Best Job in the World Media Coverage!

So I’ve been sort of updating across a bunch of different online places… this blog, my, my Facebook Support Group, and well I guess that’s it. lol.

But I really wanted to have a list of the media coverage I have received that I could easily link to someone or someplace, which is why this blog post now exists! :)

I’ve ordered these by media coverage that I have links to segments or articles of, and by ones that I do not.



Tialia News Network (California Vietnamese Publication)
Click Here

Mix 103.7 Morning Show (Fort McMurray Radio)
Click Here
( Morning Show Blog )

ChannelWhitsunday.Com (Online Whitsundays News Interview)
Click Here

Globe & Mail (National Newspaper Article)
Click Here
(I’m not quoted in this article but my video application is featured on the page and there was a cool 2-page spread in the actual paper edition featuring photos and some information on all the Canadian candidates!)

Metro Edmonton (Newspaper Article)
Click Here

The Edmonton Sun (Newspaper Article)
Click Here

The Edmonton Sun (Online Video)
Click Here

Global TV Edmonton (Television Segment)
Click Here

CBC Edmonton (Television Segment)
Click Here

CTV NewsNet (National Television Segment)
Click Here

CITY TV (Television Segment)
Click Here

CTV Edmonton (Television Website Article)
Click Here
(they did show a segment for local Edmonton news but I can’t find it on the site!)

iNews880 (Radio/Online Article)
Click Here


– CBC National (Radio)
– CBC Edmonton (Radio Talkshow)
– CBC Calgary (Radio)
– QR77 Calgary (Radio)
– OMNI Multilingual Channel (TV)
– Tuoi Tre Daily (Vietnam Newspaper)
– NAIT Nugget (Student Newspaper)

I had so much fun talking to all of the newspapers, television and radio stations this past week! :D And I still have more that I want to say!!!!

I’ll update this if I get anymore media coverage. ;)

And since I’m linking stuff, be sure to check out my youtube channel for video messages/blogs and etc.

My Youtube Channel!


Thank you and goodnight!



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