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Clicks of the Day: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, February 16 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Woman says she found rodent in Red Bull can
  • “An Alberta woman who once drank Red Bull religiously claims she has sworn off the product after making a disturbing discovery. About four months ago, Janell Carlson was drinking a large can of the energy drink that she bought in Fort Saskatchewan, when she says she felt something strange in her mouth. “I was sick at the time so I thought it was phlegm. I had swallowed a chunk, dismissed it and there was a chunk in between my gum and my bottom tooth,” she says. “(I) pulled it out and it looked like a round piece of plastic, so I kind of looked at my can and there was something big and large at the bottom of it.”

    GAG!!! Ugh.

  • Now Trending: What would you tell Vic Toews?
  • “It took less than 24 hours for #TellVicEverything to start trending on Twitter. Vic – Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, tabled online surveillance legislation, Bill C-30, on Tuesday. Starting late Tuesday night, he was the target of an anonymous Twitter attack that revealed details of his personal life – apparently in protest to the bill. The Twitter campaign has since morphed into #TellVicEverything – where Tweeters tell Toews all the personal details of their lives.”

    Lol. Very funny!

  • Stanley Cup rioter sentenced to 17 months in jail, two years probation
  • “The first person sentenced for his role in last summer’s Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver was handed a 17-month prison term on Thursday, less 3 1/2 months for time served. Ryan Dickinson also was given two years’ probation and several conditions, including that he not possess or consume illicit drugs or alcohol.”

    Hope he learns his lesson.

  • Study clears fracking but flags other drilling problems
  • “Fracking – the shattering of rock deep underground to release shale gas – isn’t causing surface water pollution, but other activities associated with drilling may be, a new study says… above-ground spills, leaking drill casings and the mishandling of wastewater produced by shale gas drilling may be responsible for incidents of groundwater pollution – but fracking, the most controversial aspect of shale gas development – is not to blame.”

    Well fracking is indirectly responsible, thus still responsible.

  • “Janitor satellite” made to clean up space junk
  • “Swiss scientists said Wednesday they plan to launch a “janitor satellite” specially designed to get rid of space junk, the orbiting debris that can do serious and costly damage to valuable satellites or even manned space ships.”

    Good initiative. We should also be focusing on cleaning up junk on Earth too, lol.

  • South Korea introduces yet another law to curb gaming’s ills
  • “The South Korean government is considering another law to further curb rampant game playing and Internet addiction among its youth. Dubbed the “Cooling Off” system, it aims to regulate the amount of time a student spends with video games in a 24-hour period.”

    Probably a good idea, lol. #videogameaddicts.

  • Don’t let the sniffles snuff your workout
  • “Despite advice that a cold should be coddled, moderate exercise isn’t a bad idea when you’ve got a runny nose. And unlike lots of other suggestions on how to treat a cold, this one has some science behind it. Study subjects at Ball State University were infected with a cold virus and divided into two groups; exercisers and non-exercisers… Despite the two different strategies to dealing with a cold, researchers found no difference in the severity of the symptoms between both sets of subjects. Nor was there a difference in the length of time the cold hung around.”

    But being sick is the best excuse for just lazing about… :)

  • Twitter sued over Hardy tweet
  • “Twitter is being sued for defamation for the first time under Australian law. Joshua Meggitt, the Melbourne man wrongly named by writer and TV identity Marieke Hardy as the author of a hate blog dedicated to her, is now suing Twitter Inc itself. It was a tweet seen around the world, and now that Hardy has already reached a confidential legal settlement with Mr Meggitt, believed to be about $15,000, and published an apology on her blog, his lawyers are seeking damages from the social media site where the original defamation had the greatest exposure.”

    Crazy. Doesn’t seem right. It’s not Twitter’s fault, lol.

  • The U.S. Army Uses Pinterest? Sir, Yes Sir!
  • “Pinterest, the social image-sharing site that has exploded in popularity over the past few months, has found itself with a strange bedfellow: the U.S. Army. The Army’s Pinterest boards include topics such as “Goodwill,” “Humanitarian Relief,” and “HOOAH!.” Each board is designed to show some aspect of Army life and the Army’s mission or to connect with Army families (“DIY & Decor,” for instance, might be a favorite among Army moms).”

    That’s pretty cool. See, everyone can find a use for Pinterest! ;)

  • Anthony Shadid Dead: New York Times Correspondent Dies In Syria Of Apparent Asthma Attack At Age 43
  • “New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who strove to capture untold stories in Middle East conflicts from Libya to Iraq, died Thursday in eastern Syria after slipping into the country to report on the uprising against its president.”

    Sad news. Journalists abroad in war-torn countries… risking it all to tell everyone what’s happening.

  • Degrassi star Neil Hope died in 2007, family only learned news last month
  • “For millions, Neil Hope was “Wheels” — the lovable, troubled onscreen teen with that feathered blond hair and huge glasses. To the public, the Toronto actor’s role as Derek Wheeler on the hit Degrassi TV series thrust him into the realm of celebrity, but in real life he died anonymously. Police have confirmed to the Star that Hope was found dead on Nov. 25, 2007 in a Hamilton rooming house. That shocking revelation was made known to friends and family only this January — and became public Thursday.”

    Very strange…

  • Ellen DeGeneres helps Ontario girl’s quest for organ donation awareness
  • “Helene Campbell’s one-woman crusade to raise organ donor awareness hit another high note Thursday when she made an unexpected appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s popular daytime talk show. The 20-year-old Ottawa woman, who has been in Toronto for the past month awaiting a double-lung transplant, received a surprise on-air call from DeGeneres via Skype.”

    Ellen can be so nice. What a great surprise! The awareness Helene is trying to raise is amazing.

  • Greetings, Human! Space Robot Shakes Astronaut’s Hand, Signs ‘Hello’
  • “A NASA robot built to ease the daily lives of astronauts in space greeted its human commander with a hearty handshake Wednesday (Feb. 15), along with a silent message: “Hello, World.” The historic handshake between man and machine —a first in space —was shared between NASA’s humanoid robot, named Robonaut 2, and American astronaut Daniel Burbank on the International Space Station.”

    That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for robots taking over the world!

  • Windows 8 Logo Revealed
  • “A new image of a possible Windows 8 logo for the upcoming release of Microsoft’s established OS has been leaked according to The Verge. A Chinese website, cnBeta emerged with the new design and The Verge has confirmed the authenticity of the logo.”

    Pretty boring logo, lol.

  • The Past And The Future Of Famous Logos
  • “A review of the history of company logos and an imagining of how they may appear in the future.”

    Fun overview of logos. Also interesting to see the future predictions! I think Google’s predictions are the strangest. Everything else is believable ! Haha.

  • 20 Cats And Dogs Hugging It Out
  • Interspecies loving. Soo cute!

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor and Loki sleeping together :) They do that a lot now! Besties.

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Thursday, December 1, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, December 1 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Nine of 10 Canadians feel safe from crime despite Tory claims: StatsCan
  • “Statistics Canada says the vast majority of Canadians feel they are safe from crime.”

    For the most part I suppose.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know Facebook Could Do
  • “As the number of features grows, though, so does a corresponding problem: Most of Facebook’s 750 million users don’t know these features exist.”

    Happy to say I knew about all 12 of these but 3! How about you?

  • Facebook increases limit on status updates to 63,206 characters
  • “The social networking site has increased its limit in status updates to more than 60,000 characters — 63,206 characters to be exact.”

    Yikes. That’s a lot of characters.

  • Diamonds a step toward much faster computers
  • “Entanglement is a process in quantum mechanics by which two objects act like a single object even though they’re not physically connected… Now Ben Sussman of the National Research Council has entangled objects far bigger than molecules — pieces of diamond about half a millimetre thick. It’s a step toward extremely fast quantum computing.”

    Cool… but what happens when we can’t go any faster? *planet implodes*

  • Apple Blames Glitch for Siri’s Anti-Abortion Bias
  • “Breaking its usual vow of media silence, Apple said that this search anomaly was unintentional. ‘Our customers want to use Siri to find out all types of information, and while it can find a lot, it doesn’t always find what you want,’ Apple representative Natalie Kerris told the NY Times Wednesday evening. ‘These are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone. It simply means that as we bring Siri from beta to a final product, we find places where we can do better, and we will in the coming weeks.'”


  • [Infographic]: The metals that make our technology are running out
  • “Yttrium and indium, two of the rare-earth elements that enable us to have TVs, computer monitors, and touch screens — oh, and solar panels — are on a fast track to complete depletion. At our current rate of use, we have less than 15 years’ worth left. Of course, we’ll probably become a little more efficient at deploying these resources … but at our modern levels of demand for technology, efficiency really only postpones the inevitable.”

    Yikes, that’s scary. Not surprised though. Humans tend to destroy the places they inhabit. lol.

  • 1st Sex-Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Jerry Sandusky Comes From New Accuser
  • Disgusting. And now for disgusting of a different sort:

  • Horsemeat May Become Available in U.S.
  • “Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption after Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month.”

    Gag. Ugh. Disgusting.

  • Canada among least corrupt countries in the world, report says
  • “Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index released Wednesday shows Canada ranks 10th — down from 6th last year — of the 183 countries surveyed. The organization defines corruption as the abuse of public resources, bribery and secretive decision-making.”

    Could be worse I suppose.

  • Vancouver Riot’s Kissing Couple Photo is Esquire’s Photo of the Year 2011
  • “Amidst the chaos of the Vancouver riot one photo emerged as the definitive shot.”

    Great shot, glad it got the title!

  • Would You Watch an Ad to Avoid an ATM Fee?
  • “Typically, the tradeoff for being subjected to ads is that consumers get some sort of free or subsidized service. Could this business model also work for ATM transactions, thereby eliminating annoying $3 fees for consumers?”

    I am all for that!

  • Harper set to become the ninth-longest-serving Canadian prime minister next week
  • “Stephen Harper is just days away from surpassing another of his 21 predecessors — this time John Diefenbaker — to become the ninth longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history.”

    That’s unfortunate.

  • Brazen daylight robbery outside north Edmonton casino
  • “Police are on the hunt for a suspect after an armoured vehicle was robbed while parked outside the Century Casino in northeast Edmonton Thursday afternoon.”

    Very ballsy. Hope they catch the guy.

  • Ottawa high school enforces yoga pants ban
  • “Yoga pants are fine, the board says, as long as long shirts or sweaters cover up the revealing bottoms.”

    Hilarious. People also shouldn’t wear tights as pants if the top is a shirt.

  • MacKay accused of misleading Commons over helicopter pickup on fishing trip
  • “Details from emails published by the Toronto Star indicate the pickup was orchestrated specifically to extract the minister from his fishing trip, “under the guise” of a training exercise.”

    Ah, abuse of power and resources by people in high-up positions. Gotta love it.

  • World AIDS Day: What does the future hold?
  • “In the 30 years since the scourge emerged, more than 30 million people have died and twice as many have been infected with HIV… There’s reason to hope that the deadly pandemic can be halted, Marlink said, because the last decade has seen an explosion of new scientific and medical information with which to battle the virus.”

    Cross your fingers.

  • Edmonton economy churning out jobs, city official says
  • “These are jobs in manufacturing, jobs in construction, jobs in transportation, jobs in professional services.”


  • Men think wine is for women, drink it anyway: Study
  • “A new Canadian survey has found 40% of men believe there’s a stereotype that wine is more of a woman’s drink, but also found 76% like drinking it.”

    I dislike wine. I don’t know why people love it so much.

  • Into the record bugs
  • “An explorer has found the biggest insect ever on record – so large it can scoff a carrot.”

    Major. Shudder.

  • [Video]: “I’ll Occupy” Recruitment Song: The 99 is Pissed and We Will Not Be Dismissed!
  • Lol. Catchy. Good lyrics. Are you tired of the Occupy movement yet? How will this movement go down in history? Will any change come of it? All questions, no answers that I have. Time will tell. I believe change does need to happen but what exactly and which , how quickly, I’m not sure.

  • [Video]: Cat Gives Dog A Massage
  • You can’t go wrong with a video of a cat massaging a dog!! :) Heehee.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Thor and her bestie.

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, November 30 2011’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Fowl Idea: Angry Birds Cookbook Finally Released
  • “The book is stocked with cute illustrations and characters from the popular, bird-slinging mobile game. As the title suggests, the cookbook is packed with egg recipes including breakfast dishes (omelets), heartier fare (egg sandwiches), desserts (souffle) and more adventurous options such as “Egg Sushi.””

    This would be a great gift!!

  • Massive robot built near Airdrie
  • “With a price tag of $80,000, Allen is aware that his monumental robot is not something the average person will be able to afford. Though his hope is to eventually make his living off the building and selling of these metal works of art, Allen has an even more personal reason to be so invested in the sale of his first creation.”

    It’s a pretty cool-looking robot I’ll admit, but not for $80,000, lol.

  • GamePro Shutting Down After 22 Years
  • “Popular gaming magazine GamePro has shut down its U.S. operations after 22 years of publications by its parent company IDG.”

    That is sad. I remember GamePro growing up! (My brothers were/are gamers lol).

  • Study: Women are petty, jealous wenches who are nasty to sexy peers
  • “According to a psychology study conducted at the University of Ottawa, women get downright nasty to attractive females, especially if she has the temerity to wear a sexy outfit. 97% Reacted With Hostility to Sexy Female Subject.”

    Lol. Hilarious.

  • Crown Counsel approves charges against 25 suspected rioters
  • “The first wave of charges has been approved against 25 suspected Stanley Cup rioters by the Crown Counsel. In total, 61 charges have been approved today… The mean age of the charged individuals is 22.”

    Tarnishing my age. lol. But glad charges are finally being laid.

  • Increased use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool in classrooms
  • “A handful of University of Alberta classes have introduced Wikipedia to their classrooms as a teaching resource this past semester, despite criticisms about the website’s credibility in educational institutions.”

    Really neat.

  • Mysterious tofu explosion has investigators puzzled
  • “According to the woman, just prior to the explosion, she had been cooking tofu and had been rinsing the pan with water; that’s when she says the explosion occurred. The explosion was strong enough to blow out a 4 x 6 window onto the street.”

    Your weird news of the day.

  • Most shared stories on Facebook in 2011
  • Full list: Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011

    Cool list for Facebook to release. It’s a Clicks of the Day list in itself, lol. How many articles had you read? Me, not so much actually.

  • Apple’s Siri on iPhone 4s and Legal Privilege
  • “The information that is dictated on the Apple iPhone 4s using the Siri dictation feature is sent to servers that reside in the US and that Apple, its related companies and agents have access to the contents of what is dictated.”

    Really interesting. Careful what you say to Siri.

  • Age Space Between Siblings Contributes to Academic Success
  • “Want to get your kids to the top of the class? One economist says the secret may lie in the age gaps between siblings. Having at least two years between brothers and sisters makes for better math and reading scores.”

    Who woulda thunk.

  • Flying to Philadelphia? Unbuckle the purse
  • “US Airways, sole carrier starting in January, hikes fare from $118 to $698″

    WOW. Douchey airline move of the day.

  • Scientists ID ‘Morning Person’ Gene
  • “ABCC9 influences sleep duration and could explain why certain people seem able to operate on limited amounts of shut-eye”

    I am not sure if I am a morning person or not. But I am certainly not a night person so I guess morning would be the other alternative, lol.

  • Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years
  • “A man in Atlanta has hauled in a million-dollar lottery payday for the second time in just three years.”

    Some people just have all the luck.

  • Mayor to Ottawa: Stop building prison cells in Edmonton
  • “Mayor Stephen Mandel demanded Tuesday the federal government stop building prison cells in Edmonton, because dealing with ex-inmates costs police too much money.”

    I didn’t realize Edmonton was a dumping ground for prisoners. Yikes.

  • Eiffel Tower ‘to be turned into green jungle’
  • “The Eiffel Tower could be transformed into a giant green “jungle” covered in 600,000 plants as part of an environmental scheme.”

    That’s interesting.

  • Another iPhone said to have spontaneously combusted
  • “The iPhone was reportedly charging by the bedside of its owner, Ayla Mota, when it allegedly began to emit sparks.”

    That’s scary.

  • No bones about it, new dinosaur identified on Prairies
  • “A 66-million-year-old partial skeleton discovered in Saskatchewan has been confirmed as a new species of plant-eating dinosaur.”

    So cool.

  • A Roller Coaster For Wimps: You Walk Instead Of Ride
  • “Visitors are invited to climb the narrow steps, make room for others to pass, and stop to enjoy the view of the Rhine.”

    I wouldn’t really call it a roller coaster, lol. But good way to grab my attention.

  • Superman ‘Action Comics #1′ Sells For $2.16 Million In Auction
  • “A rare and pristine copy of the first issue of Action Comics, famed for the first appearance of Superman, has set a record Wednesday for the most money paid for a single comic book: $2.16 million.”


  • HP CEO Admits Defeat, Says Apple Will Be Number One PC Maker In 2012
  • “HP CEO Meg Whitman recently said that Apple is poised to be the dominant PC maker in 2012.”

    Lol, nice.

  • Canada’s moustached men raise $33M
  • “Canadian men are tops when it comes to being hairy. The Movember campaign netted in excess of $33 million in Canada — more than in any other country in the world.”

    You go Canada! Mike contributed $145 to that :)

  • [Video]: Kittens Watching Ice Skating
  • “A group of kittens watch a figure skater do his thing.”

    Lol so cute.

Thor Photo of the Day:

Scaredy Thor hiding on the floor of my car as we drove to the vet.

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