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Review: Takami Sushi Edmonton

Linda Hoang - March 12, 2017
Takami Sushi Edmonton Japanese

Edmontonians love their Japanese food. So much so that I’ve lost count of just how many Japanese restaurants there are in our city (hint: it’s a lot). We’ve got a lot of options to satisfy our Japanese cravings and adding to that list of options is the new Takami Sushi in Allendale, at 10430 61 Avenue (just off Calgary Trail).  Takami Sushi is located in a …

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Review: Me 2 Japanese Sizzling Restaurant

Linda Hoang - December 10, 2016
Me 2 Japanese Sizzling Restaurant Edmonton

So often, posts I see on social media end up influencing where I eat in Edmonton. That’s what led Mike and I to Me 2 Japanese Sizzling Restaurant (9314 34 Avenue) last week. I had been seeing photos and video on Instagram showing these sizzling dishes of rice and meat that looked so delicious (and fun – what with the sizzle and all!) that when we were planning a dinner …

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Review: Dorinku Tokyo Street Food

Linda Hoang - August 18, 2016
Dorinku Tokyo Street Food Edmonton Old Strathcona

Japanese food is truly one of my favourites. That’s why I was super excited to visit Edmonton’s newest Japanese izakaya – Dorinku – which opened on Whyte Avenue at the corner of 102 Street in July. An izakaya is like a casual Japanese gastropub that typically focuses on drinks and small plates (Fun fact: ‘dorinku’ means drink in Japanese!) In Japan, izakayas are often popular after-work spots. They …

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Review: Kazoku Ramen

Linda Hoang - March 15, 2016
Kazoku Ramen Edmonton - Japanese

Our ramen options in Edmonton continue to get better and better! More areas in the city are also being covered – you’ve got Nomiya in the south, Kobe Sushi Ramen even farther south, Prairie Noodle on 124 Street, Yuzen (only on Saturdays) in St. Albert north, and so many more… On the west end (most conveniently located for Mike and I), is Kazoku Ramen, which opened in October. When …

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Review: Nomiya Japanese (Ramen)

Linda Hoang - January 9, 2016
Nomiya Edmonton - Ramen - Sushi

Last weekend Mike and I went with our friends Fred and Catherine to try the ramen at Nomiya Japanese Restaurant on Calgary Trail. Since we got back from our trip to Japan in October, Mike and I have been craving ramen much more than we had pre-trip. While the opening of the Prairie Noodle Shop was a very welcome addition to the ramen options in …

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Top 10: Edmonton Chinatown Restaurants

Linda Hoang - August 8, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of contributing a restaurant Top 10 list to YellowPages Canada. The company has been around for more than 100 years (do you remember the YellowPages business directory books arriving on your doorstep?) and in recent years has undergone a rebrand. YellowPages Canada now has a new project called “YP Playlists” – a collection of lists on a variety of topics, …

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Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to Edo Japan – Happy International Sushi Day!

Linda Hoang - June 18, 2015

Today (June 18) is International Sushi Day! < insert tons of sushi emojis here > I’m a big, big, big fan of sushi – well, Japanese food in general. I always say if I had to pick just three food genres that I had to eat for the rest of my life, Japanese would be in that top three. There’s a lot of great Japanese …

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Review: Ninja Club Japanese Bistro

Linda Hoang - December 16, 2014

A couple of weeks ago my brother Oscar mentioned to Mike and I that there was a new Japanese/ramen place in town – the Ninja Club Japanese Bistro located at 10324 Whyte Avenue. It’s just over a month old – so still pretty green! Sometimes it’s hard to try a place when it’s still so new because there will inevitably be kinks that they’ve yet …

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Review: Sushi Sugoi Edmonton

Linda Hoang - October 26, 2014

I’m always looking for a good sushi spot in Edmonton. By now I’ve pretty much got my favourites: Kenko Japanese and Japonais Bistro for overall excellence (food quality, variety, and atmosphere), Mikado for cheap and delicious lunch bentos, then other ones that are pretty good – Kobe Bistro, Yuzen, etc. I know there’s countless more I haven’t tried yet but I’m getting there! Last week …

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Review: Kenko Japanese Restaurant

Linda Hoang - January 4, 2014

Mike and I tried one of Edmonton’s newest Japanese restaurants on Saturday night: Kenko! Kenko is located in a business park at 9543 42 Avenue and actually shares it’s space with Korean restaurant B-Bim-Baab. There’s no exterior signage (yet) but if you go into the front entrance for B-Bim-Baab you’ll find a separate door leading to Kenko. They just opened three months ago! Kenko is …

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