Alberta businesses: Here’s why you should launch an ATB BoostR campaign right now (get a boost when you need it most!)

Alberta businesses, it’s time to get a boost!

I’m excited to partner with ATB Financial to tell you about their new and improved ATB BoostR crowdfunding platform—with the biggest differences being that until July 1, you no longer need to reach a specific goal to get funded by your supporters, there are NO FEES to use the platform, you can just accept donations, and you can use it like an online store (sell products/services online!).

This important update comes at a time when many businesses need the help the most.

As followers will know, I’ve increased the number of local businesses I’ve been supporting (and subsequently talking about on social media) each week as their profits dwindle due to the pandemic. It’s a very real scenario that some businesses won’t survive this… so any help—whether it’s awareness or an injection of cash—can make a huge difference.

ATB BoostR - Alberta Businesses
Alberta businesses, now is a great time to start an ATB BoostR campaign!

Here’s what you need to know about starting an ATB BoostR campaign right now:

  • ATB BoostR is a digital crowdfunding platform that helps Albertans start and grow their businesses. It essentially allows people to “boost” your business with money!
  • The platform has been revamped to provide more support to businesses during COVID-19. Unlike standard crowdfunding campaigns, you don’t need to hit a minimum monetary goal to get the money you raised. If you raise $500, you get $500. If you raise $10,000, you get $10,000!
  • Between May 1 and July 1, 2020 there are 0 fees to start and run an ATB BoostR campaign! You keep 100% of what you raise.
  • The BoostR program is open to ALL Alberta businesses, no matter where you bank—whether your doors are open or shut, you’re in the middle of a pivot, or you’re just getting your business off the ground.
  • By launching a campaign on ATB BoostR, you can receive donations (no reward required), sell existing products and inventory online (without needing to set up your own online store), pre-sell products and experiences. You can also access money raised weekly!
  • It can be hard to ask for help. And it can be hard to ask for money. But we know that many Albertans are looking for ways to support their neighbours and give back to their communities.
  • It’s easy to set up an ATB BoostR campaign, and once you’re live, you can immediately start to promote your campaign to your crowd (friends, family and supporters).

Alberta may be starting to open slowly again but we know it won’t be “business as usual” for a long time. Running an ATB BoostR campaign may be just what you need to keep your business going!

Businesses: Launch a BoostR by May 10 for a chance to win $500!

The best part about launching right now (before May 10, 2020), is that your business could be selected to win $500! No strings attached.

On May 13, my friend Mike Morrison will be randomly selecting four ATB BoostR campaigns that will get $500 deposited into their accounts.

ATB BoostR - Alberta Businesses
Albertans: encourage your favourite businesses to start an ATB BoostR campaign!

Albertans: if there’s a business you love, tell them about ATB BoostR! It might be just the thing they need to keep going.

Businesses: if there’s something you need to raise funds for (even if that’s simply just—existing) start an ATB BoostR!

Remember, ATB BoostR is no longer like a typical crowdfunding platform because you can simply use it to accept online donations (you don’t need to offer rewards other than your gratitude), you don’t need to reach a minimum goal in order to keep money raised, and there are no fees! You get 100% of what you raise and you can get those funds weekly!

Start your ATB BoostR campaign!

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Disclaimer: This post was written as part of a sponsored partnership with ATB Financial to raise awareness about the new and improved ATB BoostR platform. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. I am an avid supporter of local business, believe in the work ATB is doing, and am thrilled that through ATB BoostR, businesses have another avenue to connect with customers and stay afloat during the pandemic.


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