Cityline: Ultimate Alberta Road Trip with Linda Hoang (TV Segment)

This September (2020) I was invited to be a guest on Cityline with Tracy Moore—the longest-running daytime talk show for women in Canadian history! I was asked to represent Alberta during Cityline’s popular “Kitchen Party” series where they feature fun segments from all across the country! 

It was a ton of fun talking up Alberta (as I love to do) and showing Tracy and her viewers just some (seriously just a smidge) of all the wonderful and different things you can do across the province. 

Watch the segment below and read on for ideas for the Ultimate Alberta Road Trip!

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
Representing Alberta for the Cityline Kitchen Party on Sept. 16, 2020.
Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
Excited to be on Cityline which aired on Sept. 16, 2020!

Giants of the Prairies

Alberta is home to over 30 “Giants of the Prairies”—these are Canada’s largest and world’s biggest roadside attractions! You could map out a whole Explore Alberta vacation just based on visiting and taking photos at these giant monuments. From the world’s largest dinosaur in Drumheller, to the world’s largest kubasa sausage in Mundane, or Vegreville’s Ukrainaian psyanka Easter egg. There’s a giant perogy in Glendon, a baseball glove in Heisler, the world’s largest tepee in Medicine Hat—really the list goes on and on on and on. I know people who spend every weekend trying to check a few of these giants off their checklist, someone planned their honeymoon around visiting these big attractions. They’ll take you all over the province, to all sorts of small towns.

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
Giant kielbasa in Mundare, Alberta. Photo Credit: Keith Moore
Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
Mike and I visited the Giant dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta!

Wild Horses in West Country

I only just visited this region of the province for the first time in 2019! Most people don’t realize western Alberta is home to many, many wild roaming horses. You’d pass them on the drive out to the Rocky Mountains. It’s like how people might see deer, elk or bears in different national parks, in the West Country of Alberta just past the Town of Sundre, you’ll come across a lot of wild horses! Sundre’s Tourism website even includes a specific driving route you can take to make sure you see the most wild horses—and a really popular activity to do in the area is booking a stay at a cabin resort called Sunset Guiding and Backcountry Retreat—where trail horseback riding can be included with your stay!

West Country Explore Alberta Town of Sundre Travel Guide Sunset Guiding and Backcountry Retreat Wild Horses
Alberta's West Country: The Land of Wild Horses!

Brews and Doggos in Calgary

In Calgary Alberta, you’ll find one of my favourite breweries and a must-stop if you have dogs. It’s called the Cold Garden Beverage Co. This brewery was pretty unique when it first opened, because it’s a gigantic space where they could very well serve food but they chose not to offer food so that people could bring their dogs! The space is very cool, there’s twinkly lights, eclectic decor, and a colourful, neon sign that says “THIS MUST BE THE PLACE” because when you step in, that’s what you say. This must be the place we keep hearing about it. Dogs and picnic tables. Of course it’s more physically distant now but you can bring your own food or order your own food to eat here with your pups. I like to bring my own ingredients to make a little charcuterie board spread. Just an amazing vibe!

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
We brought our own charcuterie to enjoy at Cold Garden! So many doggos there too.

Segwaying Edmonton’s River Valley

There’s a lot to explore in my hometown of Edmonton but if you’re visiting, or even just playing tourist in your city, I love segwaying in Edmonton’s river valley! You can do Segway rentals and earn your “seg legs” with the River Valley Adventure Co., who also rent out e-bikes to explore too. This is a unique way to see the river valley (which you might have known is the largest urban park in Canada, with more than 160 kilometres of maintained pathways and 20 major parks). It’s a great solo, partner, friend or family activity and tours also include fun facts and history about the city from your tour guide and “segspert” that’s segway expert. Tours also run through winter too so it’s a great outdoor activity to do during the winter as well.

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta 7
I love raving about Edmonton! There's so much to be proud of, like our amazing river valley!

Adventure in Grande Cache

Our final stop is up in northern Alberta! There’s so many hiking opportunities across the province but if you’re interested in hiking you should really visit Grande Cache, Alberta. Like West Country, this area is not as widely known as an area for mountain activities compared to your Banff or Jasper Alberta but here in Grande Cache, there’s so much mountain and forest terrain that they even offer a “Passport to the Peaks” program where you can attempt to hike 21 stunning mountain peaks all in the Grande Cache area. Fill out your passport and get featured on their website and in their visitor centre. You can also go horseback riding set against the mountains, or go white water rafting. Grande Cache is also home to quite possibly the largest cut of prime rib you’ll ever have in your life—they sell prime rib sizes that go up to 24 ounces. I only tried the 8 ounce and it was, a lot. Definitely a memorable trip!

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
Can you conquer the Grande Cache prime rib?
Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
White water raft or hike mountains in northern Alberta!

Thanks again to Cityline for having me on the show! I had so much fun and hope to do more segments.

Linda Hoang and Tracy Moore - CityLine - Canada - Explore Alberta
It was lots of fun chatting with Tracy Moore about Alberta for Cityline!


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