I’m in the first-ever group of Grant MacEwan University Graduates!

I am a University graduate!!!

November 9, 2009, was my convocation from Grant MacEwan University. It was the first-ever Grant MacEwan convocation with the new “University” name and not the “College” name. (The college officially got University status in September).

Pretty historic, if I do say so myself.

If anyone is wondering why it took me this long to graduate after officially finishing Journalism program classes back in April, it’s because the program included the summertime internship, which we needed to complete before being eligible for graduation. Thus, they stuck us in with the Fall graduates which turned out great for us because our diplomas include the University name!

(Note to self: Update resume with University name).

Anyway, the graduation felt kind of silly because I’m still in school. In fact, I had school the next day. Ha ha. But still, it was nice to sit with the class I’d spent two years with and it was nice to be recognized for my good grades (I got a special string to indicate that I had graduated “with distinction“/honours! It even said ‘with distinction’ on the actual diploma paper. Yay!)

I had a great time in the Journalism program at Grant MacEwan. I learned a lot and I received a lot of great experience and writing opportunities.

Blog post to update all on NAIT TV Broadcasting life, coming up next. ;)


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