Andrew’s pretty unbeatable surprise!

July 21 2009.

This is Andrew & I on iChat several months ago!

This is Andrew & I on iChat several months ago!

My friend Andrew, who runs SYTYCDISM.COM, had told me a few days ago that he was going to sing me an original happy early birthday song via iChat video sometime this week before I leave on vacation. So he asked me what my schedule looked like this week and I told him my only available day it seemed would be Tuesday (today). He got back to me the next day with a specific Tuesday time, “Make sure you’re online so I can sing to you from at least 2:30pm to 4:00pm your time!” (Andrew lives in California, so he’s an hour behind me).

Anyway, so I had a lot of errands to do today and I ended up running late, so I told Andrew I’d be home and online by 3:00pm instead of 2:00pm, to which he replied, ‘You’ll regret that!’ (i didn’t really understand why I would regret it). Anyway, when I got home and got on, Andrew says “Hold on let me prepare” so I am getting ready to be blown away by an overly adorable inside-joke-riddled original birthday serenade, when the iChat video screen pops up and it shows Andrew in one window and then an empty room in another window. I say “Um, why is there two screens?” And Andrew says his friend wants to watch as he sings to me. In my head I am thinking that’s the weirdest thing ever. BUT THEN…




If you don’t know, Mark Kanemura was my favourite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance last season. I also have a fansite of him: MK-O, which has a very active forum filled with awesome people who also loved and still love Mark!

Anyway, Andrew had concocted this entire lie about how he was going to write and sing me a birthday song when actually he had been plotting a big surprise video interview / chat with Mark! He called me a bad journalist for not having questions prepared spontaneously. RUDE. Lol but just kidding, not really rude. Basically Andrew is the best and along with Mark has given me thus far the most thoughtful birthday gift to date. (My birthday is on Sunday, by the way ;)) SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Here's the three-part giggly, fun-filled fest:

Andrew forgot to include his own audio when he was recording so unfortunately you can't hear anything he says!)




I swear I am more professional as an actual journalist than this but come on, I love the guy and the whole thing was hilarious. I’d much rather have this rocking-back laughter video with Mark than a serious one. Well actually I don’t think I could even do a serious on with him, hahaha. Too funny. <3

In terms of looking at this as an actual interview and what information was gathered, I would say a lot that would be of interest to the Mark / So You Think You Can Dance community! We learn about Mark's original audition, his living in L.A. as a dancer, opinion on SYTYCD judges , thoughts about Kupono's departure and which remaining dancers he likes, and more!

Fun times. Great surprise. Awesome day! Thank you Andrew & Mark! ;)

Linda (:


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