Best Job Posters & Cards! Please help spread the word!


So the big question I’m being faced with in terms of the Best Job in the World right now is, what should I do to continue effectively spreading the word about myself, my video application, and Queensland Australia?

My immediate solution is I’ve designed this poster and this card template to print out (cut up the cards) and distribute to Edmonton! I’m going to be hitting up libraries, restaurants, areas with computer and/or wifi access, and more in the next few days to pin up posters and hand out cards to everyone!!

If you would like to help spread the word about my video and encourage new people to vote for me, please feel free to take/save the poster & card pages and get them printed and passed along!!! Let me know if you’d like to help!!! I would muchos appreciate it. ;)

( Click the thumbnail image above or HERE for the full size!!! )

( Click the thumbnail image above or HERE for the full size!!! )

As I said, that’s the immediate solution, but I am trying to come up with more campaigning methods!!! So stay tuned.

And please tell me if you have any campaigning ideas you’d like to shoot my way ;)

Thanks for the support everyone!!!

Remember to vote!


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