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Clicks of the Day: Thursday, July 19, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, July 19 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

Clicks of the Day is a daily round up of news posted Sunday through Thursday with quantity and quality of content differing depending on how busy Linda’s day is.


  • ASIRT: Officer who fired in Vegreville incident an 11-year veteran
  • “One man is dead after a fatal shooting, involving RCMP officers, took place in a rural area near Vegreville. The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is investigating the shooting.”

    Officer-involved fatal shootings… always messy.

  • Police warn homeowners to be on the lookout for thieves on bikes
  • “Edmonton police are warning citizens to be on the watch for strangers in their neighbourhood – on bike or on foot – who appear to be looking into vehicles, yards or back alleys. Police say criminals are using bikes to scout for break-in opportunities in homes, garages and vehicles.”

    Dang criminals…

  • Sentencing delayed for former Edmonton teacher guilty of sex charge involving student
  • “A former Edmonton teacher who admitted to a sexual relationship with a student will have to wait until September to learn his fate. Sentencing was expected Thursday afternoon for 37-year-old Brad Ashley Glenn, who pleaded guilty in April to sexual touching of a person he was in a position of trust or authority over. The female student, who cannot be named, was 17 at the beginning of the sexual relationship, which lasted from December 2009 to May 2010. Crown prosecutor Shelley Bykewich said the case was delayed after she only received the pre-sentencing report Wednesday, leaving too little time to prepare a brief for the hearing.”

    Court system always feels like things are put over… delayed… etc.

  • Poll finds Alberta drivers are some of the worst in Canada
  • “As anyone braving bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic on Whitemud Drive can likely attest to, the latest Angus Reid poll suggests Albertans are some of the worst drivers in the country. From multitasking to running red lights, cutting into lanes, turning without signaling and tailgating, Albertans lead the way with bad driving habits, results from Thursday’s poll reveal.”

    I believe it!

  • Premier ticked at Facebook post
  • “An insensitive Facebook post has landed Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk some time in the principal’s office. Premier Alison Redford said Thursday she was very disappointed by Lukaszuk’s breezy caption for a photo of the Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. mudslide that stranded some 600 tourists — including some Albertans — for days… Alberta’s premier was not amused. “I’m very aware of it … I intend to have a conversation with him about it, I take this very seriously,” said Redford.”

    Always be careful what you post online!!!

  • Fort Mac lotto winner $21.8M richer
  • “Friday the 13th proved more than lucky for one Fort McMurray man who won $21.8 million on the ill-famed day’s Lotto Max draw. Chris Fowler, 55, has been buying lotto tickets religiously for as long as he can remember. The recently divorced dad of two — who picked up the $21,771,980 ticket at his local Mac’s store — says he always knew he would win, he just never knew when.”

    I am utterly, utterly jealous.

  • Alberta baby’s whooping cough death renews health calls for vaccinations
  • “The death of a baby girl from whooping cough has Alberta health officials reminding people they should be immunized against the disease. They say one-month-old Harper Whitehead died at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary last month from complications caused by pertussis. Children under six months of age have little, if any, immunity to the cough, but cannot be vaccinated against it until they are older.”

    Very sad.

  • 19-year-old charged in connection with Toronto shooting
  • “A 19-year-old man faces a firearm charge in connection with the Scarborough block party shooting that killed two people and injured 23 others Monday night.”

    Good that there will be some justice to this. Sad it’s a teenager who is involved.


  • George Zimmerman interview: Trayvon Martin killing was ‘all God’s plan’
  • “George Zimmerman has given his first TV interview since he shot dead Trayvon Martin nearly five months ago – and not surprisingly, the teenager’s family didn’t like it. Zimmerman, out on bail while he awaits his trial for second-degree murder, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he wanted to tell the Martins and the country: “I’m sorry that this happened.” He told Hannity that he didn’t regret his actions that night, neither getting out of his car nor carrying a gun. “I feel that it was all God’s plan,” Zimmerman said.”

    Hmmmm. Also, I don’t understand America’s court system (and how he can do and do this public interview whilst being charged and awaiting trial, etc.)


  • High-powered women see heightened risk of heart attack
  • “Job stress is as hard on a woman’s heart as it is on a man’s, a large new study has found. The study of more than 22,000 women who were monitored for 10 years found that those who held highly demanding jobs, with the power and authority to make major decisions, had an almost 40-per-cent increased risk of having a heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery or other cardiovascular “event” over the follow-up period, compared to women with low job strain.”

    Well it would make sense.

  • Author says technology, fear, keeping kids indoors
  • “The main who coined the phrase “nature-deficit disorder” says society’s obsession with technology and a fear of strangers is conditioning children to be afraid of the outdoors. Journalist and author of ‘The Nature Principle’ Richard Louv told CTV’s Canada AM that while nature-deficit disorder is not a known medical diagnosis, it should be.”


  • Sports-drink science questioned
  • “Just eight days before the 2012 Summer Olympics are set to launch in London, the British Medical Journal has stepped into the arena of sports-drink science with a group of articles that suggest the science behind sports drinks is biased and inconclusive.”

    I never really trusted that sports drinks were good for you, lol. Good ol’ water!

    Technology/Social Media/Internet

  • Internet Defense League creates “cat signal” to save Web from next SOPA
  • “You’ve heard of the bat signal—now get ready for the cat signal. A diverse crew of Internet businesses, advocacy groups, and lawmakers has banded together to create something called the Internet Defense League. The organization seeks to save the ‘Net from bad laws like SOPA. And a cat signal—modeled after the signal used to rouse Batman each time Gotham City is threatened—is what the group will use to alert the world when it’s protest time.”


  • Facebook tests Pinterest-like design for news-feed app stories
  • “Facebook is testing a new layout for Open Graph app stories in the news feed that looks very, very familiar. In fact, some would say it directly rips off the quickly growing Pinterest, which, by the way, also sports the new look since the social network offers its own Timeline integration.”

    Hmmmmmmm. (I do Love Pinterest!)

  • YouTube launches face blurring tool
  • “The video-sharing site YouTube has added a tool which can blur out the faces of people appearing in uploaded videos. The ability to do so will be of benefit to social activists. YouTube’s new ‘face blurring’ function will, when activate, attempt to blur out the faces of people appearing in uploaded videos whilst leaving the rest of the footage untouched. The functionality will appeal to people appearing within videos who wish to remain anonymous.”


  • Google revenue rises 21 per cent
  • “Google Inc.’s core Internet business boosted revenue 21 per cent in the second quarter, while its recently acquired Motorola Mobility business raised Google’s overall revenue to $12.21-billion. Shares of Google were up 3 per cent at $609 in after-hours trading on Thursday.”

    Gooo Google!

  • Meet Bina48, ‘mindfile’ digital clone of a real person
  • “One the world’s most sophisticated humanoid robots at the moment is Bina48. The robot, built by Terasem Movement Foundation in Bristol, Vermont, is described as capable of independent thought and emotion. The Terasem Movement Foundation believes that in the near future, families and even individuals will own personal robots that will be able to download people’s personalities, serve as avatars and assistants to professionals.”

    I am not really impressed, lol.


  • Why Canadians are now richer than Americans
  • “The study shows that, indeed, as of 2011 the average net worth of households in Canada had pulled ahead of the United States by about $43,000, or 14 per cent, from a deficit of roughly $60,000 five years earlier.”

    We are doing good.


  • Denied Nickelodeon, DirectTV’s youngest clients find substitutes
  • “For the second week, Nickelodeon and its two smaller siblings Nick Jr. and Nicktoons, owned by Viacom, have disappeared from DirecTV’s lineup, affecting would-be viewers across the country. The two companies have not been able to agree on the amount of money that Viacom should receive from DirecTV for a bundle of its channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central. For the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, the Hub and Sprout, it is the equivalent of a baby boom after a hurricane or a snowstorm. After all, while adults may have 500 channels at home, children only have a handful to choose from.”

    Interesting! Ha, yes children are pretty adaptable. I prefer Disney Channel over Nikelodeon anyway.

    Weird News, Other News & Fluff

  • How to be more interesting (in 10 simple steps)
  • Including “go exploring,” do something, anything,” “embrace your weirdness” and more!!

    Good read. :)

  • Taiwanese teen dies at Internet cafe after 40-hour game marathon
  • “An 18-year-old Taiwanese man, identified as Chuang, is reportedly dead after playing 40 hours straight of Diablo III, an action role-playing video game, in a room he booked at an Internet cafe in Tainan.”

    How are people still dying from this?!?!

  • Berlin debt from 1562 comes to light, worth trillions today
  • “A 450-year-old certificate of debt has been pulled out of an archive that shows Berlin owes the small German town of Mittenwalde quite a bit of cash. According to Reuters, Mittenwalde would be one of the richest towns in the world if Berlin were to pay back the centuries-old debt.”

    How funny is that!!!!

  • Bar owner buys entire Texas town, names it ‘Bikinis’
  • “The owner of the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill has bought an entire town and has named it after his restaurant… Eater Nation reports that Guller wants to turn the town into a huge playground. He has even talked about making a campground in the town.”


  • [Video]: Returning soldier surprises his wife in emotional homecoming video
  • “In this tearjerking YouTube video, watch as a soldier returning home for a visit gives his wife a surprise of a lifetime. Rebecca B., who submitted the video to the Welcome Home Blog, said her husband had invented an elaborate ruse so that she would be caught unawares by his arrival.”

    :'( !! Lovely.

  • Alexis Blackburn, 5-year-old in hospital, receives over 100 get well cards from Reddit users
  • “Kindness is contagious, and 5-year-old Alexis Blackburn is living proof. With a little help from her dad Kyle, she inspired the Reddit community to send well wishes to sick children in hospitals throughout the country.”

    Love what the Internet community does sometimes.

  • [Video]: Kitten attack
  • LOL. Oh dear.

Thor (and/or Loki) Photo of the Day:

Longboarding cats. :)

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Monday, May 14, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Monday, May 14 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

Clicks of the Day is a daily round up of news posted Sunday through Thursday.


  • Dry conditions fuel wildfires across Northern Alta.
  • “Tinder, dry conditions across the province are feeding the flames in three out of control wildfires burning in the central and northern parts of Alberta. Two major blazes are burning near Lodgepole and Boyle. And at least one family in the Grasslands area has already lost their summer home.”

    I hope these don’t turn into Slave Lake Part 2.

  • Oil Kings claim WHL championship
  • “The Edmonton Oil Kings built an early lead on Sunday and never relinquished it for a 4-1 victory over the Portland Winterhawks to win the Western Hockey League’s Ed Chynoweth Cup. Edmonton now advances to the Memorial Cup for the first time in modern franchise history.”

    Good for them! There’s nothing quite like Edmonton hockey fans celebrating the successes of their team. :)

  • Quebec’s education minister resigns as protests continue
  • “After months of violent student protests over tuition increases, Quebec’s Education Minister Line Beauchamp resigned from politics Monday. At a news conference with Premier Jean Charest, Beauchamp said she’s not leaving office because she was intimidated by the strikes and demonstrations. ‘I am not giving up in the face of vandalism and civil disobedience,’ said Beauchamp, who will give up her Montreal-area seat. ‘I am resigning because I no longer believe I’m part of the solution. I haven’t been able to solve this important conflict and I take responsibility.'”

    And the drama continues.

  • Federal cuts called a ‘disaster’ for Canadian science
  • “The microfungus collection and herbarium at the University of Alberta has been nurturing fungi for more than 50 years. And since 1990 it has been considered a “unique” national resource worthy of federal money. No more. Funding for the collection, and dozens of other “major” and “unique” science facilities and resources across Canada, has been hit by federal cuts in what is being described as a “disaster” for Canadian science.”


  • Canadian bankers release mobile payment guidelines
  • “New standards for financial institutions and telecommunications companies to guide the use of mobile devices in retail purchases were released Monday by the Canadian Bankers Association. The voluntary guidelines set out how these two industries will work together as the new smartphone technology is rolled out across the country. While mobile banking using an app on your smartphone isn’t exactly new technology, paying for items with a swipe of that device may soon be the norm. It’s also expected some of the country’s major banks will soon announce partnerships with telecommunications companies to get the technology off the ground.”

    Making mobile shopping/digital wallets official!


  • Trayvon’s mom gets eight months of donated vacation days
  • “Trayvon Martin’s mother will get eight months of paid vacation time from her Miami-Dade County job thanks to donations from her colleagues. The Miami Herald reports that 192 county employees took advantage of a county resolution allowing them to donate some of their own paid vacation days and sick leave to Sybrina Fulton and Martin’s aunt, Yolanda Knight Evans, who received nearly nine weeks of vacation time. Fulton works at the county housing authority; Evans works at the water and sewer utility.”

    Really nice co-workers.


  • ‘Barcoding’ viruses could help detect mutated strains
  • “A team out of the University of Leeds has already produced molecular signatures for two forms of a childhood respiratory-disease virus… The researchers say their next step will be to test more lethal strains of influenza, such as bird flu, and compare the resulting barcodes. Because flu viruses can mutate so quickly and so often, being able to test new strains quickly could help public health officials better manage coming epidemics and perhaps even ward off global pandemics.”

  • Medical ink trending up — but can tattoos save lives?
  • “Having your medical condition publicly announced is rarely welcome, as anyone with an indiscreet pharmacist can attest. But for a growing number of Canadians, advertising illness can be a matter of life and death — and they’re choosing a decidedly permanent way of doing so. The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported Monday that medical tattooing “appears to be a trend on the rise,” with people inking everything from chronic conditions to emergency health directives onto their skin.”


  • America’s hatred of fat hurts obesity fight
  • “The stigmatization of obesity begins in preschool: Children as young as 3 tell scientists studying the phenomenon that overweight people are mean, stupid, ugly and have few friends. It intensifies in adulthood, when substantial numbers of Americans say obese people are self-indulgent, lazy and unable to control their appetites. And it translates into poorer job prospects for the obese compared with their slim peers. It may be the nation’s last, accepted form of prejudice. But the stigmatization of obesity has repercussions beyond the pain it inflicts on its targets: It threatens to impede efforts to fight the obesity epidemic.”


  • Canadian diet a recipe for disaster, study finds
  • “Canadians have made slight progress in the battle to combat chronic disease through diet choices even as the nation’s children fall even further behind, a study from an independent think tank suggested Monday. While adults have slowly reduced their intake of damaging fats and stepped up their fruit and vegetable consumption over the past two decades, researchers at the Conference Board of Canada found that children’s eating habits have continually deteriorated over the same period.”

    Our society.

    Technology/Social Media/Internet

  • Twitter will email you top stories from your feed
  • “Twitter will soon begin emailing you a weekly digest of your own feed. The summary will include tweets and links that are likely to be important to you based on what the people who you follow share. It will also include the “most engaging” tweets and stories those people saw in their own feeds, if they retweet or favorite them.”

    Cool but hopefully this doesn’t mean you guys stop checking on my Clicks of the Day!

  • Canon moving toward robots-only full automation in digital camera production
  • “Canon Inc. is moving toward fully automating digital camera production in an effort to cut costs — a key change being played out across Japan, a world leader in robotics. If successful, counting on machines can help preserve this nation’s technological power — not the stereotype of machines snatching assembly line jobs from workers, Jun Misumi — company spokesman, said Monday. The move toward machine-only production will likely be completed in the next few years, perhaps as soon as 2015.”



  • [Infographic]: Most restaurant-goers rely on online reviews
  • “Before setting foot outside, about 45% of consumers have already chosen where to eat with the help of an online dining guide. Online reviews are a huge decider of what’s for dinner — 57% of patrons rely on them.”

    True for me!

  • Being debt-free key to retirement dreams, survey says
  • “Nearly nine in 10 Canadian homeowners surveyed recently said that being debt-free was key to their idea of a successful retirement — even more than most lifestyle factors. Only having good health was listed by more people, according to the survey of about 2,000 Canadian homeowners conducted for Manulife Bank. The dream of being debt-free was more important to the respondents than living near family, keeping busy with a hobby or volunteer work or having a broad group of friends.”

    Makes sense.


  • ‘Virus-tickling’ device creates clean energy
  • “A team at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has engineered a tiny device coated with viruses that generate electricity when stimulated by the touch of a finger. The postage stamp-sized device could lead to the development of a new class of “viral electronics” that run on clean energy harvested from the everyday movements of people such as walking across a floor or opening doors.”


  • Engravings of Female Genitalia May Be World’s Oldest Cave Art
  • “Since their discovery in 1994, the spectacular paintings of lions, rhinos, and other animals in southern France’s Chauvet Cave have stood out as the oldest known cave art, clocking in at about 37,000 years old.* But there have been occasional sightings of other cave art that is equally ancient, although its dating has been more uncertain. Now a team working at another site in the south of France claims to have discovered what appear to be engravings of female genitalia that are as old as or older than Chauvet, possibly making them the world’s most ancient cave art.”

    I feel like it could be something other than female genitalia it’s really just a circle with a line in the middle, lol.

  • Apparently some spiders hunt in packs. You’ve been warned.
  • “Arachnophobes can usually take comfort in the fact that spiders are solitary creatures. The vast majority of the almost 40,000 known arachnid species have pretty miserable social skills, so they tend keep mostly to themselves. But there exists a small handful of around two dozen species — known collectively as “social spiders” — that get on surprisingly, unsettlingly, terrifyingly well in the company of conspecifics. Anelosimus eximius is one such species.”

    Could you imagine a pack of spiders coming at you? Shudder.


  • Britney Spears, Demi Lovato are new X Factor judges
  • “Britney Spears and former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato officially joined the U.S. version of The X Factor on Monday, leading creator Simon Cowell to pledge the second season would seriously kick butt when it returns in September. Spears, 30, the world’s biggest pop phenomenon of the 2000s, and Lovato, 19, will fill the judge’s slots left open by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, who were both fired by Cowell after a disappointing first season in 2011.”

    I don’t understand how Demi Lovato is supposed to be better than Paula or Nicole. Not that I really watched the X Factor or will even watch it this year but I just find it strange. She doesn’t have that much experience!

    Weird News, Other News & Fluff

  • Man attached to iPod – literally
  • “Professional body piercer Dave Hurban is a man attached to his iPod. Literally. Hurban, 21, who works in a tattoo parlor in Newfield, New Jersey, implanted four metal studs in the skin of his wrist and secured his iPod to them magnetically.”

    I guess that’s … innovative … of him?

  • You are what you read, study suggests
  • “Novels may have a lot more power than we think. When you identify with a literary character, like Katniss Everdeen of the “Hunger Games” books, there’s a good chance you’ll become more like her, new study shows. Researchers have found that when you lose yourself in a work of fiction, your behaviour and thoughts can metamorphose to match those of your favorite character, according to the study published early online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The researchers believe that fictional characters can change us for the good.”


  • Indonesian man faces prison for ‘God doesn’t exist’ Facebook post
  • “Alex Aan faces up to 11 years in prison, ostracism from his family, community, and country, and possible physical violence for admitting he is an atheist in a country where faith in God is mandatory. Indonesia is home to the largest Islamic population in the world, but the government grants freedom of religion to Islam and five other belief systems: Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. However, insulting a major religion is a crime, and denying the existence of God is considered blasphemy and is punishable by jail time.”


  • N.Y. man spends $60,000 in dog custody battle
  • “Anyone who has ever been in a custody battle can probably attest to how difficult, and expensive, the proceedings can be.
    One N.Y. man is going through a costly battle in court. He’s fighting to regain custody of his dog.”

    Wow! Well animals really do become a part of your family but wow!

  • Texting while walking? In N.J. town, it’ll cost you
  • “Texting while walking could land you a ticket in Fort Lee, N.J. As with most other states, texting while driving is already banned in the state. But now, Fort Lee Police Chief Thomas Ripoli is also holding pedestrians accountable for their “dangerous walking,” including texting-while-trekking — if it leads to them ignoring crosswalks and lights. Ripoli, however, told MSNBC that his town is not specifically banning texting while walking. Folks who are texting while walking in Fort Lee are issued a jaywalking ticket, but only if they also happen to be jaywalking at the same time, the article says.”


  • Reality TV, religion give birth to top baby names
  • “Reality TV is giving birth to some of the most popular baby names. No, not Snooki. But Mason, as in Kourtney Kardashian’s son, jumped 10 spots to become the second most popular name for newborn boys in 2011. The more traditional Sophia is the new top name for girls, while Jacob is No. 1 for boys for the 13th straight year, according to the list released Monday by the Social Security Administration.”

    At least the most popular this year isn’t Tree or something, lol.

  • 100 balloons popped with a laser
  • Cool!

Thor (and/or Loki) Photo of the Day:

Lol we walked into the bedroom and found the kitties like this! With Pascal! SO CUTE!!!!

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Thursday, April 19, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Thursday, April 19 2012’s Clicks of the Day!


    Your election round up of the day…

  • ER doctors warn healthcare concerns being oversimplified during campaign
  • “Representatives of Alberta’s emergency doctors say various political parties have oversimplified concerns about health care. In a letter to the Journal, they say fast-track emergency care, a platform policy of the Progressive Conservatives under Alison Redford, has been done for years to divert simple emergency cases such as broken bones and burns out of the hospital waiting line, and will do nothing to solve emergency department overcrowding… The doctors were also skeptical of the Wildrose party’s promise to deliver wait-time guarantees for people needing 10 key surgeries, the letter details.”

  • Sherman urges Albertans to ‘wake up’ rather than vote strategically
  • “Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman urged Albertans to “wake up” Thursday and “free” themselves by voting for his party rather than trying to strategically vote for the Progressive Conservatives to hold off a Wildrose majority government.”

  • Election watchers wonder if some MLAs might consider crossing the floor
  • “With polls showing a significant possibility of a minority government following the April 23 election, speculation has begun on whether some newly elected MLAs might cross the floor to either the Wildrose party or the Progressive Conservatives. Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said Wednesday she’s heard some northern Alberta PC candidates have told voters they will switch parties should the Wildrose win the election.”

  • Advance polls busy, but who stands to gain from high voter turnout?
  • “Lineups were reported across the province Thursday, as many Albertans came out to vote in advanced polls ahead of Monday’s election. Some had to wait as long as 40 minutes to cast their ballot. That’s a big change from 2008, which saw the lowest voter turnout in Alberta’s history – with just 4 of every 10 people eligible to vote actually doing so… If voter turnout does increase this election, which party stands to benefit, though? Conventional wisdom says the opposition stands to gain, but events like the Hunsperger controversy this past week could end up work against them, and in the PC’s favour.”

  • Leaders battle it out in final Alberta election debate
  • “Liberal Leader Raj Sherman, struggling for traction much of the campaign, set the tone by suggesting the election has turned into a choice between bullies and bigots… Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith took the lion’s share of heckling from the audience. She was booed loudly by the audience when she said climate change is still up for debate… The debate ended with a discussion on strategic voting — supporting one party to keep another from winning. It’s an issue that has emerged in the final days of the campaign. On Wednesday a website titled “I Never Thought I’d Vote PC” popped up. The site depicts young people saying they are not fans of the Tories, but they will vote for them to keep the Wildrose out. One man on the site says he would rather have his face eaten by rodents than vote PC, but he’s going to anyway.”

    Lots to digest, hey?

  • Keystone XL pipeline: New route sparks complaints in Nebraska that old concerns not addressed
  • “When President Barack Obama denied a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in January, Nebraska cattle buyer Randy Thompson was hopeful his land would be spared from future construction of the massive oilsands project. His spirits sagged Thursday when he learned that TransCanada’s favoured new route for Keystone XL would still cross a 32-hectare portion of his ranch property in rural Merrick County, just below the Platte River… TransCanada’s preferred new route runs the pipeline east around the region — adding 32 extra kilometres to the entire line from Hardisty, Alta. — before heading south to reconnect to the original path. The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality will now conduct a review of several alternative routes for the pipeline — then a final decision on whether to approve a new route falls to state Gov. Dave Heineman.”

    Oh the Keystone XL debate.

  • Canada’s oldest person dies at 113 in Alberta
  • “Cora Hansen, who at 113 had earned the title of Canada’s oldest person, passed away Wednesday in Medicine Hat, Alta.”

    Meant to include this in yesterday’s Clicks! What a title to have. I wonder how long I’ll live to be?

  • Project Celsius: Montreal drug bust includes enough hashish to drug all of Canada, several times over
  • “The RCMP says it was involved in a monster international drug bust that nabbed more than 43 tonnes of hashish worth an estimated $860 million. That’s the equivalent of 43 million grams — enough hashish to drug every single person in Canada, more than once. The drugs were seized in several countries including Pakistan, Belgium, Italy and Canada. They were destined for Montreal and Halifax.”


  • B.C. police seize motorbike driven at 299 km/h
  • “Saanich, B.C., police have seized the blue Yamaha motorcycle seen reaching 299 km/h in a viral YouTube video, and they’ve laid down more than $1,400 in fines for the bike’s owner but have yet to charge the driver… The 25-year-old suspected motorcyclist has no valid driver’s licence and no insurance as a result of 27 driving-related convictions including speeding and driving without insurance, Jantzen said. He has had his licence suspended five times. The suspected driver also only had a learner’s motorcycle licence, which was also suspended. Saanich police are looking to lay criminal charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle against the motorcyclist.”

    Crazy! Kudos to the cops for locating the driver. Pretty ridiculous that he’s been convicted of so many driving-related offenses AND only had his motorcycle learner’s license.

  • Dead prison walking: Historic — and notorious — Kingston Penitentiary is slated to close
  • “Kingston Penitentiary is an artifact, a looming reminder of humanity’s worst impulses. A who’s who of people you never want to meet has and, in some cases, still is incarcerated among the 346 inmates who reside in the maximum-security facility. Almost half of the inmates are serving life sentences.

    It is a notorious club, one that will no longer be admitting new members after Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, announced Thursday that Canada’s oldest prison is slated for closure along with Leclerc Institution, a medium-security facility in Quebec. “Institutions built in the 19th century are not appropriate for managing a 21st-century inmate population,” the Minister said. “We have better options.” No new facilities are to be built, Mr. Toews said. Inmates are to be transferred to existing facilities.”

    Interesting. Greatly written, interesting story by the way. Really paints a picture on the Kingston Penitentiary and its inmates.


  • Norway killer sharpened aim by playing video game
  • “Anders Behring Breivik knew it would take practice to be able to slaughter dozens of people before being shot by police. In a chilling account, the far-right fanatic claimed that he sharpened his aim by playing the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” for hours on end. Breivik told an Oslo court on Thursday he also took steroids to build physical strength and meditated to “de-emotionalize” himself before the bombing and shooting rampage that left 77 people dead. He figured he had no more than a 5 percent chance of not being killed by police.”

    Quite the testimony… Also, I hope those against video games doesn’t use this as fuel to bring back the debate over whether video games are bad for society.

  • George Zimmerman could go free Friday
  • “George Zimmerman is likely to be freed on bond Friday – even though behind bars may be the safest place for him. Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara said he’s confident his client, who has spent a week behind bars for the Feb. 26 murder of Trayvon Martin, will walk out of court after the 9 a.m. bond hearing. But that just opens new problems, O’Mara said. “I just hope we can get my client out to someplace safely. There have been threats on his life,” he said.”

    And the case continues.

    Technology/Social Media

  • Survey: social media evidence soaring in court cases
  • “Every week the media seems to offer a new account of some dumb crook who is off to the slammer because he posted about his caper on Facebook. It turns out this phenomenon may be even more widespread than we think. A new survey reports that social media played a significant role in nearly 700 cases in the past two years alone and that most of these involved either MySpace or Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter were the next most common social media sites to produce evidence for the justice system.”

    How bragging about doing illegal things on the Internet can get you in trouble… (use your head people).

  • XNA is synthetic DNA that’s stronger than the real thing
  • “New research has brought us closer than ever to synthesizing entirely new forms of life. An international team of researchers has shown that artificial nucleic acids – called “XNAs” – can replicate and evolve, just like DNA and RNA… The implications of the team’s findings are numerous and far-reaching. For one thing, the study sheds significant light on the origins of life itself… The researchers, led by Philipp Holliger and Vitor Pinheiro, synthetic biologists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, say their findings have major implications in everything from biotherapeutics, to exobiology, to research into the origins of genetic information itself. This represents a huge breakthrough in the field of synthetic biology.”

    Pretty crazy. (Hope this doesn’t backfire on humanity).


  • Air Canada pilots to return to bargaining table
  • “Air Canada and its pilots are going to give negotiations one last try. The two sides say they’ve agreed to return to the bargaining table for 10 days to try to reach a tentative deal. The federal government passed legislation earlier this year imposing a contract and blocking either side from initiating job action. The move was not well received by many pilots, and was followed by pilots calling in sick on a number of occasions, disrupting the airline’s schedule.”

    We’ll see how this round goes.

  • BlackBerry’s RIM sees a glimmer of hope in Asia with launch of cheaper phone
  • “The launch in India of a new BlackBerry by Research In Motion Ltd is not just a nod to its lower-end users who love it less for its security, push email and seamless roaming than for its simplicity and its Messaging. It’s a strategy the Canadian company hopes will help fill both a hole in its balance sheet and a half-year wait for its next big thing—the BlackBerry 10 platform. But will it work?”

    Good luck, RIM.

  • Allegations of e-book price fixing hit Canada
  • “The e-book price fixing allegations at the heart of a lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Justice are now erupting on this side of the border. A proposed class-action lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court by the Vancouver firm Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman alleges that Apple Inc. and a number of publishers engaged in a “conspiracy” to lessen competition and “fix, maintain, increase or control the prices of e-books.” It is the most recent of at least five such suits filed recently in courts in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. The allegations in the Canadian suits echo the allegations in the U.S., where the U.S. Justice Department has launched a high-profile antitrust suit.”

    Ohh the drama.

  • The top ten fastest-growing industries in America
  • “The past ten years haven’t been the healthiest for the U.S. economy, to put it lightly. The decade began inauspiciously with the bursting of the dot-com bubble and ended in a financial crisis and a tepid recovery. But the suffering wasn’t evenly distributed. In fact many industries were created during this period, and others found their stride…” including “hot sauce production,” “pilates and yoga studios,” “self tanning product,” “social network game development” and more!

    It’s good that some industries are thriving at least. :)


  • DNA reveals polar bear’s ancient origins
  • “The polar bear is much older than previously thought, according to new genetic evidence. DNA studies suggest the Arctic predator split from its ancestor, the brown bear, about 600,000 years ago. Previous estimates put the polar bear at about 150,000 years old. Dr Frank Hailer of the German Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre in Frankfurt, who led the international study, said the genetic information shed new light on conservation issues. ‘It fundamentally changes our understanding of polar bears and their conservation today,’ he told BBC News. ‘They have survived previous warm phases but they carry scars from these times – they must have been close to extinction at times.'”

    I hope we can save the polar bears. :(

  • Super-polluted city tries to clean itself with smog-eating paint
  • “Manila is one of the world’s five dirtiest cities, but graffiti? That’s not a problem. It’s not that people don’t paint on the walls in the hyper-polluted Philippines capital, because they do. But they do it with a paint that actually eats smog out of the air. The catalytic paint, called Boysen KNOxOUT, reacts with light and water vapor to filter out nitrogen oxides. An environmental scientist interviewed in this BBC video says it can scrub out 20 percent of polluting nitrogen.”

    Weird but… that’s pretty cool. How about we all start painting with Boysen KNOxOUT!


  • TGV Cinemas’ Beanieplex: The world’s most comfortable movie theatre
  • “It looks like the Archipelago Cinema in Thailand (which floats entirely on water) may have some competition in the World’s Coolest Movie Theater department. Earlier this year, TGV Cinemas, a theater chain in Malaysia, introduced the Beanieplex (a.k.a. “the bean bag hall”), which replaced your standard cinema seating with comfy beanbags.”

    Looks like it would be a pretty fun experience. :)

    Weird News, Other News & Fluff

  • [Video]: The hardest job in the world: all parents deserve a gold medal
  • “Mother’s Day isn’t for another month, but here is a ‘Thank You, Mom‘ video that will make all you do worthwhile. The countdown to the London 2012 Olympics ticks to 100 days today. To celebrate Proctor and Gamble has released a video highlighting the influence parents(moms) have in amateur athletics. Warning: you’ll need tissues.”

    I teared up. Great video. I love my mom! (and dad).

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