Cityline: Why I decided to travel from Canada to Barbados for IVF

This February (2022), I joined host Tracy Moore on Cityline—North America’s longest-running daytime talk show for women—to talk about why I chose to do a “Procreation Vacation” (IVF Abroad) in Barbados. My husband Mike and I have been trying to conceive for eight years.

We have Unexplained Infertility and after countless attempts to have a baby, we decided we’d try an IVF procedure out of country—to turn what would normally be a very stressful time into a relaxing and fun vacation. 

The segment also includes information from fertility doctor Dr. Marjorie Dixon. 

Why I decided to travel to Barbados for IVF

Segment originally aired Feb. 16, 2022

Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang
Talking IVF Abroad on Cityline (Feb 16, 2022).

I’ve actually blogged AND video blogged about this topic, so instead of re-writing it here, I’m just going to link you to those posts if you’d like to learn more in addition to the Cityline segment: 

Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang 5
Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang 5
Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang 3
Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang 6

I also shared a condensed TikTok / Instagram Reel version of this story for Cityline:


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If you’d like to learn more about my infertility journey:

Thanks again to Cityline for having me on the show! I love being one of their guest “experts!”

Cityline Procreation Vacation IVF Abroad - Linda Hoang 2



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