ABC made a wonderful decision with this graphic novel :D (Even though I don’t really read comic books I still support their cause, lol!)

  • Israeli Couple Names Their Baby Girl “Like”
  • Ugh how frustrating! I am so sick of people giving their kids dumb names. I don’t buy the whole “But I want to give them a unique” name excuse – naming a baby “Like” is just cruel!!

  • Man marries 107 women, fathers 185 children
  • What the heck!!!!!!!!

  • 20+ Easy Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk
  • I have been growing more and more worried about my sedentary lifestyle, constant sitting, sleeping and overall lack of physical exercise, lol. As such, I’ve also been growing more and more interested in these kinds of articles/videos/resources! Looking forward to trying some of these babies out at home and at work! I hope co-workers don’t think I’m weird ;)

  • Some ob-gyns in South Florida turn away overweight women
  • And tacking onto that… how about this?? You know obesity is a problem when…

Noteworthy Photos Seen on Tumblr and Beyond:

One of the number of unbelievable photos out of Slave Lake from today… I just can’t imagine how Slave Lake residents are feeling. I have absolutely no connection to Slave Lake and these images give me chills. Sigh. Thoughts and prayers are with those affected. (via Shane O’Brien / Global Edmonton)

This is noteworthy because I used to be in love with Joe Jonas (a long, long time ago!) But when I saw this my jaw dropped a little bit. No more innocent Jonas Brother! (via trandrew)

Out in December! I only have vague memories of watching this cartoon but I always have happy thoughts when thinking about Tin Tin because my brother’s name is Tin! :D “Secret of the Unicorn” seems like a silly movie title but, I’m sure it will be fine, the poster certainly looks cool! (via thedailywhat)

I will always end my Clicks of the Day posts with an Animals with Stuffed Animals picture! So happy to have discovered this Tumblr blog. Cutest photos ever. (via Angel B. @ animalswithstuffedanimals)

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